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Love Notes and Flowers are Out! Here’s How To Prank Your GirlfriendLove Notes and Flowers are Out! Here’s How To Prank Your Girlfriend

Love Notes and Flowers are Out! Here’s How To Prank Your Girlfriend

May 17, 2021

Aren’t relationships more fun with a little bit of fooling around? No, we’re not talking about the “fooling around” you might be thinking, you perv! We mean funny pranks! You’ve probably done countless ways to show your love for your girl, so congrats - you are a good partner! Sometimes you might be running out of ideas to make them feel special. You’ve already tried things like sending her flowers, giving her random love notes, or we don’t know, possibly giving her an acre of your land to her name. If you are looking for ideas that aren’t conventionally romantic, you can start by being thoughtful enough to pull pranks on her! 

It's fun to test your relationship every once through playful gestures. Every couple is different, so it is totally up to you what pranks to pull on her. We scoured through corners of Reddit to find hilarious prank ideas for your girl, so you no need to go through the agony of finding the best one yourself! These are a mix of practical jokes that will make you laugh out loud, adorable pranks that will make you go "awwww,” and a few classic pranks. Read on to find out!

Prank Ideas for Your Girlfriend:

1. Cold Water Shower

Some couples have fun in the shower. (If you know what we mean) But this prank isn't anything close to a sexy surprise! When your girlfriend is in the shower, try sneaking in with ice-cold water and pour it over her head while she has a hot and relaxing shower. This is one of the easiest ways to mess with her without putting in much effort. But if you are a couple who likes to laugh at each other, this is a fun prank to pull off!

2. Prank Call

A good prank call never fails to be funny because of the variety and the endless possibilities it offers. No, you are not going to use your plain smartphone to do the trick. Obviously, your girlfriend has it saved in her phone possibly with a cute emoji beside it. To pull a good prank call, you will need a prank call app from Ownage Pranks! Why Ownage Pranks? Simply because it is the best prank call app out there! You can choose from a bunch of pre-made prank scripts to mess with your girl. These pranks are performed by professional voice actors so you don’t need to rehearse multiple times only for your voice to falter when she makes hilarious reactions and you just can’t help but chuckle along! What’s more, is it uses unknown numbers when dialing to keep you anonymous. Sounds cool huh? Try it, the best prank you can do is just waiting after several taps!

3. Fake Photo

This creative prank should be easy if you know a celebrity whose face always cracks your girlfriend up. If you don't, don't worry! You can just pick any random face, and it would still be funny! What you need to do next time you come to her place is to photoshop her face with random faces and wait how long she notices. Too much work? You can always use cutouts of faces from old magazines and lightly put them over her face for a perfect photo portrait. You can even just print cutouts of people's faces. If you can't think of any celebrity, you can always go for Nicolas Cage!

4. Jumpscare

This classic prank can be done countless times. Still, it always works, funny yet straightforward, especially when done perfectly! When your girlfriend is busy doing something, like when she's glued to the computer or reading a fascinating book - find the right timing where she is mainly oblivious to her surroundings. Swiftly and subtly pull her foot while making a freaky sound to go with it. This will put her back into her senses and turn a calm girlfriend into an angry girlfriend! So be warned, she could be boiling mad at you! Do it at your own risk!

5. Happy Birthday

Does your girlfriend shy away when a bunch of people sing the "Happy Birthday Song" to her? One Reddit user tells every restaurant staff they dine in that it is his girlfriend's birthday. So typically, the crew will gather together with balloons, tambourines, and all that stuff to loudly sing the birthday song to your girlfriend. What makes it funnier is not only does she have the restaurant staff's attention, but she also has the eyes of almost every person in the restaurant on her. What a way to show off your beautiful girlfriend, right? If she winces all the attention, you can always make it up to her with the free birthday dessert! 

6. Whipped Lotion

It's a simple yet funny prank idea. All you need to do is replace her lotion with whipped cream and see if she notices. If not, then at least you have your girlfriend extra sweet! Don't forget to tell her about it though, it might cause her skin irritation, especially if her skin is extra sensitive. 

7. Hot Girls

This is one adorable prank to do to your girlfriend, especially if she is the jealous type. If she borrows your flash drive or uses your laptop for something often, then this is perfect. Leave a folder called "Hot Girls" in a place where she can easily see it. Naturally, she would be curious enough to see what's inside that folder. Instead of seeing pornographic content of different women, she would see various photos of herself where you think she looks her best. It would surely make her giggle and make her heart melt. 

8. Now to "meow"

If you have access to your girlfriend's phone, you can change the autocorrect settings of the word "now" to "meow.” It might annoy her, but imagine your precious girlfriend telling you, "I'm on my way meow.” Wouldn't that be sooooo cute? 

9. Glitter Shampoo

Make your girlfriend's hair sparkle when you mix her shampoo with glitter! It might take a while before she realizes it, especially if she closes her eyes a lot in the shower. But she deserves some opulence in her crowning glory, doesn't she?

10. Bubble Wrap Mats

If you have stuff delivered regularly, then this should be a piece of cake. If your packages arrive with bubble wraps, save them! Don't throw them away until you've done this. All you need to do is place bubble wraps right under different mats in her place (or your place if you live together). You can put it under bathroom mats, entrance mats, or kitchen mats. You can even set it under carpets if you have enough bubble wrap for it! The purpose is only to let her experience that popping yet satisfying sound whenever she just wants to step on the mats to clean her soles. 

11.Rubber Roach

Rubber roaches never fail to freak people out! You can get ones for a low price, and you can start placing them in places where your girlfriend would typically look. Like the cabinet drawer, her workspace, in-between dish plates, the dishwasher - just about anywhere! This will surely make her squeal especially if she is afraid of roaches, to begin with!

And these are fun, cute, and harmless pranks you can do to your girlfriend. We hope at least one of these could make you both smile and add more fun to your relationship. Good luck and happy pranking!

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