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How to Track a Prank Call with Ownage PranksHow to Track a Prank Call with Ownage Pranks

How to Track a Prank Call with Ownage Pranks

Dec 12, 2020

Let’s face it, prank calls aren’t always as fun as we think they are. Not everyone is a fan of prank calls because sometimes they can get out of hand. It isn’t always fun to be at the receiving end of prank calls. Figuring out who it is that’s calling you can bug you for days on end. Thankfully, there are ways for you to track your caller. How are we going to do it?

Tracking Your Prank Caller on Your Cell Phone

They call when you’re at home, they call when you’re at work or school. Why won’t they stop?!

It’s time to pull the plug when it’s gone beyond funny and frustrating and transcended into maddening. Dying to find out who’s been prank calling you? Here are a couple of steps you can take to trace who’s been calling your cell phone.

1. Know Your Phone Company’s Policy on Prank or Annoying Calls

Some phone companies might advise you to report directly to the police for any incidence of prank calling and let them handle your case. Some phone companies, on the other hand, have a business office which you can call, they will have representatives who will connect you to the “annoyance desk”.

While other phone companies may ask you to file a complaint with local authorities first before they take any action on your report. Your phone company may not always be able to help you solve your problem with prank or annoying calls so it is important to know what policies they have regarding this type of calls before doing anything.

AT&T, for example, has a page dedicated to addressing “annoyance” calls, as they call it.

2. Screen Your Calls, Send Prank Calls Straight to Voicemail If They Are Using Only One Phone Number

In some cases, blocking the number of your “serial caller” (hehe see what I did there?) is not advisable. Instead, you can keep records of their calls through voicemail and use that as evidence if you plan to file a formal complaint against them.

If you’re not planning to report them and you just want them to stop calling, you can block their number to prevent them from calling again. Phones usually have a built-in “Block this caller” option for unknown numbers, but there are apps available on the App Store or Google Play that can help you make sure that a number can never bother you again. Unfortunately, some dedicated prank callers use multiple numbers.

Tracking Your Prank Caller on Your Landline Phone

Tired of hearing the landline ring over and over again because of a merry prankster? It sucks, doesn’t it? Read on for ways you can stop a prank caller from calling you over the landline

1. Know Your Phone Company’s Policy on Prank or Annoying Calls (you know, this is very important!)

Just like your cell provider, your landline phone company has their own policies regarding taking on cases of prank or annoying calls. Know and remember them. To be safe, maybe inquire about their policies regarding incidences of this type of calls before you subscribe with any phone company.

2. Screen Your Calls, Use Your Voicemail

Screening your calls is one way to make sure that you won’t accidentally pick up a prank call. Send those calls straight to voicemail so you can delete them later. Or keep a record of them if you plan to file a formal complaint against your serial caller.

Either way, I think it’s best to avoid picking up calls from prank callers just so you don’t ruin your day. I’m just saying. You always have the option to block their number if you are not planning on filing a report and you just don’t like being pranked anymore. Ask for assistance from your provider when you want to block a number or a caller.

3. Ask Your Phone Company If They Can Help You Trace Who’s Been Calling

Phone companies usually have and offer services you can avail that can help you figure out who’s been calling you. Availability and price of these services differ per phone company, you just have to ask about them. Consult with your phone company which service(s) they can provide for you if ever the need arises. Apply for a Caller ID, that way you can see the name and the number of the caller and avoid answering calls from people you do not know.

How To Distinguish A Prank Call From Harassment

We all know that sometimes blocking their phone number just isn’t enough. Before you contact the police, let’s find out the difference between prank calls and harassing calls and what actions you can take if you ever think a prank call is bordering harassment.

1. Threats, Intimidation, Cursing, and Heavy Breathing

A call becomes harassment when the caller uses intimidating or threatening language, curses at you, or breathes heavily. Yes, heavy breathing is included, it’s so creepy *shudders*! Making harassing calls is against the law in California and other states.

2. Frequency

If you’re getting pranked, chances are the calls will only last for 1-2 days, 3 days if the prankster is very persistent. Harassment calls usually last longer, maybe a week or so, and the calls come at odd times of the day. Phone companies would usually only respond to complaints about multiple calls. But they would immediately act if you report even one call that explicitly threatens you or your family.

How to Prevent Getting Harassment Calls

No one ever wants to receive harassment calls, I know I don’t. So here are some tips you can practice to avoid receiving unwanted calls, especially the threatening kind:

  1. Do not disclose private or personal information to just anybody, especially if the person asking for your information is a stranger. Make sure that you will only give out personal details like full names, addresses, or contact details to those you trust.
  2. Instruct kids to not talk to strangers, especially if the strangers are trying to phish out your information from them.

If you ever track the number of a prankster or annoying caller, it will now be up to you what you choose to do with it. Keep in mind, one option is that you can prank a prank caller back! Visit Ownage Pranks. For sure, you will find something you can use to help you pull off your revenge. From their prank apps, prank call videos, and their prank requests, Ownage Pranks is the one-stop hub for pranksters!

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