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Go Trick or Treating with These Fun Halloween PranksGo Trick or Treating with These Fun Halloween Pranks

Go Trick or Treating with These Fun Halloween Pranks

May 22, 2021

Remember how that chant went? Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat! Ah, Halloween. Costumes, a hair extension, tatted clothes, matted hair, scary makeup would be everywhere. Halloween is that one time of the year where everyone can dress as weirdly and as eccentric as they want without being judged! It's the perfect time for spooky horror flicks, dark and sinister stories, sweet candy treats, and of course - pranks! Would your neighborhood trick or treaters like to be tricked, or would they rather have some treats? That's not a question, isn't it? Because they are going to be tricked either way! And remember, no treats mean it's a game for tricks; make sure you're prepared!

Before we continue, here's a little fun fact: giving candies to kids was actually a way to stop the onslaught of pranks and vandalizing things all over the place and so going back.

There is a rich history behind trick or treats. It can be traced back to Celts and early Catholics in the ninth century. Of course, we will not bore you with a history lesson here. But the point is, trick or treating has been done for a really looooong time - even before candy companies have been happily feasting on massive candy sales solely because of this occasion. That also means that people always look forward to this tradition. We don't see the practice of trick or treating die down for a very long time. So don't worry, it's still a thing even in the age of social distancing! It's nice to give those cutely-dressed children candy more than they are allowed to eat anyway. It's such a pleasure to see them get tricked too! *evil grin*

One of the best ways to mess with anyone for ANY occasion is through a good prank call. (Even if that means pranking a kid with it!) If you plan to go a full prankster/trickster mode on a Halloween night, you can always send a prank request in turning all your prank call fantasies to life. It's everything you wished to have in a prank call! You won't need to try changing your voice because professional voice actors will do the job of talking to your victim for you. They wouldn't even know it's you unless you tell them after. You can spook them with whatever you have in mind and we will do the job for you! Still can't imagine what we're talking about? Watch this hilarious video to know what we mean!

A prank call sounds fun, doesn't it? That's just one of the many Halloween tricks you can do to anyone! Keep reading to find out our seven other funny pranks for Trick or Treaters!

A prank call sounds fun, doesn’t it? That’s just one of the many Halloween tricks you can do to anyone! Keep reading to find out our seven other funny pranks for Trick or Treaters!

Snake Surprise. 

If you will be using an ice chest as a candy container, this prank is perfect! This would also work with any candy bucket or candy jar with a bit of hole at the top and big enough to hold bulk candies. Okay, so what you need to do is get a realistic-looking snake and glue it over the hole so that once the children start opening the chest on their own, they will be startled with your little friend hanging by the cover! It's simple, and it doesn't require too much effort. This could also work to have other realistic-looking creepy toy animals like a possum or a rat! Who knows, you can even save yourself from buying that much candy as last year!

This prank may hurt children for being shocked too much, but, whatever, that's the nature of pranks- making you laugh, or scaring you to death!

Just Take One, Please. 

We know this isn't Christmas. But it is sometimes just fun to know who's naughty and who's nice! Who's going to be greedy in taking candies, and who's going to be rule-abiding good girls and good boys. If you have a little bush, shrub, or any inconspicuous hiding place in front of your house, you can use that to your advantage. All you need is to place the candy bowls in front of your house unmanned and leave a notice saying, "Jfrighteningke one, please." Now, hide behind your bush wearing a scary costume or wearing a scary mask. When you see these "naughty children" take more candy than you instructed them to, immediately surprise them by suddenly crawling out of where you came to scare them! You can also make your fake ghost friend (which is also you, but another character) punish those who don't follow the rules. Make sure you have that scary voice practiced in making the trick work! It will show them!

Skulls and Skeletons. 

This is another real prank to do effortlessly. Everybody is afraid of skeletons, especially when you see them where you don't expect them to be. Since it's Halloween, these trick-or-treaters may have already expected to see skulls hanging publicly. But you can always put it in places where you won't usually decorate. You can try putting these bony creatures (or non-creatures) under your trick-or-treat table,or resting at a branch of the tree in your lawn. It's up to you to get creative! Just make sure that they look realistic-looking as much as possible. 

Spider On The Door. 

Everybody starts to freak out when they see something suddenly show up or move. Take advantage of this by leaving a hanging spider at your door. No, you will not leave it hanging for them to see immediately once they come to your door. You need to tie a fake spider at the end of a string and loop the other end at the top of your door. Now, the challenge here is to leave the fake spider at the top of the door so that it starts to fall and hang directly in front of these children's faces when you open it wide enough. Just prepare yourself for an influx of children's screams,because it will surely surprise them!

Head in a Bowl. 

You would typically expect candy in bowl on a Halloween nights, not a human head! This prank may take a while in preparation because you will need a fake table, a big bowl with a hole at the bottom big enough to fit a human head. You get the idea. You wear the fake bowl and the fake table over your head and plant yourself in front of your house just in time for trick or treaters. A sign that says "Help yourselves, take your treats." might help too! Once the trick or treaters reach for that big bowl of what's meant to be candy, let out a scream while swiftly popping your head out enough to scare your victim! Make sure to give them real candy after threatening them! (Assuming they haven't run away yet.)

Scary Mask. 

If you have a realistic and grotesque-looking mask, a fake severed head, or a super creepy-looking clown mask, that may come in handy! This is perfect for people who don't have time to prepare for trick-or-treat pranks and just remembered it last minute. Like in Snake Surprise, just find a container that closes and has a tiny opening at the top where you can hang something. Place the mask or the severed head under it and anticipate the screams of the people who only came for the "treats" but never saw the "tricks" coming! Your clown-fearing friend would definitely run for their life!

Water Hose Trick. 

We will admit, this one is a little bit cruel, especially for those who spent hours putting on face paint or makeup to their faces. You need to take a container or a bowl with a hole at the bottom to act as a candy bowl. Take that hose from your front lawn and place it exactly where your victim might face. This will require you to be extra observant because you will be stationing yourself by the faucet. Find the perfect time to turn the tap on the squirt some water into your victims' faces! This is perfect when you don't have any treats, but you will choose a good trick!

Are you excited for that Halloween night yet? So are we! We can't wait for you to pull every effective prank off and be the best trickster in your neighborhood! Good luck, and happy pranking!

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