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Pranking 101: Cuddling Service CraigslistPranking 101: Cuddling Service Craigslist

Pranking 101: Cuddling Service Craigslist

Nov 23, 2021

You’ve probably seen some strange things on Craigslist: people selling used underwear, furniture for sale, and even children. But what about a cuddling service? 


In this world of social media and technology, many of us are feeling more isolated than ever before. We crave the connection that comes with physical contact. Studies show that nearly half of all adults under 65 don't get enough touch in their day-to-day lives. Bet you didn’t know about that, prankster!


For many people, the simple act of cuddling can bring happiness. It has been scientifically proven to release feel-good hormones and promote better sleep. This is why so many people are seeking the help of professional cuddlers. Some have even started their own business offering this service. But with any business, there are bound to be some bad eggs who want to take advantage of it for their own gain. With that, Ownage Pranks is here with a guide on how you can find a cuddling service on Craigslist, and of course, some ways on how you can prank your friends with it!

What is cuddling?

A cuddler is a professional who is hired to provide professional hugs to people around the world. On Craigslist, there are many ads for people looking to hire the best cuddler they can find. Some people pay a lot of money for this service, although most are willing to settle for an hourly rate.

How Does It Work?

The professional cuddler will usually visit their clients in their home or a local coffee shop. They will then ask them a few questions about their liking and disliking of being touched. This will help them understand the ideal posture and placement of the hugs. There are other things cuddlers look for as well, including the size of the client and their relationship with them. 

Why is it so popular?

Some people believe that they are cuddlers simply by being in love with their clients. Others feel they are making a gift out of their time by helping someone through a tough time. And the people who don't want to be paid a penny are motivated by loneliness and want a warm body to sleep with. 


While all these reasons are acceptable to people who want to make a living off of this, they aren't what people should really look out for.

What is a cuddling service on Craigslist?

It's easy to ask for information about any job opportunity, but it's hard to think of what exactly a cuddling service on Craigslist would be. A "cuddle" is a hug that is given voluntarily and usually between two people. But many people have been charged hundreds of dollars for something that only requires a few minutes of your time. If it costs hundreds of dollars, it's probably not legal, and most likely a scam. It can easily be misconstrued as anything from sexual assault to money laundering.


Craigslist has all sorts of scams that can cost you money. If you are looking to get your Craigslist game on, you will need to take caution. 

How to make sure that you have a legitimate cuddling service listing on Craigslist


Before you get rid of your money, do a little bit of research. If the service doesn’t list some sort of proof of legitimacy, have a local contact number, or even contact their customer service, then you are likely to be scammed.


No legitimate cuddling service should be asking you to pay in advance for a specific time of the day. They should be willing to chat to you over the phone to find out what you would prefer, such as a cuddle session after work, or perhaps they have just started. If you speak to them on the phone and they cannot provide a valid telephone number, they are likely a scam.

How Can You Prank Your Friends With a Cuddling Service from Craigslist

Prank Calling Your Friends That You’re A From a Cuddling Service Off of Craigslist

Of course, nothing will beat a good ol’ prank call if you want to trick your friends. One idea you could do is to pretend that someone has availed your ‘cuddling service’ and that you’re already on your way to your target victim’s house. Don’t worry, when doing prank calls like this, you don’t have to buy a burner phone or an extra sim card to hide your caller ID. All you have to do is download a spoof call app, like the one we have here at Ownage Pranks, and let the app do it’s wonder for you.

Posting Your Friend As Someone Who Offers a Cudlling Service on Craigslist

Do you want to prank your friends? Do you need a good laugh? Well, look no further. Creating an ad on Craigslist for a "cuddler" is an excellent idea. All you need is a picture your target victim and then some basic information about them. A little bit about their appearance or hobbies can be listed as well! Here are some variations on what you could write as their bio:

  • Looking for someone chill to cuddle with on Saturday night

  • Wanna cuddle with me (then add a funny photo of your friend)

  • I am a professional cuddler and I can cuddle with you anytime you want

  • I am a top-rated cuddler and I have already cuddled with Justin Bieber and Shawn Mendes

Surprise your friend with a professional cuddling service from Craigslist!

If you have money to spare and have found some pretty legitimate cuddler from Craigslist, then maybe it’s about time that you level up your pranking skills. For this, all you have to do is book one of their services and pretend that your friend is the one who booked them. Make sure that you provide your friend’s address to the supposed cuddler and watch your friend get confused when they arrive at their house!


We hope you enjoyed going through this guide about cuddling service listings on Craigslist and how you can prank your friends with it. With pranks like this, always make sure that you collaborate only with legitimate cuddlers to prevent yourself from getting scammed. 


As always, happy pranking!


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