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A Prankster’s Guide To Kool-Aid PranksA Prankster’s Guide To Kool-Aid Pranks

A Prankster’s Guide To Kool-Aid Pranks

Jun 8, 2021

Ever had a glass of Kool-Aid lately? Refreshing, isn’t it? Kool-Aid has been a part of pantries for so long that we sometimes get oblivious to it. But did you know that it is way more than just a fun drink to gulp when you’re extra thirsty? It is also used for cleaning and, of course - pranks! Grab your favorite packet because we are going to reveal the best Kool-Aid pranks for good and (not so) wholesome fun!

Here’s what you probably didn’t know about Kool-Aid:

1. It can serve as a dye

Yep, that's right. Even notice that when you drink a glass of Kool-Aid, your tongue turns red or whatever color your drink is? Its food coloring's pigment is too intense that some extra resourceful people use it as a budget hair dye. When doing pranks, it is good to take advantage of what this drink can! It's not that easy to wash off, so you'll know later how to work with that. *evil grin*

2. It is used for cleaning.

When you think of cleaning materials, you think about detergents or scrubs, not Kool-Aid! People use Kool-Aid to clean blenders, dishwashers, food processors, or even washing machines to eliminate all the smell and dirt that may have gathered in the nooks and crannies of these machines. Did you even know that Kool-Aid can be used to scrub floors clean? So much you can do with this drink that it's literally and figuratively cool!

3. It can treat rusty tools.

Some people use Kool-Aid to prolong the life of rusty materials such as weights, carpentry, and other DIY tools. Never underestimate what this fruit juice powder can do!

Now that you know what Kool-Aid can do, we can get to the fun part where we tell you how to do hilarious practical jokes using it!

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Now, here are the 5 Best Kool-Aid Pranks: 

1. Kool-Aid Shower Prank

This is one of the most famous pranks done with Kool-Aid. Just remove the shower head and sprinkle enough Kool-Aid before putting it back. If your victim loves hot showers, that's even better! Because as we said, Kool-Aid can act as a dye, and using hot water could only intensify this. If done correctly, they might come out in a different color. Just make sure your victim has a sense of humor before doing this. If they don't, just at least help them wash off their sudden red hair out of the sink. 

2. Jello Refreshments Prank

Be a peach and invite your friends over for some chill "drinks." Prepare beforehand by mixing clear Jello with colored Kool-Aid and pour it into drinking containers like a punch bowl or just cocktail glasses. Wait for these to harden before inviting your friends over and watch them try to school or gulp down the contents only to know that they've been served with jelly! Have a good laugh with this first and don't forget to serve them actual drinks to not piss them off!

3. Dead Person Prank

This may be a little too macabre. But since Kool-Aid can be rich in pigment, you can always find the perfect ratio of water and Kool-Aid to make the perfect crimson-red fake blood. It's optional to wear a clean white shirt to emphasize the "bloodiness,” but you can always wear anything you are willing to get stained by Kool-Aid. Lie face-down on the floor and pour the "blood" in all the right places. In the area where your head's at, some on your shirt, etc.! Just tastefully place them in all the right places and be careful not to make it look overkill. Now wait for someone to enter the room and find you lying face down and all bloody on the floor!

4. Clear Kool-Aid Prank

Clear Kool-Aid prank is already a prank in itself. When you think about Kool-Aid, you think about red or the other colors it comes with. You don't think about it as a transparent liquid! The easiest way to use this for a prank is to give someone else a glass of Clear Kool-Aid when they specifically ask for water! Its fruity taste will surely be something that their taste buds will not be prepared for!

5. Kool-Aid Boot Prank

At this point, you might never forget that Kool-Aid is a highly pigmented product. So the next time you know someone who might need some latex or gardening boots, be kind enough to sprinkle a generous amount of Kool-Aid in at least one of the boots. Why these boots specifically, you ask? It's because no one will care much about someone else messing with plastic boots, unlike sprinkling Kool-Aid stains on someone else's Dr. Martens! Plus, it's more likely that people wouldn't wear socks in latex boots - which makes it perfect!

After reading this, hopefully, you know what to do the next time you see a pack of Kool-Aid. It’s more than just its taste, and you can do more things if any idea spikes in your head upon reading. Just make sure to keep your practical jokes safe and harmless.

Good luck and happy pranking!

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