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Funny Bed Pranks To Try On Your RoommatesFunny Bed Pranks To Try On Your Roommates

Funny Bed Pranks To Try On Your Roommates

May 22, 2021

There’s so much fun involved in living with your best friends: unlimited sleepovers, borrowing of clothes, emotional support, cost-sharing. The list just goes on and on! It’s almost like living in a perfect world, except of course, there’s no such thing as that. Yup, you got it right. There’s still a downside to paradise, and that comes in the form of hilarious pranks! Watch your back, or make the first move; here are some of the funny bed pranks to try on your roommates!

Bed sheet prank call


Before you let the games begin, you might want to stage a prank call yourselves first to get the ball rollin’! Let’s start this list off with pranks to try on other people, with a sampler from Ownage Pranks’ very own Abdo, who called Bath and Beyond to report an alleged incident involving his roommate! He reported that his roommate got a pink eye from the bed sheet that they got from the store, and demanded a refund (in both product and hospital fees) to compensate! We couldn’t believe how calm the store manager was in handling the situation despite the chaotic advances of the two best friends-slash-roommates, though we can’t guarantee everyone's like her, of course! If you want to execute your prank calls as smoothly as Abdo, fret not! Just download the Ownage Pranks Spoof Call App; hiding your identity through a fake caller ID and real-time voice changer will be a piece of cake!

Gift Wrapped-Bed

Enough of pretending to be an angel. Unleash your mischievous side by surprising your roommate with a gift: his bed, wrapped like the perfect present, no less! Of course, you’d want to piss your roommate off big-time, so make sure that you use the strongest adhesive tapes that’ll take maximum effort to unwrap your not-so-cool present. This works best if you only have one bed, and he’s the only one staying at the house for the night. Forget about the well wishes he sent for your trip, you got him a souvenir even before leaving and best believe sleeping safe and sound would be a challenge for your pissed roomie!

Fake Snake

One of the downsides of living comfortably with someone other than pranks you play on each other is knowing each other’s worst traits, and learning to live with them nonetheless. I’m sure everyone can relate to how frustrating it gets when your roommate is just NOT the definition of neat-freak — leaving loads of unwashed dishes and dusty furniture everywhere! It’s not too late to agree on mom’s teachings, but perhaps a sweet revenge might teach a lesson on clutter? Toss in a rubber snake to your roommate’s eternally-unmade bed

Pull Up The Bed Prank

If your victim is in deep sleep and you want to jolt him awake with priceless confusion on their faces, then this is your best bed! Gather a few of your trusted accomplices and lift the bed upright with your heavy-sleeping roommate! Now, be prepared ‘cause you know what they say, joke around a drunk man, just not on a person who just woke up! And not even on the right side of the bed, tbh.

Water Bed Prank


Take a cue from this viral store water bed prank video and stage your own at home! This works perfectly if you just moved in and are still scouting for furniture and home essentials. Volunteer to buy the water bed and surprise your innocent roommate with a literal water-filled bed! He’ll probably try it out, and voila — he’ll be tossed in a pool-like bed of his dreams! Bonus points if you’ll capture the prank perfectly on video, you would want to look back at this prank and your friend’s reaction a lot of times, for sure!

Bunk Bed Fillup

We all have those days wherein all we want is to just lie down and have a good sleep — one luxury that your workaholic roommate probably looks forward to at the end of the day. Get a good laugh out of filling his side of the bunk with ping-pong balls, and he’ll either fix it all up or choose to lie despite the mess!

Romantic Surprise

Surprise your roommate who has always been the trusty third-wheel in your relationship with a romantic act from a secret admirer! All you need are petals of roses that look like it will eventually lead to a moment of sweet reveal — in which it will, in a form of rent due reminder!


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