Driving a Tattoo Artist INSANE (Stop Motion Animation)
Asking a Stranger to Hide My Drugs!
Saudi Guy Robbed with FAKE GUN Then Mugged by Scammer
Brawl in the Hood (Caught on Tape)
The World's Worst Asian Restaurant (crazy owner!)


Nov 28, 2015 1.7M views 0 comments

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This project has been incredibly exciting to work on and a lot of fun, a lot of people were involved in putting this together, I'm super happy with the outcome! If you want to see more rap battles let me know by smashing that Like button and showing this to your friends!! Remember to check back next Saturday for Part 2 :D

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Asian Calls a Psychic Prank (animated) -

Special thanks to all who help made this video production possible!

Rap Co-written by Drew Morisey

Song beat Produced by Cody Miller


Animation provided by: Brock J


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