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Funny Prank On Ex-Boyfriend - Give My Gold Cat Back!

May 1, 2016 5.1M views 0 comments

Category: Relationship prank
Format: Animated
Characters: Tyrone, Russell
Prank Victim: Ex-boyfriend
Rage Level: Moderate

Ex-boyfriend freaks out over funny gold cat prank!

Best quotes: 

  • “You can go tell her, when you’re screwing her and giving her EBOLA, that I do not GIVE A DAAYYYUMM.”
  • “Listen, I don’t have a small d***, I looked online, its…. pretty average…”
  • “Listen here and listen well, TYRONE B****.....FOR BALLS!”

Body of content:

This prank call on a livid ex-boyfriend made for one of the weirdest conversations EVER! I called this kid pretending to be his ex-girlfriend’s new man, Tyrone, to get back a golden cat he originally bought for the girl but reclaimed after they broke up. Which isn’t surprising, he’s only 15 and he spent $4,000 on that golden cat!!

He was NOT amused when I pushed to get the cat back, and went off the rails when I questioned his penis size - which his friend informed me would really bug him! The comebacks this kid had were so odd that I knew this prank had to get animated! 

What was your favorite weird line from this guy? If you prank called your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend what would you say to make them freak out? Tell me in the comments!


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Pranker [to audience]: So this guy hates his ex-girlfriend. He bought her a golden

cat sculpture that was worth $4,000

Pranker: But they ended up breaking up before he gave it to her. I call him as

Tyrone, her new man [message sound]

Pranker: and ask if we can have the golden cat and a stone necklace she once gave


Pranker: He was not very happy about this. Enjoy.

 [phone calling sound]

Ex-Boyfriend: Hello?

Pranker: Eh, yeah.

Ex-Boyfriend: Hello?

Pranker: Yeah, what's up man? This Emanuel?

Ex-Boyfriend: Uh... Yeah?

Pranker: This is Tyrone.

Ex-Boyfriend: I don't know a Tyrone.

Pranker: I'm Amanda's new man, you know I just had a little bit of a problem I

wanted to sort out with you right quick.

Pranker: You know them little stones she gave you, right?

Ex-Boyfriend: Yeah. She gave it to me.

Pranker: Yeah, yeah, you know we was, uh, we was just hoping to get those back from

you, uh-

Pranker: A-at your earliest convenience.

Ex-Boyfriend: No,no,no,no,no, SHE GAVE IT TO ME.

Pranker: It was like a loan, you know what I'm saying? She just said:'Yo, hold onto

this for a little bit and then, you know-

Pranker: if we go our separate ways I want them stones back.

Ex-Boyfriend: Listen.

Pranker: Uh-huh?

Ex-Boyfriend: Those stones belong to me and me alone!

Pranker: I-I-I-...

Pranker: Li-Listen, boy. Times are tough right now if I can't get the stones back,

we definitely want that-that golden cat sh- th- that sh-she was entitled to.

Ex-Boyfriend: HECK NO!

Pranker: Wh-

Ex-Boyfriend: THAT BITCH DIDN'T-

Pranker: Listen, boy. You don't call her no bitch, alright? You is a bitch!

Pranker: So just listen to me, dawg, we need that golden cat back.

Ex-Boyfriend: You don't get that golden cat. It was a 24 karat golden cat...

Ex-Boyfriend: ... that cost over 4000 farking dollars, and I'm not gonna give it to

some random a**hole

Ex-Boyfriend: who is s******g my ex-girlfriend!

Pranker: Alright, w-

Ex-Boyfriend: Okay?

Pranker: Well look t-t-tell me this, alright? Tell me this.

Pranker: She was telling me last night that you had like a-like a-like a

micropenis. Is that true or she just salty?

Ex-Boyfriend: Listen! Listen [bleep]

Pranker: okay.

Ex-Boyfriend: my dick size is none of your goddamn business!

Pranker: Alright, so-

Ex-Boyfriend: And you can go tell her when you're s******g her and giving her ebola

Ex-Boyfriend: that I do not give a damn!

Pranker: Excu-

Pranker: W- W-what'd you say to me, boy? You and your small ass d**k you making

ebola jokes now?

Ex-Boyfriend: Jackass,

Pranker: Can we just come get those stones right quick, and that cat?

Pranker: We can make it quick-quick and painless, you know what I'm saying?

Pranker: We don't gotta drag this along and make it like a big ordeal, you know

what I'm saying?

Ex-Boyfriend: Go fark yourself!

Pranker: At least I can do that th-

Ex-Boyfriend: Go fark yourself!

Pranker: At least I- If I was to ever choose to do that, I could probably make it

happen , you know what I'm saying?

Pranker: But like, in your case, that's just a wishful thinking, y-you know-you

know what I mean?

Ex-Boyfriend: Listen! I don't have a small d**k. I looked online, and it's pretty

average, so fark off.

Pranker2: So wh-what did you compare it to?

Ex-Boyfriend: What? Wait, who is this?

Pranker2: It's Tyrone.

Ex-Boyfriend: Okay, for a second you sounded a bit different.

Pranker2: Wh-why do I sound different? What are you talking about?

Ex-Boyfriend: Okay, you go online type in average male size d**k

Ex-Boyfriend: and you figure out that mine isn't that different. Alright? So go

fark off

Pranker2: So when I look up micropenis on the Googles, that's the image right?

Ex-Boyfriend: Listen here, and listen well, Tyrone bitch...

Ex-Boyfriend: for balls I ain't giving you JACK crap. Understand?

Pranker2: Do-do-

Pranker2: Do you have like a cold, or something? What's going on like-

Pranker2: What's wrong with your voice?

Ex-boyfriend: I'm 15, who's this?

Pranker2: This is Tyrone. You're-you're angry-


Pranker: It's Tyrone, homeboy. Wh-why you keep asking me who it is?

Ex-Boyfriend: I'm going to find where you live, beat the crap out of you,

Pranker: Aw, come on dawg. You ain't gonna beat me up.

Pranker: Let-let's not even joke around about that dawg, come on, I will stomp your

ass. Relax.

Pranker: You know, y-you know your boy, Aria?

Ex-Boyfriend: Yes?

Pranker: He set you up for a little prank.

Ex-Boyfriend: That midget white [angry sounds]

Ex-Boyfriend: SON OF A [angry sounds]

Pranker: Go ahead, go ahead. L-Let it out.

Ex-Boyfriend: [angry sounds]

Pranker: Ple-please think out loud.What's going through your head right now?

Ex-Boyfriend: Well, I thought that Amanda....

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