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Pranking 101: Fingerprint PrankPranking 101: Fingerprint Prank

Pranking 101: Fingerprint Prank

Aug 2, 2021

Howdy, prankster! Whether you want to get back at your friends for something nasty they’ve done or you just want to be able to pull off the prank of the century, still, you’ve come to the right place. Ownage Pranks’ crowd-favorite Pranking 101 is back again with another episode, this time we’ll share with you our top finger prank ideas and apps you could use to fool your friends!

Hold up! Right off the bat, how could you or your prank victim easily think of it as just a friendly fingerprint prank and not a hacking scheme? The answer is simple: it all boils down to your intentions. As a responsible prankster, it is important to not go way too far on any of your prank ideas. If it’s a fingerprint prank idea, make sure that you have no other intentions, like going through your prank victims’ secure belongings or tampering their identity, than just bringing them a little fun. Keep that in mind!

Did you know that every person’s fingerprint is unique to themselves? With this, fingerprints have always been associated with security and privacy purposes. You might have a phone or a door lock which uses your fingerprint to be able to unlock it. They certainly have made our lives a lot easier, and well, secure, but that does not mean we can’t use it for some pranking fun, right? But before we present you our top fingerprint prank ideas, let’s take a refresher course on what makes our fingerprints unique.

What makes your fingerprint unique?

We’ve said it enough, your fingerprint is unique. That is primarily the reason why you can use it to have some prank fun! No one in the world, or even outside this world (or do they), have the same sets of ridges and lines that you have on your fingerprints. What’s good about fingerprints is that they stay the same from the time of your birth, even until death. This makes fingerprints one of the most used mediums for identification purposes. To put it simply, your fingerprint is unique for the same reason each person is unique: your genes and your environment!

Now, onto our fingerprint prank ideas!

“I Am Thor!”

Trick your gullible friends and family into thinking you have finally acquired Thor’s super powers and that you’ve finally got yourself a spot in the Avengers! This may be a little complicated to make since it involves a little bit of science but trust us, it will be worth it.

To put it simply, it is a Thor hammer with a fingerprint scanner registered to your fingerprint. The idea is that it will only light up and make sound when you place your fingerprint on the scanner; making it seem like only you can lift the hammer off of the ground, just like Thor!

Better yet, to save you the hassle of making one, just buy one! These Thor hammers available online are powered by four batteries and have electromagnetic properties. It is also equipped with a fingerprint scanner to elevate the fact that the trusty Mjölnir can only be lifted by you! All you have to do is place the hammer on a magnetic surface (if you have the toy version) and watch as your friends hopelessly try and lift the hammer from the ground and when it’s your turn, place your registered fingerprint on the scanner and the electromagnetic property of the toy will be put off, making it easy for you to lift the hammer. It will always be funny to make your friends scratch their heads out of frustration!

Make it seem like you are a detective

If you’re a fan of detective-themed films or TV series, you might have already noticed by now that fingerprints are one of the most favorite things that spark joy to detectives or crime scene investigators. Today, we’re going to make your dreams come true and turn you into one! With some simple supplies you have lying at home, you can try and become a detective for a day by learning how to dust some fingerprints!

SIDE NOTE: Remember what we told you about intentions? Make sure that you are trying this fingerprint prank dusting technique just for fun AND NOT at an actual crime scene. You wouldn’t want to get yourself in trouble, would you?

Alright, here’s what you have to do:

  1. Gather your ingredients. First, you would need baby powder, corn starch, or any fine powder you have lying at home since we don’t encourage you to buy an actual fingerprint powder that’s used by officials to look for prints.

  2. Get a paint brush or your sister’s makeup brush. You’ll want to find a brush that is fine and has very soft bristles. Also, make sure that your brush is dry and free from other debris that might interrupt your fingerprint gathering process.

  3. Look for a clear tape you have lying at home; a scotch tape or any clear tape like packaging tape may do. This will be used for actually picking up the fingerprint after you have it sprinkled with powder.

  4. Get a black paper. You will need this as this is where you’ll be looking for the print.

  5. For the actual gathering process: place your or your friend’s fingerprint on any smooth and flat surface and press hard. Pro tip: apply lotion at the tip of your finger to make it easier to see after dusting.

  6. Sprinkle the powder on the print. Don’t put too much and remember to blow off any excess powder around it. Then, gently brush the excess powder off the print with your makeup brush.

  7. Place the clear tape on top of the powdered print. Use a big piece so that you can leave room for you to pull up the tape without tampering the actual fingerprint.

  8. Place the tape on the black paper and be amazed with the fingerprint you and your friends have gathered.

Bonus: You might want to put on an entire detective costume so you and your friends can actually feel as if you all are on a crime scene investigation!

Fingerprint Lockscreen Prank Apps

There’s nothing better than having an app do its fingerprint prank job for you. We have here three apps you can download right away if you want to have a simple yet fun pranking time with your family and friends. Just search for these apps on your favorite app store and you’re good to go!

  1. Fingerprint Lock Screen Prank by Kohinoor Apps:

App description: “This app has very beautiful lock screen wallpapers along with cute fireflies. You can use fingerprint scanner, 4 digits code and any stylish pattern to pretend your phone been locked. The app shows realistic animations, blur and sound effects on unlocking. No one can guess that this is the app used only for fun. Just like real locked screen, time, notifications, day and date is also indicated on graphics.”

  1. Space Fingerprint

App description: “Do you want more methods for locking your phone? Then have this fingerprint lock screen prank app for android. You can lock by using pin, long pressing, sliding, scanning and drawing any pattern. Each lock style of this app is based on extremely beautiful wallpapers. Along with calendar and clock, this app also presents the weather of the day.”

  1. Fingerprint Lockscreen Simulator

App description: “This is a most famous simulated app because it offers highly professional graphics. Your screen will look as if a genuine fingerprint scanner is put on it for unlocking the mobile. Almost there are fifteen wallpapers. Everyone is attractive. And have cute fingerprint animations along with day, time and date. Password lock is also included.”

Bonus: Spoof call app

If you want something easier, you can always rely on Ownage Pranks’ trusted spoof call app! Our FREE spoof calling app scrambles your information to make it seem like you’re calling from a different number. Go ahead, give it a try!

And that was it for our Pranking 101: Fingerprint Prank! Stay tuned as we have prepared a LOT of Pranking 101 episodes for you to enjoy. For the meantime, do us a favor and try these fingerprint prank apps and ideas and spread a good time to your family and friends.

As always, happy pranking, prankster!




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