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How To Prank A Pranker: TWOFOLD!How To Prank A Pranker: TWOFOLD!

How To Prank A Pranker: TWOFOLD!

Apr 23, 2021

Have you ever been pranked by a self-proclaimed prankster before? They probably pranked you so good you have no idea how to get back at them anymore. A huge bummer, isn’t it? Well, while you are thinking of ways to get back at them, they probably are now at least a step ahead of you. (or at least that’s how they should be if they really are THAT good) But don’t worry, no one knows everything. You can always outsmart that sneaky prankster of yours with more clever ways that they wouldn’t even see coming! If you feel determined to do a revenge prank on your own, read on to find out!

They know the game of pranking. 

First things first: you are messing with someone who knows the game. If they got you before in their pranks, it’s because they know what exact buttons to push! These people know what types of antics to make. They are intuitive enough to strike at the perfect timing or are even quite skillful at acting to hide a fiasco. These are NOT your ordinary simpletons. But this fact shouldn’t discourage you from getting back at them, rather inspire you to be more innovative in your ways. While they are one step ahead of you, you should have enough brainpower to be two, three, or four steps ahead of them - this is the only way to taste that sweet, sweet revenge you’ve been craving for quite some time! 


Everything is fair in love and WAR, right? We want you to get back at them, so we listed down a few tips in devising your genius prank:

  1. Study them closely.

This is important because you will know exactly where to get them by understanding their vulnerable and tickle areas. This won’t be too much work if they are your friend, family, or even your significant other. You will know exactly how they think, how they react, and where to place booby traps because everything they do is familiar to you! If they aren’t that close to you, you must at least know a fair amount of their personality to be able to do your pranks. How did that saying go again? Ah, yes, keep your friends close and ENEMIES CLOSER! Once you have everything that you need to know about someone, trust us - the rest will follow, and your genius ideas will pop out like a charm!

  1. Be mindful of your resources.

You can’t work with what you do not have. It is up to you how much you want to take this prank seriously and if you’re going to spend money on it. If you live with this person, you can work with anything in your living space. If you don’t, you can always find the materials you will need on Amazon or even in your local thrift stores. Being mindful of your resources is also taking advantage of the help of people you both know. It could be your mutual friends or family. These people can help the prank be more fun and convincing. Plus, you don’t need to do all the stuff by yourself! Just make sure to work with your creativity on this, and everything should work flawlessly fine.

  1. Timing is everything.

A key to a great prank is doing it with proper timing. And because you are working on a revenge prank, you need to serve it cold. Suppose you are itching to do your stunt as early as possible. In that case, we’re sorry because that wouldn’t work as epic compared to when you let a significant amount of time pass. If they do pranks themselves, they probably know that you are after them. So, be patient! And let this prank of yours age like a fine, fine wine. 

  1. Know when to stop.

You should know when too much is too much. Assuming that you already executed your well-thought-out prank and your victim (prankster) would like to get competitive by getting back at you again. Is it still an idea worth pursuing if you are already overstepping each other’s boundaries just for the sake of these pranks? Is it already affecting your trust and relationship with the other person? Think about these things and decide for yourself. Remember to just keep it fun and harmless, folks!

5 prank ideas to prank a prankster

Now that you know how to get someone, you might still need help in coming up with prank ideas. Don’t worry because we listed down five epic pranks to prank your prankster!

  1. Make a prank call.


Prank calls are a classic way to mess with anyone you like! This is perfect if you want a hassle-free yet undoubtedly epic revenge on your prankster.  We don’t use our grandmother’s telephone anymore. Since times are changing, then so do prank calls! In the 2020’s we use a prank call app to execute things flawlessly. These apps can act as a spoof call - meaning you won’t need to borrow another person’s mobile phone or get a burner phone just to call your victim. Using these apps means getting a new fake number on display once you call your victim. They wouldn’t know it’s you who’s calling! Another cool thing about this is there are already a bunch of pre-made scripts performed by professional voice actors, so you won’t have to change your voice to seem convincing. Cool, huh?

  1. Add a tasty surprise to their shower fixture.

Would you expect anyone to mess with you in the shower? We won’t! If you live with your prankster and you have easy access to their shower room, this would be perfect. You can choose from a chicken broth or Kool-Aid to put on their shower fixture, and they will indeed bathe in the delicious treat you made especially for them. Bon appetit!

  1. Make a sad, sudless soap.

Yes, we have a liking for messing with people while they are in the shower because, as we said - this is one of the least expected places to be pulled a prank on. Like the last number, you only do this if you have access to their bathroom. If you don’t, you can simply do this in the sink, where they are likely to wash their hands. Take the bar soap they’ve been using, let it dry before painting clear nail polish all over it. Make sure to leave no part unpolished! Put it back where you took it and wait for them to use it and struggle to rub it enough to produce suds - which, of course, wouldn’t happen!

  1. Make an absurd contest and write their number.

One famous example on the internet is the Chewbacca Screaming Contest. What you need to do is make a contest (either in your office or in any of your local communities) and write your victim’s number on the poster. The idea is to make an annoying screaming contest and direct your participants to your victim’s number. Make sure to offer an actual reward to push people to actually do it and watch your victim lose their mind receiving all these phone calls with random people screaming at them. Isn’t that epic!?

  1. Send them incomplete voice mails.

Have you ever received an incomplete voice mail before? Annoying, isn’t it? Especially the ones that are meant to be necessary. All you need to do is send your victim an incomplete voicemail while making sure to build up the excitement in what you will say, then BAM! Leave them exactly where you got them hooked. You might need a little practice before doing this to be convincing enough. This trick is the most subtle and straightforward of all the ones mentioned above, but doing this will surely drive them insane! 

And there you have it. We gave you tips on how to do a fool-proof revenge prank and gave you ideas. Just make sure to keep it harmless and light-hearted. You know your prankster-turned-victim best. Now, go get them! 




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