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Prank Call People Using Pick up LinesPrank Call People Using Pick up Lines

Prank Call People Using Pick up Lines

Apr 13, 2021

Pulling off a prank call can take a lot of effort and time. Most prank calls involve creating fake stories and playing a different character. Sometimes, the conversation and the acting can take way too long. Staying in character can be difficult as any slips or giggles can ruin the whole plan. If you think the stakes are way too low to undergo all the hassle, perhaps you need a simpler prank. This is where prank calls using pick-up lines come in.

Prank calls come in different shapes and sizes. If you want a simple, straightforward, yet funny prank call, we suggest using pick-up lines! The beauty with prank calls using pickup lines is that you can do them over and over again. Whether you simply want to annoy your friends or you are actually trying to pick up a girl or flirt with someone, you can prank them from time to time without the need for such a grand performance.

If you are looking for dating and love-related prank call ideas, check out our prank call ideas here.

You can also call a random number and prank strangers using pick-up lines if you are that bored. Since the prank call would not take too long, you do not have to worry about wasting too much of their time. Still, you may end up wasting time and effort if you do not pull it off successfully. Regardless of who you are pranking, you have to follow a set of rules to ensure you don't mess it up.


Rule #1: Search for Pickup Lines Online

Obviously, you can not pull off a prank call using pick up lines if you do not have any pick up lines in mind. You can easily search for pick up lines and other funny jokes using Google. Make sure that the pick up line you got is funny, or you might end up being the one getting laughed at. It may also make you sound cringy, which may ruin your chances if you are trying to pick up a girl.

What seems really funny to you may not seem funny to another person. If you are serious about trying to sound cheesy and funny, try asking a friend first if the pickup line you chose is actually funny. You can ask them directly or randomly try those pick-up lines to them and see if they would laugh.

Of course, there is also the chance that you want to sound cringe-worthy to annoy a person on purpose. That's okay. After all, prank calls are sometimes (if not all of the time) meant to annoy. Try looking for pickup lines over the Internet that are weird yet actually brilliant. Jokes such as dad jokes are excellent examples of this.


Rule #2: Hide Your Intentions 

The key to pulling off a successful prank call using pick-up lines is to make sure they do not see it coming. There are two ways you can do this. The first way is to make sure you stay anonymous. If you are pranking someone you know, use a number that they won't recognize. You can do this by borrowing a friend's number or by using a completely different sim.

You can also stay anonymous by blocking your caller ID. If you are an iPhone user, you can hide your caller ID by going to the Settings app then tap Phone. There should be a Show My Caller ID option there with a switch you can turn off to hide your ID. You can also hide your caller ID by adding a shortcode before dialing the actual number. Other phone companies require you to dial *67 first before calling the phone number.

Hiding your caller ID is essential if you are trying to call a random number. Giving your personal information during a prank call is a rookie mistake. Prank calling is not necessarily illegal, but it is good practice to hide your details to avoid unnecessary problems.

Read more about how to call from a different number here.

The second way is to ensure they do not see your prank coming is to call using your own number, but with a twist. Act like your normal self, but do some acting to hide your true intentions. Don't oversell it, though. You are aiming for a short but high-impact prank. Read the next rule to get some tips on how to pull this off.


Rule #3: Think of a Good Scenario

Unlike with other prank call ideas, the good thing about using pick-up lines to prank is that you do not have to write a whole script for those fake stories. Nevertheless, you still need to come up with a good scenario where you can build up your pick-up line. Your prank should only include a few lines, so keep it simple.

Think of a good introduction that is related to the pick-up lines you will use. If you are trying to call a random number or you are calling someone anonymously, you can pretend that you are a company or authority calling. For example, you can pull off quick cheesy pick-up lines such as "Hello, this is Microsoft. Can I crash at your place tonight? or "We are suspending your driver's license...because you're driving all the guys crazy."

You can also take it to another level by stimulating some fear or sense of urgency. For instance, you can scare them by telling them to hide as the authorities are coming to arrest them. Keep them confused and keep the questions coming while you are building it up to your punchline. When you feel like they already fell for the prank, drop the bomb and say the punchline like "Because you stole my heart" or "Because it is illegal to be that cute."


Rule #4: Be Random

Sometimes, it could also be a good thing to just be random. Whether you are calling a random number, a person you like, or a friend you want to laugh with, being random is one way to have some fun. Ask weird questions during your prank calls. If you are calling your friend and maybe you have been pranking them from time to time already, they may already know that they are getting pranked. At times like this, you can just drop your pick-up lines right away.

When you are being random with your pick-up lines, make sure that they ride on your joke. Your pick-up line will not work if your friend does not ask "Why?" Work on how you will deliver your joke so that the fun will not get ruined. When they ask "Why?", answer the question and ensure that you deliver the punchline the best way possible.


Rule #5: Practice, practice, practice

It is true that for some people, pulling off a pick-up line prank can be natural to their personality. If you are not the prankster type, do not lose hope! Pulling off a prank can really take a lot of effort. It is okay to practice and work on your joke delivery.  There is nothing wrong with trying to get out of your comfort zone, especially if you really want to get that girl or you just really want to annoy your friends.

Practice talking without laughing and breaking your character. It can be better if you have an accomplice you can practice with. You guys can call each other and rehearse those fake stories that you prepared for your prank. Rehearsing will give you the confidence you need in creating a convincing character for your prank.

If you ever want to prank someone big time and you need some professional help, please do not hesitate to request a prank call with us. We will make sure that they get the pranking that they deserve. With our years of experience pranking people, you are sure to get a hilarious prank call experience!



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