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Pranking 101: 100 Dollar Bill PrankPranking 101: 100 Dollar Bill Prank

Pranking 101: 100 Dollar Bill Prank

Sep 26, 2021

Feeling fancy? If you really want your friends to think that you are a big-time prankster, you have to embody the qualities a big-time prankster has. This includes an overwhelming amount of swag, the right amount of sas, and a thick wallet full of 100 dollar bills. Of course, we’re not telling you to go around and prank other people with a thick load of 100 dollar bills inside your wallet. In this Pranking 101: 100 Dollar Bill Prank episode, we’ll be listing some of our favorite pranks involving fake 100 dollar bills - so put your fancy tux on.

Before we give you our list of 100 dollar bill prank ideas, here’s a list of things you have to consider when doing these kinds of *expensive* pranks:

Make sure to use only prank-grade 100 dollar bills

This should already be a given. But just in case you didn’t know, there are fake 100 dollar bills that you can buy on the Internet right now. However, when buying these kinds of fake money, you have to have only one intention in mind: for prank purposes only. If you’re planning on buying fake money just so you can use it to buy goods, think about the time you’ll be spending in jail because you’ll surely get busted by the police. Yikes!

Check their prank-o-meter

Pranks are meant to be taken lightly and with good humor. Make sure that you’re not harming someone else in your joke, especially if they have different values from yourself or don't think pranking is funny at all! Remember: it's always better when people can laugh together after a sensitive situation has been blown out-of-proportion by some jokester who wanted attention for himself (not really).

Have a bribe prepared at hand

What if you've gone too far? The cruelest prank ideas have the tendency to affect people's feelings towards us, or worse: they hate us! The scenario where this happens is called a crisis in humor because it can be rough on both parties involved. If ever there is such dilemma with your victims then don't worry - all hope isn’t lost just yet! One of these methods would involve giving something valuable like baked cookies and lasagna which has been prepared specially by yours truly.

If you’re stuck at home

If you find yourself not wanting to go out but needing to prank someone. You can try downloading Ownage Pranks’ very own prank call app so you can still have a fun time with your friends even though you’re far away from each other. This app works by using an advanced AI technology that makes it seem like the person on the other pranking end is talking to a real, live human instead of a pre-recorded one. We have a catalog of funny soundboards you can use so choose whatever you think fits best in your chosen scenario.

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100 Dollar Bill Prank Ideas

Print 100 Dollar Bills

One of the best ways to prank someone is by printing out a 100 dollar bill. The first thing you need to do is find an app that will allow you to print 100 dollar bills. Once you have downloaded one, it should be fairly easy for you to start creating your own fake money. After printing the money, all you have left to do is put it in a random place and wait for someone else to pick up on your joke! Make sure you set up hidden cameras across the room that you’ll be filling with 100 dollar bills so you can capture your friends’ precious reactions while thinking they actually found a real one.

Personalized 100 Dollar Bills Prank

For this next 100 dollar bill prank idea, you’ll be needing help from someone who can put a little bit of Photoshop magic! The idea for this Personalized 100 Dollar Bill Prank is that you’ll be leaving a piece of money on the floor with what seems like a realistic-looking 100 dollar bill. However, the catch is once your prank victim unfolds the money, they will be surprised by the fact that it is your wacky face that is plastered on the bill instead of Benjamin Franklin’s. Pro-tip: when you ask your friend to edit your photo on the bill, ask them to use Benjamin Franklin’s hair so it won’t look fake at first glance!

100 Dollar Bill Prank Toys

loading image



Product Description:


  • 【1:1 Real Size]】 It's the same size as real money.

  • 【Prop Money Realistic 】No red Chinese text, no slash, full print 2 sides.

  • 【Same color】The same color as real money

  • 【Movie Money 】Used for play money, education,magic tricks, costume and fancy dress party's, stage shows, poker games,parties, youtube, instagram, facebook as well as pranking friends and family.

  • 【What You Get】You will get one stack 10000 dollar bills.

100 Dollar Bill Lyric Prank Calls

Don’t worry, you can still feel rich and bougie without actually needing a 100 dollar bill! All you have to do is use these songs that have the words “dollar bill” in their lyrics! These lyric prank calls will surely make your prank call victim confused but feeling fancy at the same time.

If you’re going to be doing a prank call, you have to download Ownage Pranks’ spoof call app so you wouldn’t have to buy a burner phone or an extra sim card just to hide your identity for your next prank call session.

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Use these lyrics when you prank call your friends:

Dollar Bill by The Pietasters

I met a girl last night pretty as a five dollar bill

She squeezed me so hard and tight, I nearly,

I lost my will Her eye's they sparkle like diamonds,

Her teeth were as white as pearls And when she shuts my light, you know she really changed my world

When her name was Jill, Jill, Jill, Jill, Jill, Jill, five dollar bill

I said Jill, Jill, Jill, five-dollar bill

Money by Lisa

Check, check, check, check that money

Making bank account number (Yikes!)

That's that shit that's never getting bounced on ya

Bitch, I do the money dance, I just made a hundred bands

When the store says, "Sign for it," I'ma leave my autograph


Dolla' bills, dolla' bills

Watch it fallin' for me

I love the way that feels

Dolla' bills, dolla' bills

Keep on fallin' for me

I love thе way it feels

2 Dollar Bill by 2 Chainz

Like a two-dollar bill

Like a two-dollar bill

Like a two-dollar bill

Like a two-dollar bill

I'm rare, I'm rare

I'm rare, I'm rare

I'm rare (Rare), I'm rare (Rare)

I'm rare (Yeah), I'm rare (Uh)


Voila! You’ve reached the end of Ownage Pranks’ Pranking 101: 100 Dollar Bill Prank. We hope you have fun pulling off these prank ideas to your friends as much as we did making them for you. Go and make us proud, prankster!

As always, happy pranking!


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