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Top 10 Funny Prank Call Names for Your Prank WarTop 10 Funny Prank Call Names for Your Prank War

Top 10 Funny Prank Call Names for Your Prank War

Dec 26, 2020

Prank wars are fun and all - but you can’t keep the ball rolling with practical jokes alone. It takes too much effort, and frankly - too expensive in the long run. The best prank wars are always the ones that have a mix of the complex and the simple. It’s the one that manages to keep both parties on their toes without breaking the bank.

One of the most common weapons in your arsenal is the prank call. It is quick, easy, and very affordable. So when you are between epic pranks, like gift wrapping someone’s car or sending a very suggestive package - you can try prank calling them.

There are so many bits, but the simplest one is when you use prank call names.

So What Are Prank Call Names?

Prank call names, or gag names, use the English language to its full advantage. It uses similar spellings and sounds to come up with something pretty funny. It’s all about phonetics. You can see this in action here with Graham Norton’s interview with Cameron Diaz, Jamie Foxx, and Usher.

Corta panda - quarter pounder

Alma chizzit - how much is it?

Janarta meen - do you know what I mean?

The examples here play on the sounds of a Cockney accent, but it’s the same idea. You can make all kinds of words and phrases by combining a fictitious first name and last name.

For example, Drew P. Wiener looks pretty legit. But when you put everything together and read it out loud - you get droopy wiener. These hilarious first name - last name combinations are great jokes in their own right. You can use them in email gags or phone prank calls.

Test Out Our Top Picks

While we encourage you to use your head - it is a lot to tackle on your first try. Thankfully, there are plenty of pre-made gag names floating around. Ownage Pranks got some of the best ones for you to test out before you make the first prank call in your prank wars.

We have two main categories: clean and not-so-clean. Go through the list and pick out the ones you like best!

Clean Puns

Gag names are all about the twist ending. Normally, your target will answer and treat it like a regular phone call. Then you give them the phony name, and while you don’t see their faces - you know the exact moment it clicks. They realize that they fell for a joke. The whole bit hinges on them realizing - wait, that’s not a real name.

Think about that interaction. The whole point is just to make the target repeat a funny name, nothing else. The satisfaction ends when the joke lands. So there should be no reason why you can’t settle for clean puns. It can still be an effective joke.

In fact, a clean pun might not spark the same outrage as a dirty one. If you are all about that harmless goodness - here are some gag names you can try!


You can turn inanimate objects into an interesting prank call name. When you prank stores across the country, you can pretend to look for a specific sales clerk. Customer service takes these complaints seriously. When they ask for a name, say the gag name. They can probably find what you are looking for on the shelves and display case instead of the break room!

Here are 10 funny gag names you can try!

Amanda Lynn A Mandolin
Anne Teak Antique
Barb Dwyer Barb Wire
Barb E. Dahl Barbie Doll
Cara Van Caravan
Matt Tres Mattress
Mike Raffone Microphone
Manny Kinn/ Manny Quin Mannequin
Otto Graff Autograph
Kerry O. Ki/ Carrie Oakey Karaoke



The next category you can try is jobs and occupations. Next time there is a big company recruitment in your town, you can confirm your slot with these working names.

Archie “Art” Sellers Art Sellers
Tyler “Ty” Coon Tycoon
Anita Plummer I Need A Plumber
Rose Gardner Rose Gardener
Dick Tator Dictator



The last section is dedicated to all the other interesting gag names. Here you can see the range of wordplay. You can make common phrases, descriptive words, and miscellaneous activities.

Annie Howe Any How
Al Bino Albino
Chris Crosse Criss Cross
Constance Noring Constant Snoring
Myles Long Miles Long


If you want to start your prank war small - you can try these 20 clean and harmless gag names to test the waters. You don’t want to reveal your hand too early, now do you?

Not-So-Clean Puns

When the gloves are off, you can bring out the not-so-clean puns and trust that there are plenty. Pranks are about bringing a reaction. The prankster doesn’t care if it’s laughter or outrage - everything is fair game. So it isn’t surprising to find out that the majority of gag names are dirty and crass.

Here are some of the not-so-clean puns you can try!

Body Parts

Let’s start off with some of the classics - body parts and genitalia. These gag names have been the star of many juvenile pranks most people do in their teens. Don’t miss out on the fun with these 6 names!

Clea Torres/ Clint Torres Clitoris
Cam Hulltoe Cameltoe
Mike Rotch My Crotch
Mike Hunt My Cunt
Harry Beaver Hairy Beaver
Harry Pitts Hairy Pitts

Bold Actions

Randomly saying body parts during a call is embarrassing - but saying suggestive phrases is even better. Here are gag names that not only mention bedroom action but have a sense of urgency behind them. If you manage to catch your target in a public space, people are bound to wonder what the hell they are talking about.

Here are 6 gag names you can try:

Actions and Activities
Ben Dover Bend Over
Jack Goff Jack Off
Neil Down Kneel Down
Phil Mianus Feel My Anus
Han Jobs Hand Jobs
Connie Lingus Cunnilingus


Bad Mouthing

The next most common type of gag names is the ones that make fun of the target. While everything on this list makes fun of the target - there is something extra special behind making them say it about themselves. Try these 6 gag names on for size.

Insults, Swear Words, & More
Jack Hass Jackass
Hugh Jass Huge Ass
Ima Hore I’m A Whore
Lou Skunt Loose Cunt
Ivanna Cox I Want A Cock
Anita Dick I Need A Dick


Brazen Admissions

Just like in the section with clean puns, there are always wild cards that are difficult to place. These names show that you can get down and dirty in a more literal sense.

Again, this just tries to show the range of these jokes. While the last 3 sections are the most common in the pranking world - it is not limited to it.

Miscellaneous Stuff
Doug Graves Dug Graves
M. Balmer Embalmer
Robin D. Cradle Robbing The Cradle
Mo Lester Molester


There are 22 not-so-clean puns you can try. And once you get the hang of them - you can probably make another 20 more. Next time you find yourself in a rut, just pull these out, and you are good to go.

Hall Of Fame

Tube Bar Prank Calls

When you think about these gag names - most people will say The Simpsons. And most of that’s true! The prank calls between Bart and Moe are legendary. But even before The Simpson was on Fox back in 1989 - there were the Tube Bar tapes in the 70s.

The Tube Bar prank calls were made by Bum Bar Bastards (BBB) to the bar owner, Deutsch. The interactions are very similar to the Simpsons gag. In fact, it inspired it.

You have some ne’er do well hit up an unsuspecting bar. The bar owner answers and says all kinds of embarrassing things out loud. He catches on and swears up a storm - but none of his “I’m gonna kick the crap out of you” threats materialize in real-life.

Here are some of the O.G. names from the Tube Bar tapes- and you know you’ve heard a couple of them before.

Tube Bar
Al Coholic Alcoholic
Izzy Cumming Is He Cumming?
Cole Kutz Cold Cuts
Stan DePain Stand The Pain
Stu Peit Stupid


Simpsons Classics

While The Simpsons were inspired by the tapes, it made significant contributions of its own. Bart Simpson calling Moe’s Tavern and antagonizing Moe is one of the longest-running gags on the show. They have all kinds of gag names that were never used in the Tube Bar tapes, and they really made it their own.

While the latest episodes haven’t been using it as much - people still remember Bart’s prankster antics. If you asked people to give you a gag name off the top of their head - it would probably be a Bart Simpson original.

The Simpsons
Ahmed Adoodie I Made A Doodie
Amanda Huggenkiss A Man To Hug and Kiss
Anita Bath I Need A Bath
Ivana Tinkle I Want To Tinkle
Homer Sexual Homosexual
Eura Snotball You’re A Snotball
I.P. Freely I Pee Freely
Heywood U. Cuddleme Hey, Would You Cuddle Me
Maya Normousbutt My Enormous Butt
Maya Buttreeks My Butt Reeks
Oliver Clothesoff All Of Our Clothes Off
Ollie Tabooger A Little Booger
Seymour Butz See More Butts


As Seen On Cable T.V.

Last but not least, there is a special place for pranksters who did the work. So many anchors, T.V. hosts, and radio hosts still fall for these names. Here are some prank phone calls that probably graced your local news channel at one point.

Local News - Assorted
Hugh Janus Huge Anus
Dixie Normous Dick’s Enourmous
Ijaz Fahted I Just Farted
P. Nis Penis
Mike Hunt My Cunt


You can always mix these gag names with more established prank call ideas. Ownage Pranks has tons that you can try one of these days. If you aren’t ready to make the pranks, you can also request our team to make the call for you. You’ll still be the mastermind behind it all, we’ll just handle the execution.

Whether you want to use the names on the list or create prank call names of your own - remember to have fun with it! While prank wars are very much a competition, it doesn’t mean winning is everything. Be creative and happy pranking!


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