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5 Funny Ways to Answer Spam Calls5 Funny Ways to Answer Spam Calls

5 Funny Ways to Answer Spam Calls

Nov 24, 2021

Spam calls can be really frustrating. No one wants to deal with the annoyance of having 

their phone ring and not knowing who is on the other line. You'd like to think that if someone has your number, they would leave a voicemail or something. But no, these spammers call but don't say anything and just hang up. It's infuriating! But what if we let you in for a secret: these could be gone for good if you do these funny ways to answer spam calls! 


It's not uncommon for someone to receive a spam call on their phone. Spam calls are usually for products or services you never asked for, with the intention of tricking you into buying something. It can be frustrating when these scams happen, but there are ways to avoid them. 


Have you ever received a spam call? It's frustrating, right? The worst part is that they’re hard to get completely ridden off. But now, there are ways to make them funny. These ideas will teach you how to answer spam calls without losing your cool.


What are spam calls

A spam call is an incoming phone call from a telemarketer that you don't recognize. When you get a spam call, it's probably because you're at least partially interested in buying a product or service that they sell. The main reason that you're likely to get a spam call is that you're in the industry they specialize in. It's also pretty hard to distinguish between the legitimate ones and the ones that are just making it to increase their numbers.

How can you identify spam calls?

There are things you can do to avoid scams and frauds. One thing to keep an eye out for is the word IRS, of course, and avoid those calls or texts that may be scams. Also, companies that refuse to respond to emails can be a sign of a scam, as they will never put an email address in their calls. To be safe, don't provide any personal information when you receive a call. Just hang up!

Find the Fun in Spam Calls

So, you've got a spam call. Well, it doesn't matter because you can still have fun with it. If you're bored, then look for opportunities to find humor in your spam call. As an example, if you get a call that is related to drug ads, you can turn it into a bit. So, answer the call and turn into the character for which you're acting. Pretend to be a doctor or a doctor's nurse. Or you could ask the caller if he wants to win a trip to Hawaii.

Answer with a Funny Voice

Some people are particularly talented at imitating accents or voices. While some are pretty good at impersonations, you can practice on the internet by searching for interesting video footage on YouTub. You may not sound as good as the actors you might want to impersonate, but it's the thought that counts. This is a perfect prank for someone who you want to really get angry with you!

Make them think they are talking to the wrong person

This could work as an ice breaker. Some callers will take the call because they are looking for a reliable company and it's easy to become confused when you're talking to someone who is basically a robot. So what can you do in such a case? Well, you can play along with them. You can reply, "Hi, this is Ethan, I'm looking for your services to clean my toilet. Thanks for your call!" and then he or she might reply back, "Hi, Ethan! I'm Mark. I'm calling about the cleaning of my toilet. How can I be of service?"

Challenge a spammer with a question

One way to have a great conversation is to ask a question, such as: "Hey, is this an actual phone number?" "What country do you live in?" and "Why is a Canada Post survey about retirement plans?"

Challenge a spammer with a task

Funny responses to unexpected questions can make the caller laugh and makes you seem more like a human being. For example, if you get an unexpected survey, you can ask them: "What do you mean I have to call you back after you've taken my credit card information?"

Bait the caller with a closed-ended question

You can bait the caller by asking a very open-ended question that makes them feel like you are asking a yes or no question. The idea is you make them feel like they’re the one receiving the spam call!

Confuse them with a different language

The most basic way to stop these is to just sound like a foreigner, just answer in a foreign language. This way, it will sound like an interpreter. This trick actually works for a lot of spammers, who usually speak English and simply talk to you in their native language.


According to a recent survey, 42% of spam calls are from international numbers. I think it's safe to say that almost everyone has been a victim to spam calls at some point in their lives and one funny way to answer them is by speaking in another language they might not understand.

Prank call them back

Another interesting, but funny way to get back at spam calls is by prank calling them. If you have gotten their mobile number, all you have to do is download a spoof call app so you can anonymously call them without buying an extra burner phone. We’ll leave the prank call idea to you so make sure it’s engaging and creative!


Ideas for answering spam calls

You can ask them a random question that is easy to answer. For example, "Do you have the Q-Tips for me?" Or "Do you have a public toilet I can use?"

  • Pretend like you're deaf and ask for them to speak slower.

  • Ask them what time it is and tell them that they're wrong because it's actually 3 hours later.

  • Tell them that you're not interested in anything they're selling and then hang up on them. 

  • "I am not interested in any of your services." 

  • "Hi! I'm on the National Do Not Call Registry, and you're calling me." 

  • "Hi, can you please take me off of your call list?" 

  • "No, I don't want it." 

  • "This is not a working number."

And that was our funny ways to answer annoying spam calls. The rule of thumb here is simple: just don't be a d**k. You'll come across far better if you use sarcasm and humor when trying to get rid of them.


As always, happy pranking!

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