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Ownage Pranks’ Guide on What to Say When You Prank CallOwnage Pranks’ Guide on What to Say When You Prank Call

Ownage Pranks’ Guide on What to Say When You Prank Call

Dec 12, 2020

One classic form of pranking is making prank calls. You can never go wrong with it! And whether it be prank calling someone you know or calling a random number, the possibilities for prank calling are endless!

Sometimes prank calls don’t go the way we want them to go. Maybe the person you are calling doesn’t play along, or they easily figure out you’re trying to pull a prank on them. Or maybe it’s you - you stutter, you run out of things to say, you freeze. You know deep inside that you messed up.

And suddenly it’s endless teasing from your friends about how you ruined one prank call and let’s be real here, you’re never going to outlive that. Or maybe it’s you again - you never told anyone about that call that wasn’t really a prank, and it keeps you up at night, your mind tormenting you and replaying over and over how you blew it. And whether it’s the teasing or the tormenting, it won’t stop until you redeem yourself.

Well, do I have good news for you! I have here some prank call ideas, tips, and sample dialogues that you can use for your next prank! Don’t worry. I’m here to help you redeem yourself. Or maybe even help you set the record for the world’s best prank call?

Prank Calling Someone You Know

Prank calling someone you know is both easy and hard at the same time. It all depends on what you’ll say and how far you’re willing to go.

1. Know Your Audience

When you know the person you’re trying to call, you can tailor your lines to what you think they will respond to the most. Do they like pizza? Is there a restaurant they have been wanting to try? Do you know where their house is? The list of questions goes on and, I’m telling you, so does the list of possible pranks! You might even possibly get them to admit who they like or tell you their most embarrassing moment if you ask the right questions and play your cards right. ;)

2. Don’t Break Character

When you make a prank call, you can come up with a character whom you can pretend to be. So whether you want to be a pizza delivery person, a wealthy restaurant owner, an employee from city hall, or whoever else you can think of, one thing to remember is that you. Must. NOT. Break. Character.

Let me warn you now, there is always a possibility that they might become suspicious of you. They could recognize your voice so change it, if you have to. Or use an app that can change your voice. You can check out Ownage Pranks’ very own Voice Changer App specifically made for prank calling.

It should be a given, of course, that you use a different phone number if you are planning to make a prank call to your family or friends. Ownage Pranks also has a Fake Number App to hide your number.

An unknown Caller ID may actually help your prank become a success. They might ask who you are, they might question your credibility, and they might not even believe you. But whatever happens, whatever they say or ask, you staying in character means the prank can still go on. So take heart, and keep in mind that your prank will only be as good as your performance.

3. Do Your Research

The key to staying in character is simple: research. How can you say that you're a pizza delivery person, or a wealthy restaurant owner, or an employee from the city hall if you don’t understand what it takes to be one? And how would you know what it takes? Again, research!

Your target might try to catch you off guard by asking questions they think you won’t know the answer to. You have to prepare yourself for questions they can ask that you may not be knowledgeable about. So if a role or person you’re pretending to be does not come naturally to you, the more you have to do research. I find that having a cheat sheet on hand helps.


What To Say When You Prank Call Someone You Know

Think you’re ready to call someone from your family or friends but can’t think of anything funny to say? Here are some prank call ideas that might help you get inspired and dialogue prompts to help you come up with what to say:

1. Butt Dialing The Pregnancy Result

You can choose your parents or siblings as your target for this; and you can ask your significant other or a trusted friend to be your partner in crime. Call your target and pretend that it was an accident by not directly talking on the phone and by being engaged in a conversation with your accomplice.

Once they pick up, you can say, “I have no idea how to tell my parents (or your sibling’s name if they are your target)”, if they hear that, they will definitely be interested to continue listening. Carry on the conversation with your accomplice about how you’re scared and you're not sure what to do and if you’re ready for a baby.

When you're ready to end the call, act like you're surprised to see that you were on a phone call with them. Say, "Shit!" and then hang up the phone immediately. Give a convincing act, then wait and see what kind of reactions you can get from them! It’s best if you don’t immediately respond to their calls to let the news sink in.

2. Hidden Love Affair

You can choose your significant other or any one of your closest friends as your target for this. Now, you will need to act a bit here so it’s best to remember to stay in character no matter what happens. Timing is important. Wait until you are alone with them to execute this prank call.

Pretend that you are getting a call from an unknown number with the help of this app, and use a voice that they can easily distinguish as a boy's or a girl's. Act like the call confuses you because you don’t recognize the phone number, so you answer it to find out who it is.

Turns out, it’s your secret lover *cue gasp*! DO NOT SAY HELLO. Say lines like, “didn't I ask you to not call me on this number,” or “I told you we can’t meet today. I’m with him/her,” or “we aren’t supposed to be talking right now, just wait for me to come over later” and then hang up immediately.

Your target would go crazy trying to find out who the caller was or at least the caller's name, but you just deny everything. Tell them it was a wrong number, or that the "person" was just prank calling you (prank-ception), or someone probably thought it would be fun to trick you.

No matter what they ask, don't give them an answer and just deny. Act sketchy like hiding your phone and telling them to forget about it multiple times. Don't let them faze you. Deny until it’s time to admit that it’s just a prank.

Trust me, you’ll figure out when that is. They probably won't find this funny at first and you'll probably get in a bit of trouble, but hey, it's a prank after all! It would be better if you can get their reactions on tape, you may see it one day on Ownage Prank's Hall of Fame. :D

Making A Prank Call To A Random Number

Now this one is a bit trickier because people have different ideas of fun and funny, and it's very different than when you simply call your friend. But we’ll make sure you can pull off a prank call to a random number.

1. Know Your Limitations

When the person you are calling is a complete stranger, it’s important to steer clear of possible topics and words that may be offensive or harmful to them. Remember that not everyone will find your prank calls funny, so it would be good to make sure that we aren’t hurting anybody and that we are not causing trouble especially when dealing with strangers. You need to be careful when you call a random number because you'll never know who may pick up!

2. Don’t Break Character And Do Your Research (yeah, here, too)

As I’ve mentioned, you can create personas whom you can pretend to be, whether you are prank calling someone from your family or a stranger. And if you choose to do this, I shall emphasize again: You. Must. Not. Break. Character. And how do you stay in character no matter what your target says? Research.

Learn your character well, even develop a backstory if you have to. I cannot stress this enough. The title of this post should be do not break character and do your research. It is the lifeline of your prank. If you play your part well and long enough, your target may actually believe that you are who you’re claiming to be.

3. Practice Makes Progress

Rehearse your lines, if you can, before you start to call a random number. This is to avoid stuttering or running out of words to say. It’s also important that you sound confident so you can grab your target’s attention right at the beginning of the call.

When you sound confident, you sound credible. When you stutter, your target becomes suspicious. So practice what you want to say until you become confident enough in the character you’re going to pretend to be.

What To Say When You Prank Call a Random Number

When you have to be careful what to say when calling someone you don't know, the list of topics can become quite limited. So here are some prank call ideas to help fuel your creativity!

1. Lifetime supply of their favorite pizza (or any food they like, whatever floats your boat)

Call your prank target and tell them that you’re calling from their favorite fast food restaurant and that they just won a lifetime supply of their favorite food. Start with a very energetic, "hello!" to make it sound like they really won something. To sound legit, ask them first to confirm their identity by asking them to say their name and contact details or even their home address.

You can also make up weird or funny questions to confirm their identity like, “please tell me what color is your favorite skittle,” or “is it true that your worst nightmare is meeting Justin Bieber?”, or "can you name all of Snow White's seven dwarves?", and then assure them that it’s all part of the process if they seem suspicious.

They must really, really like what you’re offering so that their want for free food would quash their suspicions, hopefully. But can you guess what the cherry on top is? Tell them you called the wrong number if they ask when they can claim their "prize". Yikes!.

2. Or do the opposite, call them and try to order your favorite fast food meal

For this one, you’ll pretend to be the customer calling to order. You simply just have to call them and try to order your favorite fast food meal from your chosen fast food restaurant. Don't wait for them to answer and tell you that you have the wrong number. And insist - INSIST, I SAID - that you have the correct number and just continue ordering even if they say that they aren’t McDonalds or Taco Bell.

Act like you're mad if you could. Tell them you'll give them 30 minutes to deliver your order to your house and if they don't show up on time, you'll file a complaint against them. It would be pretty funny to see what they will do when they lose their patience after you insist on ordering from them for the 15th time already. They could hang up on you, or you could get your favorite fast food meal out of the call, it's a long shot but who knows? Only you and your target control the odds.

Prank calls can be as simple or as elaborate as you want them to be, but they are always fun to make. Prank calling takes a great deal of determination, the effort you put into prank calling someone will almost always reflect the result of your prank call. Remember, you have the power to prank someone successfully through prank calling. It all depends on you. But, as always, if all else fails, there’s always Ownage Pranks for your pranking needs.

Happy pranking!


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