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Pranking Scammers Series: Phone Prank To Investment Scammer

Mar 2, 2014 1.6M views 0 comments

Category: Prank calls, Scammer pranks
Format: Subtitled
Characters: Abdo
Prank Victim: Investment scammer
Rage Level: Hardcore

Pranking scammers who HATE being called on Sunday!

Best quotes: 

  • “I very well ain't gonna answer your call tomorrow, because I can tell you're just ONE STUPID SON OF A BITCH.”
  • “Mother bitch, why do you speak with me like this? Okay don't be like, stupid.”
  • “Don't say that to me. Stop it, stop it, stop it. STOP IT.”

Body of content:

By extremely popular demand, I continued pranking the scammer who HATES being called on Sunday! This is the third installation of the investment scammer prank calls, and he is just as angry with me as he was in the previous pranks. Abdo got an ear full about NEVER calling this guy on a Sunday ever again!

Don’t miss part four of the investment scammer series! Pranking scammers is one of my favorite reasons to prank call. Would you like to see a new series on a crazy scammer? Have you heard of any scams lately that I should try to call in to? Let me know in the comments!


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Guy: Hello?

Pranker [speaking as Abdo]: Uh, yes hello, may I speak with the mister Steve please?

Guy: Who's this?

Pranker: Uh, this is Abdo.

Guy: What can I do for you?

Pranker: Uh, yeah I saw your advertisement to fix the bad credit?

Guy: You know it's Sunday?

Pranker: Uh, yeah, I know it's Sunday, right.

Guy: I don't take calls on Sunday, call me tomorrow if you're interested.

Pranker: No but I call you on Friday! You don't answer so I figured you'd answer now so do you only work on Sunday or something?

Guy: Did you leave me a message on Friday?

Pranker: I don't- I don't like to leave my voice on the message. I embarrass a little bit!

Guy: I don't like to take calls on Sunday, call me tomorrow.

Pranker: Okay, we already talking right now. Le's finish real quick. Hello?

Pranker: [laughing] Let the games begin...

[phone ringing]

Guy: Now what?

Pranker: Hello? T-Telephone got disconnect I don't know what happened here.

Guy: Don't ha- I-I hung up! I said call me tomorrow.

Pranker: But wha-

Guy: Do you understand that?

Pranker: I try- I tried to give you my business you know a lot of people want my business- I try to give to you mister Steve.

Guy: I don't give a crap about your business today! You need me, I don't need you.

Pranker: No-

Guy: If you wanna call me talk to me tomorrow, otherwise LEAVE ME THE FARK ALONE!

Pranker: Mother bitch, why do you speak with me like this? Okay don't be like, stupid. Look.

Pranker: What is the- the- hello? [laughing] So good...

[phone ringing]

Guy: Look you ignorant son of a bitch...

Pranker: [clucking] WHAT?

Guy: What don't you get?

Pranker: Look I want to speak with you and we already on the telephone here, I don't know what happened?

Guy: I said, what don't you understand you stupid farking overseas foreign mother farker? You-

Pranker: Oh don't-


Pranker: Don't say that to me. Stop it, stop it, stop it. STOP IT.

Guy: Then don't call me back dumb fark.

Pranker: Look, I will- okay what is the rate- hel- [laughing]

[phone ringing]


Pranker: Look, I think we got off the wrong footing okay? I want to say-

Guy: I said FARK YOU!

Pranker: Don't-

Guy: You're gon- No. If you're invested in doing business you call me tomorrow.

Pranker: BUT YOU-

Guy: Now then, I very well ain't gonna answer your call tomorrow, because I can tell you're just ONE STUPID SON OF A BITCH.

Pranker: No but I think you are MISTER STUPID, because your advertisement does not say "don't call on"- he- hello?

Pranker: [laughing]

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