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The Greatest Dominos Prank Call IdeasThe Greatest Dominos Prank Call Ideas

The Greatest Dominos Prank Call Ideas

Nov 17, 2021

We all know that Dominos is the king of pizza delivery, but did you know that you can either pretend to be them for your next prank call or call the king of pizza delivery pizza themselves for your next Domino’s prank call?

History of the world’s favorite pizza chain

Domino’s is the world's largest pizza chain, with over 9,700 locations. Domino's Pizza was founded in 1960 by James Monaghan and was originally called Dominick’s Pizza. The company is headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Meanwhile, they are the second-largest pizza chain in the United States with 9,723 international and domestic franchised stores in 70 countries and all 50 states, making it the largest pizza chain worldwide by store count.

Domino's Pizza is an American company that specializes in producing the best pizzas possible. They do this by using their own specially designed, insulated dough and frozen dough balls that are delivered right to your door. Domino's Pizza was founded in 1960 by Tom Monaghan and has grown to become the world's largest pizza chain.

The company also operates two other restaurant chains: Domino's Pizza Franchising LLC and Domino's Pizza LLC.

What is a prank call?

A prank call is a type of joke that usually starts with someone making a phone call and pretending to be somebody else. They may use manipulation and harassment to get the person they are calling to do something on their behalf.

In many cases, the caller will pretend to be from a business or organization so that they can get the person on the other line to do something without knowing it was a prank call. For example, they might pretend to work for a bank so that they can persuade someone into sending them money.

What is a Domino’s prank call?

A prank call is a telephone prank in which the caller disguises his or her voice to make it sound like that of a famous person, or sometimes an authority figure, and then calls unsuspecting victims.

Pizza prank calls are calls where someone calls a business and asks if they can order a pizza to be delivered to them without revealing that they are not authorized to do so. The prank callers usually hope that the employee will take their word for it and send them a pizza without checking whether they are authorized to receive it or provide their address (and then charge them for delivery).

A pizza prank call is also a type of prank call where the caller impersonates a pizza delivery man and orders pizzas to be delivered at an address, usually under the guise of it being their own address. If you're looking for some great examples of these types of pranks, we recommend checking out YouTube for some videos!

If you want a seamless Domino’s prank call experience, we suggest you download our spoof call app so the person on the other end of the pranking line wouldn’t know your real identity without having to buy a burner phone or an extra sim.

Alright, onto our domino’s prank call ideas!



Dominos pizza has been a longstanding dinner staple for many households. But, did you know that it is an excellent prank call option?

The Dominos pizza prank call is a popular and hilarious way to get revenge on someone. The idea is simple: call up Dominos and order a pizza under the guise of being the victim's name. When the pizza arrives, they get to share in your misery and embarrassment.


Call Domino's and pretend you're from the White House. Say that you have an important message for the CEO and they need to call back as soon as possible.

This will usually confuse the person on the other end and they'll try to get more information out of you. Just say that it's urgent and hang up.


If you want to prank someone, first think about who they're close to and then call them pretending that you work at Domino's. Ask them what kind of pizza they would like and then take their order. You can make up any other details you like, such as the type of crust they prefer or how much cheese they want. Then put on your best customer service voice as if you were really from Domino's and inform them that the pizza will be delivered in about half an hour or so.

Here’s how you can do the ultimate Domino’s prank call to your friend:

  1. Call your friend and pretend you're from Domino's.

  2. Ask them for their address and how many pizzas they want.

  3. If they ask for proof of your identity, say that the call is being recorded and that they'll be getting a video message with delivery instructions in 5 minutes.

  4. When you hang up, send them a quick video of you turning on the light in your office, opening the door, grabbing their pizza, and walking out with it while saying "your pizza's here".

Prank calls are a great way to make people laugh. They also keep you entertained for hours. It’s not uncommon for pranksters to do prank calls with friends and family members. It can be a fun and healthy way to stay in touch with people you care about.

The only drawback is that they can be illegal if done without permission from the person being called or if they have an intent to cause harm or inflict emotional distress on the other person.

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