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Ownage Pranks Mid-Year Awards: Best Buk Lau Prank CallsOwnage Pranks Mid-Year Awards: Best Buk Lau Prank Calls

Ownage Pranks Mid-Year Awards: Best Buk Lau Prank Calls

Jun 21, 2021

It’s part two of Ownage Pranks Mid-Year Awards—and yes, it is definitely going to be a thing now! As we approach the second half of the year, it is important to revisit some of the iconic pranking moments that went down during the course of pranking history. To commemorate this important moment here at Ownage Pranks, nothing could be better than recognizing the brilliance of the one, the only, Buk Lau. Ibqxw Laurzx8, pronounced Buk Nguyen Lau, was born on June 3, 1981. He is a 39-year old Vietnamese/Chinese male, well, at times, and could also be a female, depending on his/her mood. As all of you may have known, he is the mastermind behind the Ownage Pranks classic, Buk Lau Dog Poop, which currently has 393.6k views at our site. With his numerous list of achievements and contributions to the community, he certainly is a worthy opponent and is deserving of the Most Famous Prank Caller Award!

Buk Lau is looked up to by hundreds of aspiring prank calling wannabes because he always delivers. As an Asian man with an association with the Chinese mafia, he claims that he has laid hands on the Racist Congressman’s Son. Among the 9 personas we have here at Ownage Pranks, he comes first on the list of the most popular prank callers at Ownage Pranks. His hits, such as the Buk Lau Dog Poop, Stay Away From My Man!, and Arabic Noise Complaint, got him this title and has made the name Buk Lau a staple when it comes to prank calling. He currently owns a Chinese restaurant and has been known to be called as Rangaha Tetemang Goyam Teerum Gae.


Buk Lau TMI’s

Hungry for some Buk Lau TMI’s? We have listed some for you!

  • He is often confused for being a woman and is sometimes addressed as ma’am, possibly because of his high-pitched Asian voice.

  • His favorite country is Vietnam rather than China.

  • He loves discount coupons, especially those that can be used in Chinese cuisines.

  • He has a huge crush on an Asian real estate agent/landlord, Betty.

  • His driver license is inspired by the 2007 movie Superbad and has the same “McLovin” ID used by Fogell in the said film.

  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic that hit the world early 2020, Buk Lau gained a redesign and went from his old yellow skin to his now tanned-skin. This may be because his yellow skin could be misinterpreted as racially offensive.

  • He is actually inspired by our good friend here at Ownage, Thomas Lau!

  • His complete list of prank victims are Betty, Bill, Body Piercer/Drug Dealer, Female Asian Chef, Helen, Julie, Male Asian Chef, Racist Congressman’s Son, Raphael, and Raymond.

In his prank calls, he is usually seen complaining about the minor inconveniences like wrong flavors, not having broccoli at a Chinese restaurant, how his fortune cookie says bad fortune, etc. NSFW: He uses the terms “tootsie roll”, “noodle”, and “ding dong” to refer to what’s down there and often asks his prank call victims if ‘they want them’. 


Best Buk Lau Quotes You Can Use If You Want To Try Prank Calling

Buk Lau is synonymous to victory (no, not really, we just made that up). Like Rakesh, he is famous for his 100% success rate whenever he conducts his prank calls. Like we always say: practice makes perfect. Download our prank calling app and try rehearsing these famous Buk Lau quotes in front of the mirror! (Thanks again to our friends at Ownage Pranks Wiki for helping us compile these hits!)

  • "Duh hello?"

  • "Shit, I need a big ordar today."





  • "Like a somebooooodee fuc u bic! I het uuuu"

  • "I shove fortune cookie up your aaaa"

  • "De Asian Beeple youlo?"

  • "Fak you alreeeaadeh"

  • "maddafakking asshore guy!"

  • "I need SOMEBOOOOOOOOODEE to help me!"


  • "My noodle/tootsie roll/ding dong so small!"

  • "Do you hear yourself muddafucka?"

  • "How dare you make fun of my tootsie roll"


  • "The coke in stock not cock!"

  • The cock in stock!

  • You suck my cock Toooooooodaaaay

  • ”What happens in Chila stays in Chila”



  • "BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, a let me hear you say WAAYYO!"


Now that we have gotten the chance to get to know Buk Lau from the best Buk Lau prank calls we have here at Ownage Pranks, it is right and just to honor him through this list of crowd favorites from the Buk Lau Hall of Fame! These prank calls are made possible by our automatic prank calling app, so if you fancy some prank call action, go ahead and download it here.


Buk Lau Dog Poop

Don’t have the courage to tell your friend or neighbor that their pet dog leaves a pile of dog poop at your doorstep every damn time? Try this automated prank call featuring Buk Lau himself!


Neighbor: Hello?

Buk Lau: Yeah, hi there. This Buk calling. How are you doing

Neighbor: Hopefully Good

Buk Lau: I don’t think we have met actually. I met your neighbor

Neighbor: Yes sir

Buk Lau: Listen, okay. I’ll just cut to the chase: I’m tired of picking up your dog shit off of my doorstep.

Neighbor: Sir- I don’t know how you- Why you telling me you’re my neighbor? Where are you from?

Buk Lau: I’ve seen you walking the dog, okay? He shit on my doorstep and you never pick it up.

Neighbor: Weird. I don’t know who you are. I think you got the wrong phone number

Buk Lau: What do you say?

Neighbor: I said I think you got the wrong phone number cause I don’t live next to you

Buk Lau: Don’t make excuse with me okay. Stop being the big liar!

Buk You Hit My Car

Ah, yes. That moment when Buk Lau got into a heated conversation with a completely confused stranger. Imagine answering a call and you suddenly get accused of hitting someone else’s car. Get your friends’ reaction by pulling this prank call off of our automatic prank calling app!


Victim: Hello

Buk Lau: Uh hello, yeah hi, my name is Buk Lau. You’re the one who hit my car.

Victim: No, sir. I-

Buk Lau: You hit my car. You do the hit and run, you know?

Victim: I don’t know what you’re talking about

Buk Lau: No no no. You are the person who crash into my car and drive away

Victim: Sir, listen-

Buk Lau: Don’t lie to me big boy

Victim: WHAT did you say?

Buk Lau: Look here, I took down your license plate and I back traced your phone number, okay?

Victim: I didn’t- I’m not

Buk Lau: So when am I gonna get the money to pay the damage

Victim: I don’t know what you’re talking about man

Buk Lau: Can you stop being an A-hole and just apologize to me

Victim: I’M NOT BEING AN A**HOLE-- Which car are we talking about?

Buk Lau: Okay, come to me. We take care of this one-on-one, okay?

Victim: Which car are we talking about

Buk Lau: I stick two chopsticks at your booteh

Victim: WHAT-


Buk You Killed My Cat

With a whopping 161.9k hits at our site, this is definitely one of our favorite best Buk Lau prank calls. Do you also want to hear your friends get upset? You should try this one out.


Victim: Hello

Buk Lau: Hello

Victim: Hello?

Buk Lau: Yeah. Hi, there. You’re the person who killed my cat, aren’t you?

Victim: Pardon?

Buk Lau: Yeah, you hit my cat with your car, and then you drive away! Don’t lie to me, okay?

Buk Lau: Did I bruise your ego? Speak up!


Buk Lau: My cat Dumpling was the love of my life. Are you not even going to apologize?

Victim: WHEN WAS I [inaudible]- I DIDN’T EVEN HAVE A F**KING CAR!

Buk Lau: Look, it cost my 500 dollars to cat funeral


Buk Lau: You are so heartless. I’m going to come over there and we talk about this face by face, okay?


Buk Lau: Just wait for me. I’ll be there in 10 minutes


Phony Chinese Restaurant Order

Last on our list of Best Buk Lau Prank Calls is this Phony Chinese Restaurant Order. Now, who’s been making these fake orders at Buk Lau’s restaurant?


Buk Lau: Hello?

Victim: Hello

Buk Lau: This is Imperial Garden Chinese Restaurant. Your food is ready

Buk Lau: You ordered three Chow Mien, two Wonton soup, four egg rolls

Victim: No, I’m sorry

Buk Lau: You have to come here and pick it up

Victim: No- Listen to me please, you got the wrong number!

Buk Lau: WHAT! Are you trying to play games with me?!

Victim: No, I’m not playing jokes. I have not ordered any food. I don’t know you at ALL! Sorry!

Buk Lau: Wait a minute. You’re the mutha a-hole person who’s been calling all week and making the fake order, right?

Victim: No!

Buk Lau: Everytime you make the order, you not come and pick up! WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE BIG BOY!


Buk Lau: You are not gonna get away with it. I already tell your number to the police station, okay?

Victim: You don’t know me at all! I AM NOT-

Buk Lau: You are gonna learn your lesson, big boy. Nobody mess with the Buk Lulu. If you call back here one more time, I will deal with you myself, okay?


And that was it for our Ownage Prank Mid-Year Awards: Best Buk Lau Prank Calls! We hope you enjoyed revisiting his masterpieces as much as we did compiling them. Have you tried out our prank calling app yet? If yes, we would love to hear how your pranking went—better yet, try all of Buk Lau’s prank calls to friends and strangers. Happy prank calling!


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