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Pranking 101: Christmas Prank IdeasPranking 101: Christmas Prank Ideas

Pranking 101: Christmas Prank Ideas

Oct 12, 2021

Christmas is the season of giving - but sometimes, giving too much is not always so ideal. Instead of giving gifts this year, why not give them something they will never forget?

As the holidays approach, you may be thinking about how to have a little fun with your family and friends. Whether it’s your parents, your spouse, or your significant other, you probably want to put up a little Christmas prank to get them in the holiday spirit. With that, Ownage Pranks officially welcomes you to its festive installment of Pranking 101 where we’ll be giving you all the Christmas prank ideas you can do even if we’re still days away from this much-awaited holiday!

Before we go around pranking each other, here’s a brief history lesson for you, prankster!

History of Christmas

The roots of Christmas and its traditions were probably derived from the old pagan festivities of the winter solstice and midwinter feasts.

The story goes that in the fourth century A.D., the church persecuted Christians, and St. Nicholas was banished from his home in Constantinople. He sought sanctuary in a small church and was found at the end of the night by a group of poor men.

They saw he was in distress and asked the rich man to help them with an inheritance tax. At this, the man was filled with compassion and removed all his treasures to place under the church's benches.

One of the men remarked that he had been bewitched by Nicholas. The exact origin of the story is not known but is very likely to have been added later.

Why is Christmas looked forward to by pranksters?

The nights, the lights, the decorations, the food, and the music. But what is the real reason why we celebrate Christmas? The joy of giving!

This is how it all started: a young mother had a newborn baby who she loved with all her heart. She loved her baby more than anything in this world. But she was not able to give her baby the care she deserves.

One day she walked past a local charity. They had donated a baby crib with a plush white blanket and a soft, velvety lamb toy. She fell in love with this crib and she promised herself that she would find the woman who had donated it. After trying and trying, she was able to find the woman. The woman told her that she bought the crib at a garage sale for 50 cents and the doll came from her church charity.

What’s good about this story? We just made it up! You got pranked, prankster. Get back on us by pranking other people with these Christmas prank ideas we have for you. But first, take note of these things first.

Consider the following before doing these Christmas prank ideas

Obviously, safety must be first and foremost when it comes to pranking. As such, make sure that you do the prank safely so that you don’t end up hurting yourself and others. In most cases, with an elaborate prank, pranksters need to act fast and if they are not careful with the time and the level of planning that they have put into the prank, they may end up hurting people and end up in trouble. The truth of the matter is that pranking is a serious thing and you really have to be careful about it if you want to stay in good standing.

In general, just keep in mind that you should never take risks, whether that involves risking your life, putting yourself in a dangerous situation, or endangering someone else’s life.

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Be sensible when doing a Christmas prank idea

The key to any good pranks, not just Christmas pranks, is to always weigh the consequences of doing the prank. Be mindful that this prank will definitely make your friend jealous or make them angry. But on the flip side, if you prank your friend right, you will make them feel incredibly guilty. Not only that, you will definitely embarrass them in front of their friends.

Moreover, if you prank your friend, don’t make the Christmas prank ideas too far-fetched, otherwise, you may not get away with the prank

Be funny, not hurtful

Always try to maintain your sense of humor in order to pull off a successful prank. Make sure the prank you are planning will make others laugh, and not hurt anyone.

Don’t become a common meme

If you want to be successful, don’t ever aim to become an infamous meme that people talk about for a long time. The end goal is to make others laugh, not get them angry or frustrated.

Be friendly to those who’ll be watching your Christmas prank ideas

Make sure you get everyone’s attention before beginning the prank. If you are performing a joke on someone, make sure to ask for their permission before you start to perform. Also, don’t tell someone that you are going to perform a prank on them unless you get their permission first.

Festive and Fun Christmas Prank Ideas


Duct Tape the Presents Christmas Prank Idea

Your friends and family have been known to have the least patience in the world. So when you and your family have left it all to the last minute to put the presents under the Christmas tree, this might be the best time to take out your good old brain and start putting them together with duct tape Christmas prank. Just roll the thick tape on the present and you can carry on doing what you’re doing. You can use almost anything to wrap up a present, as long as you have the thickest and the strongest tape you can find. What’s good about this prank idea is you get to watch your family struggle to open their much-anticipated gift!

The ‘Egg Nog’ Christmas Prank Idea

You should never change the rules when it comes to pranking. In case you’re not aware, you can always prank your parents by simply leaving eggnog out, next to the refrigerator - but the thing is, you’ll be replacing them with milk! Why do this? Eggnog is a traditional Christmas drink, and at any Christmas party, people will surely drink at least one bottle of it. This is why it is wise to play a prank on your parents, or your parents-in-law by leaving a small bottle of eggnog by the fridge. By leaving the bottle there, you will not only have your loved ones drinking eggnog, but it will be their favorite one. Who would know that all that was left in the bottle was regular milk?

Grinch On The Shelf Prank Christmas Prank Idea

Remember what we told you about telling your kids that the elves only move around the house when they are asleep? How about making them find out that when they wake up the next day, the Grinch is now there instead of an elf. You can even devise a story like “The elves were kidnapped by the Grinch. He told me that he’ll only bring back the elves once you don’t make a mess out of your toys for one week! You have to help the elves get back here!” Not only will you be able to prank your child, but you can also have a clutter-free seven days in your life!

More Elf On The Shelf Pranks: Pranking 101: Elf On The Shelf Prank

That was it for our festive installment of Pranking 101! We hope you try these prank ideas with your family and friends - even if it’s not yet Christmas.

As always, ho-ho-ho, happy pranking!


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