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The Best College Dorm Prank Ideas To Pull On Your RoommatesThe Best College Dorm Prank Ideas To Pull On Your Roommates

The Best College Dorm Prank Ideas To Pull On Your Roommates

Oct 12, 2021

College dorm pranks make dorm life that much better. We all remember the good old days of college when we were living in dorms and pulling all sorts of hilarious pranks on our friends and roommates. But since we’re not in college anymore and we all live in our own homes and dorm rooms, we can still get in on the fun by pulling off some of these dorm room pranks on unsuspecting victims.

College is a time of experimentation, exploration, and even a little mischief. And while some may consider pranks a form of childishness, they can be a great way to foster a sense of community in a dorm. College is an exciting time in life, but it can also be stressful. A lot of stress can be relieved by having a laugh with friends, so Ownage Pranks got creative and came up with some college dorm prank ideas for our dedicated patrons!

But first!

Before pranking your innocent roommates, you might want to take a second to take note of these considerations so you don’t end up in a huge argument with them!

Keep your college dorm prank friendly

Some people might love being your pretend roommate, while others will simply want to get away from you. If you can keep things friendly, your prank will have a much better chance of lasting.

Never lose your temper

There are a million ways you can go about college dorm pranks, but the easiest and best way to do it is to get your roommate going. Invite them over to your room for a chat and make sure you make it seem like it’s just another typical dorm conversation.

Consider your college dorm prank victim’s feelings

Just think about how you’ll be upsetting them or hurting their feelings. For instance, making your friends have a fun time and video recording might be fun, but wouldn’t you want them to be on the other end of the prank?

Try not to harm the victim in any way

Be careful not to rip the arm off the victim or make them bleed. These kinds of pranks may be amusing, but we still know how sensitive they are. We wouldn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.

Your prank needs to be within the law. As we always say, we’re all about good fun and lighthearted pranks that don’t do too much damage to anyone. But in some cases, such as murder, you just can’t keep your pranks in check. So please, please respect other people’s right to be safe.

Make sure your college dorm prank idea is legal

Stick to the laws of the land. If you have to call some authority and talk them out of it, don’t do it. You want to get good results, and the last thing you want is to get you in trouble with the law.

Keep in mind who you are pranking

Think about the target before you pull any pranks on them. You need to ask yourself: Is this a prank that would hurt the target? Is this the type of thing the target would appreciate? Does the target have any strong feelings about pets? Do they have a cold, dead heart?

Don’t make people feel like they need to take action

Some pranks could cause someone to be uncomfortable if their personal space is being invaded or if their personal property is being destroyed. Be considerate and always make sure you do not break any laws. And try to remember, a prank is only as funny as the reaction it gets from the person you are pranking.

College Dorm Prank Ideas

Phew! That was a lot of considerations to take note of! But like we always say here at Ownage Pranks, it’s better to always be safe than sorry. With that, we think you’re now prepared to become the dormer of the month with these college dorm prank ideas we have for you!

Hiding a Fake Dead Body in Your Friend's bed

This prank is genius. You just need a box of linens, a garbage bag, and a couple of pieces of cardboard. We're sure you can find these at your local thrift store. Simply fill the box with your bedding, wrap it in a garbage bag, and place it outside your friend's door. Take a picture of your friend in the middle of the mess with a poster-size photograph of your face, print it off, and put it on your friend's door, like a calling card. Next time your friend is trying to sleep in his/her warm and cozy bed, they'll know something is up.

Doorbell Dorm Prank

Whoever’s in there better act fast! After setting a loud alarm clock inside their unsuspecting roommate’s closet, unsuspecting students will receive an important text message with the alert “You have an unannounced visitor on the other side of the door.”

Next, go to the closet and set the alarm clock to go off at 2:10 AM. When the clock reaches 2:10, wait five minutes and then get them out of bed. Wait until they look out the peephole before screaming “You’ve been burglarized!” Watch their reaction!

The Loudmouth Prank

This is a college dorm prank is already super popular, but it will never get old. To pull off the loudmouth prank, someone with some talent and skills simply walks around the dorm or house and, within a matter of seconds, starts to shout something along the lines of, “Oh, guys…did you hear that?! There’s a bat in the boiler room!”

While we all know that bats are nocturnal animals, and we definitely know that boiler rooms don’t typically contain bats, the prank is fun because it’s a reaction you don’t typically get when someone says, “Hey, guys, there’s a bat in the boiler room.”

Create a fake roommate

This is a classic college dorm prank that could go on for hours, so be patient. First, you’ll need to find someone in your dorm to be your fake roommate.  Make it up as you go along, and probably make them feel at home while you’re at it. All you have to do is trick your current roommate that the administration designated a new roommate for you! 

And that was it for Ownage Pranks’ college dorm prank ideas you can do to your roommates. Just in case you want to try out prank calling instead, Ownage Pranks has its own prank call app that you can download for free, whether you’re on iOS or Android!

As always, happy pranking!


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