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Pranking 101: Scary Noise PrankPranking 101: Scary Noise Prank

Pranking 101: Scary Noise Prank

Aug 9, 2021

For this next installment of Pranking 101, Ownage Pranks is going to take you out on an earlier treat. Although Halloween is still three months away, we are already gifting you with this ultimate scary noise prank guide! Stick with us until the end of this guide as we’ve prepared a lot of scary sound prank clips, tutorials, apps, and sounds you can use for your next pranking episode.

Scary noise pranks have been around for quite some time already since pranksters have associated them with jump scares. Jump scares, a technique contrary to what we thought was invented because some bored prankster wanted to add a little flair to what might be an already getting boring concept, was not established because of that. If you are a fan, if not, have watched some popular horror flicks, you know this moment when something or someone might spring into view with a matching jarring or suspenseful score, then you’re probably in for some scary noise jump scare action. You might think that scary noise jump scares are a concept easy to produce, but like any other techniques, when done using the hands of someone unskillful, might become messy and be considered as a very cheap thrill.  

If you’re in the mood for some jump scare prank, Ownage Pranks has an entire guide dedicated to it. Read more about it here.

Before we jump onto our scary noise prank guide, here are a few things you should remember:

Do a quick background research on your prank victim

Here at Ownage Pranks, we always remind you that a good prankster is the one that is responsible, careful, and considerate. Since scary noise pranks may invoke fear to your prank victim, it is important to take note whether your prank victim has an entire history of heart attack or phobias related to scary noises. This is an important thing to consider so you can make yourself stray away from further inconveniences or beef with your prank victim. You wouldn’t want to get yourself in trouble, would you?

Check your prank victim’s prank-o-meter

Yes, the good ol’ prank-o-meter. We use this to measure our prank victim’s mood from ‘leave me alone’ to ‘heck yes!’ because we don’t want you to be tagged as the “irresponsible and careless prankster.”  Remember, a good prank is a sensitive one. Take note of the mood of the people around you: are they a young prankster like you, or are they already an old couch potato who think jokes are way too inconsiderate and no fun at all? Are they in a good mood to play a classic prank, or are they already sick and tired of fun people (like you)? Worst case scenario: your prank victim gets pissed and they actually called a policeman and you got arrested because of a prank you thought was fun and harmless—YIKES!

Consider the timing

Timing is one of the first things you should consider when doing a scary noise prank. As this is a prank related to *horror*, we suggest you do this when it’s dark or late at night. Another thing you can do is pull a scary noise prank on your prank victim when he or she is alone at their house. Having to pull this prank off to a person who’s alone is 100% more guaranteed to be successful than pranking a crowd. Remember that!

Right, onto our scary noise prank guide!

Scary noise prank viral clips


For this compilation video, our favorite breed of pranksters, those who are on Tiktok, have utilized hidden speakers and scary noises for their next prank idea. You can see from these clips that they were able to successfully prank their victims because of their clever choice on which scary noise to use to prank their family or friends. Spoiler alert: they definitely saved the best for last because the last clip was one of the most successful scary noise prank videos to have ever existed! 

Still not convinced that this compilation is worth your time? Here’s what some of the people from the internet has to say:

“I literally hemorrhaged laughing at the dude who goes from innocently eating chicken, to trying to fight a ghost with chicken in his hand!”

“I wonder how many good relationships were ruined during the making of this film lol”

Purge Announcement Prank During School...This Happened

Just when you thought it was just a normal school day, then suddenly you hear that the Purge has now commenced and you have 24 hours to keep yourself safe from the rulebreakers! In this hilarious video with a whopping 4 million views by YouTube user King CJ, he tried to simulate what could happen in a school setup just in case the Purge has actually commenced! And oh, this video has a surprising plot twist so you better check it out!

Here’s why the people from the internet think this was worth watching:

“I can’t imagine how the bullies were feeling when they found out that crime was legal for 12 hours”

“It's all fun and games until the quiet kid yells "FINALLY!"”

“The quiet kid in the back: You think you can hide?”

Angry Dad Bluetooth Speaker Horror Prank

In this next viral scary noise prank video, YouTuber Angry Dad’s sons took the time to prank their dad with a hilarious scary noise! We won’t spoil you any more details because we suggest you watch the video yourself to see the reaction of the dad and so that you can take down notes on what you should and shouldn’t do for your own prank execution!

What makes this prank video a cut above the rest? Here’s what the people who have watched commented:

“​​Finally a harmless prank that doesn’t involve something extreme”

“Can we just take a minute to admire how he manages to say all this without breaking character or laughing at all. That takes genuine talent”

Scary Noise Prank Apps

Download these apps now to turn your scary noise prank up a notch!

Scary Noises Prank 70+ Sounds For Android

App description: “Welcome to Scary Noises Prank Library, the app you MUST download if you wish to liven your Halloween night! Guaranteed fun for adults and children alike! Once installed, you will have at your hand the most complete soundboard of scary noises and horror sound effects you could ever dream of. This sound box will liven your trick or treating, or create the right spooky atmosphere for pranks and jump scares while telling a scary story..”

Creepy sounds prank - Sounds Prank app

App description: “People who especially have a sense of humor like to do funny jokes to friends, jokes for kids or funny jokes for adults. So we think you will love this funny pranks app that makes prank sounds. This hidden noise maker prank basically has harmless pranks and easy pranks to do. You can do super funny jokes with the help of comic sound effects. Some of the great pranks this app includes are scary pranks, fart pranks and annoying noises.”

Spoof Call App

Did you know that you could also scare your prank victim not only just through scary noises, but also through a spoof call app? Our very own spoof calling app from here at Ownage Pranks keeps your personal details private when calling and texting when you use it. It scrambles your information to make it seem like you are calling from a different number. How cool is that? All you have to do is devise a script that would scare your friend, such as ‘Look out the window.” or “I have your boyfriend.” and let our own spoof call app do the rest! Scary, indeed!

Scary Noises You Can Use

Prank Audio Random Knocking 5 mins of Scary Knocking Sounds Practical Joke Audio Scary Knocking

Creepy Weeping Ghost Sound Effect

Creepy Little Girl Talking Singing 2 Hours

And that was it for Ownage Pranks’ Pranking 101: Scary Noise Prank! We hope you enjoyed going through this ultimate scary noise prank guide as much as we did making them. As always, happy pranking, prankster! Go and make us proud.

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