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How To Prank Call Without Getting CaughtHow To Prank Call Without Getting Caught

How To Prank Call Without Getting Caught

Dec 16, 2021

Prank calling is all fun and games until you get caught. So if you plan to prank call someone, give your 100% to it and stay within the line, so no one knows you are the mastermind. This blog will be your guide throughout your prank-calling journey.

Throughout history, people have been playing pranks. Of course, fun pranks are always a good time, whether in school or with adult friends. But what about random strangers? Can you make a prank call without getting caught? We've put together a list of rules you should abide by and tips you can follow if you want a successful and harmless prank call!

Rules of Prank Calling

Emergency services are off-limits.

This is a basic rule every prank-caller should know. Prank calling concerning emergency services may result in a fine or arrest- you don't want that. Furthermore, it’s never amusing to make fun of those who work to help and rescue people; you are not that kind of person, so refrain from making a prank call involving 911. Prank calls should be all about fun, not bringing inconvenience to those who work.

Ensure your pranks are not dangerous

Never threaten your victim to do something out of their will, as it may result in danger. You are just prank-calling, having fun, not putting your victim's life at risk. Pranks aren't supposed to be dangerous; it's supposed to be exciting and memorable. Don't threaten your victim to slap someone or blow up cars. Things like these should not be done. Human ignorance may be a lot of fun to play with, but you should focus on having people do amusing things rather than hurtful.

Avoid the police officer.

It's common for your victims to contact the police even though you're doing everything you can to avoid making threats or engaging the authorities. If you suspect your victim could be suspicious, it's a good idea to tell them they've been pranked. Because of your location, their calls to the police won't affect you because you're in another nation. After apologizing and laughing it off, go on.

Don't commit data theft.

It would be helpful to know something about your victim; however, don't cross the line and ask too many questions about their personal life. They might think that you are stealing their personal information to scam other people or scam them. Talking someone out of giving you their credit card or additional account information might get you in hot water, even if you didn't write it down or intend to use it yourself. Keep the pranks safe!

Prevent from calling people from nearby areas

Making prank calls in your own city is the quickest way to get caught. When you make local prank calls, your victim might quickly call the cops and the phone provider to find out who phoned them. When you prank someone across the nation, you can no longer just contact the local cops to come to your door and talk to you. It's not worth the time or effort for anyone to deal with several police agencies and phone carriers. Unless you're threatening people or doing any of the other nasty things listed above, authorities are unlikely to assist your victim since they can't go 5,000 miles to arrest you. Local pranking, especially from your own phone line, increases the chance of a police visit.

Prank Calling Tips

Prepare, prepare and prepare

It would be better if you knew what you were going to say. If you stutter and you don't know what to say next during the prank, your victim might notice that you are just fooling around. There's no need to write out a whole script, but it would help if you knew what move you would take.

Remember: Do not laugh!

Don't be too serious.

Don't take the antics too seriously; it takes the fun out. Do not worry about whether or not they believe you or whether they will catch you. Who gives a fuck? As long as you're having fun, don't worry about what to say to your target. If your goal is to deceive your prey, pull the trigger first and then make fun of them. When prank calls break apart in the end, I'm a fan of hearing the victims realize they've been duped. Perhaps the victims are trying to outwit you.

Keep it short but fun.

If a prank call becomes a conversation call, then you're no longer trying to pull off a prank. Prank calls that go on for a long time might be amusing, but who has the time to listen to them? Keep your pranks to a maximum of a few seconds because people have short attention spans. If at all possible, confine them to a maximum of five minutes.

Use a prank call app.

A prank call app will also help you hide your identity. There will be no more worries about getting caught because a prank call app has got you covered. You may search your browser for it or look for the app on your Playstore or App Store. If you don't have the time to browse which app suits your prank the best, here's Ownage Pranks offering us two apps!

Spoof Call App

When it comes to prank calls, Ownage Pranks' spoof call app is a great option if you don't need an app that can perform half of the work for you. Our fake call app can keep your name and caller ID hidden without purchasing a new sim card or a burner phone.

Prank Call App

This prank call app works well. All of our pre-recorded prank call scripts are immediately available when you download this app. Because there are so many different prank call scenarios, you'll never run out of things to do! So it’s time to give it a go!

Whether you are pranking your way out of boredom or just pranking to have some fun, this is the blog you should turn to when you run out of prank ideas. And yes, you will never get caught!

As always, happy pranking!

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