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5 Funny Prank Calls for Kids5 Funny Prank Calls for Kids

5 Funny Prank Calls for Kids

Dec 11, 2020

There is just something special about making a prank call with your friends. Remember the thrill of passing the phone from one person to another? Waiting for the phone to pick up and feeling all kinds of nervous? It’s practically a rite of passage!

If you haven’t tried making a prank call yet - it’s time you try! Call a couple friends or strangers and see if you have what it takes to be a prankster!


Beginner Prank Calls for Kids

No one starts good at first - not even the funniest guy at school. It is a matter of practicing and seeing where your strengths are. After you learn how to make a prank call, try our beginner scripts. The goal with these calls is to test out whether you can go through the entire material or not.

Puns Puns Puns - Nothing but Puns

Prank calling with puns is one of the oldest tricks in the book. In fact, prank calling with puns goes back to the early days of the telephone’s invention. Yes, that far back! Here are some examples of these old-school prank calls:

Prankster: Is your refrigerator running?

Target: Huh? Yes.

Prankster: What! Why don’t you catch it?

-End Call-

Prankster: Is there a John?

Target: There are no Johns here.

Prankster: Where do you go? The sink?

-End Call-


Prank calling has such a long history with puns. It seems like such a waste to not give it a try. Here are some puns you can try for your first prank call!

Prankster: What do you give a sick lemon?

Target: What?

Prankster: Lemon-aid.

-End Call-


Prankster: Why did the Banana go to the doctor?

Target: What?

Prankster: He wasn’t peeling well.

-End Call-


Prankster: What kind of tree fits in your hand?

Target: What?

Prankster: A palm tree!

-End Call-


Prankster: Hey, do you know how to identify a dogwood tree?

Target: No?

Prankster: By its bark!

-End Call-


Prankster: How do dinosaurs decorate their bathroom?

Target: What?

Prankster: With Rep-Tiles.

-End Call-


Prankster: What do you call a sleeping dinosaur?

Target: What?

Prankster: A dino-snore!

-End Call-


Prankster: Why couldn’t the pony sing a lullaby?

Target: Why?

Prankster: She was a little horse.


There is a clear pattern with these types of puns. You should always catch them unaware and get them to ask the questions back. It makes the punchline 100% funnier. If they don’t repeat the question, it isn’t the same. Try your luck with a new phone number.


Where’s My ‘Za?

The next beginner-friendly prank call you can try is to a local pizza joint. Pizza places are common targets because they always answer the phone, and they stay open late. If you don’t want to go for a pizza place, you can always replace it with another business.

There are several variations of this prank. Let’s go through them one by one.

The first is the case of the missing pizza. Call a local store and ask about the pizza that was supposed to be delivered to your house. Your parents gave you $20 for a pie, and it hasn’t arrived yet.

When you talk to the person on the other end, make sure to go in circles. Describe the pizza. What are the toppings? What was the size? Then end by mentioning a different pizza brand.

Here is a sample script you can use:

Prankster: Hello?

Victim: This is [company name]. Can I take your order?

Prankster: Hello, hello? Ah, I’m calling about a missing pizza?

Victim: What do you mean?

Prankster: My parents ordered a pizza? An hour ago, before they left. It isn’t here yet.

Victim: I’m sorry, this line is only for new orders. You have to call customer services instead.

Prankster: Ha? I have to call someone else? It’s really simple. I think it was a hand-tossed cheese pizza? Medium? Hmm, but I don’t know what kind of cheese. Mozzarella? Cheddar? I think that’s in there. No feta and blue cheese, though. Hmm it sounds boring. Maybe I should change it? Can I get a pepperoni instead? Hello?

Victim: I’m sorry we can’t do that for you. Would you like to place a new order?

Prankster: New order? But I already have one! What gives?

Victim: I’m sorry, but that’s policy.

Prankster: This is the worst [different pizza company]!

-End Call-


If the first option is too difficult, you can give this one a try. Call a pizza place and ask for the number of different company.

Here is a short script you can follow:

Prankster: Hello?

Victim: Hello, this is [company name]. How may I help you?

Prankster: Can I get a number to [different pizza company]?

-End Call-


The beginner pranks might not be the wittiest on the list. But they help you improve your pranking fundamentals. Prank calling is all about developing thick skin. You should be able to talk and interact with people on the phone like it’s nothing.


Intermediate Prank Calls

The next level is intermediate prank calls. The new goal is to be able to act and improvise your way out of tricky situations. Try to keep the person on the other end for as long as you can! Here are some of our funny prank call ideas for kids:


Baby 101

Unless you have a very convincing baby voice like Tara Strong, only kids can pull this off. Dial a random number, and ask them about how babies are made. Parents hate the birds and the bees talk. How much more for that stranger who has to deal with the question of a random kid? You are sure to have interesting results.

Here are some openings you can try:

“Hi, are you an adult? Like a smart adult? Do you know where babies come from?”

“I don’t think my parents are telling me the truth. They said you poop babies out. But I didn’t see my mom go to the toilet. Are they lying or not?”

“I want to get my mom and dad a baby for Christmas. Do you know where I can buy them?”

When you finish giving the opening lines, wait for their responses. It is challenging. You have to improvise the rest of your prank call.

If you want to know what else you can do with the call, check out our cute kid automated prank call video. Here a soundboard asks, “Where do babies come from?” With the Ownage Pranks app, you can send a prank call script to family and friends.


Did You Get the Milk?

The second level is all about asking the hard questions, so let’s keep doing that. For this prank call, pretend that you are looking for your dad who left years ago to buy milk. The success rate is very low, so you should keep this in your back pocket until the right target comes along. When you find someone who sounds like an old man, maybe in their 30s upwards -it’s showtime.

Here is a rough outline you can follow:

Prankster: Hello?

Victim: Hello?

Prankster: Is this umm no who’s this?

Victim: [Gives name]

Prankster: [repeats the name]! From [mention state*]

Victim: Why?

Prankster: I-I think you’re my dad… I can’t believe I found you. W-will you come back with the milk? My cereal has been dry for the past few years! sobs


*You can roughly find out where they are from with the number you have. Check the state codes online.

The rest of the call relies on your improv skills. Check out our blog post: The Art of Pranking: Improv Tips.


Advanced Prank Calls

When you finish the intermediate prank calls, it’s time to join the big leagues. Here are our advanced prank call ideas for kids. These prank calls focus on the tongue in cheek humor, improv, and your abilities to spin your own jokes.


A Modern Day En-tre-pre-neur

You can take anything and spin it into a prank call. Here is what we call the Modern Day Entrepreneur. The days of selling ice-cold lemonade on the sidewalk are long gone. Where did they all go? We all know it’s because of nosy people saying kids can’t do it because they don’t have the right paperwork. But what if that wasn’t the case?

What if kids moved into the telemarketing industry? Instead of selling paper and ink - they sell lemonade? After all, they have to keep up with the competition.

Here is a sample script you can try:

Prankster: Hello

Victim: Hello

Prankster: The Little Lemonade Stand (™) is the premier children’s lemonade kiosk in the state. For generations, we sold affordable drinks to people in the cul-de-sac. We started in the middle of the summer, and now we have branched out to all-year-round beverages. Do you have any lemonade preferences?

Victim: Uh, no?

Prankster: We have several products you might be interested in, like the Old Fashion, Organic Sunrise, and our Pink Japajooza.

This prank call can be very fun! Adults generally hate prank calls - especially ones from kids. But there is an old rule that if the prank call is funny enough - they will let it slide.


Things to Remember

Remember that while you can have your fun - never call emergency services and police stations. You can get into serious trouble - it doesn’t matter if you are a kid. Stick to numbers you know and those listed on the phone directory.

If you aren’t ready to make prank call other people, request Ownage Pranks to do it for you. We can make funny prank calls - you are sure to love!

Happy Pranking!


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