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Aug 27, 2017 1.3M views 0 comments

Category: Prank calls
Format: Subtitled
Characters: Tyrone, ABdo
Prank Victim: Security gaurd
Rage Level: Mellow

Pool prank gone wrong on an annoyed security guard!

Best quotes: 

  • “MY SON CALLED ME A LITTLE BITCH TODAY! Like literally this morning he's like- why you being a little bitch dad?”
  • “All I got for you is a nice big old hug my dawg”
  • “I'm down to like just the two of us play Marco Polo like- w- we- we can whisper like it- it don't gotta be too loud nothing like that.”

Body of content:

In this pool prank gone wrong, Tyrone is trying to sneak him and his son Jabari into an apartment complex with a VERY strict policy on who can use their pool. I called one of the security guards and tried to convince him to let Jabari and I slip in for a quick round of Marco Polo. Even after spinning him a sob story, the guard was not budging on the pool policy!

When it was clear he wouldn’t agree willingly to a little fun for a dad and his son, I convinced him I had broken into the apartment complex at night anyway. Check out how he reacted and let me know what you thought of this prank in the comments below!


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Pranker [speaking to audience]: I called up a security guard at an apartment complex that has very strict policy-

Pranker: against letting non-residents use their outdoor pool. I called him repeatedly over the course of one month as Tyrone-

Pranker: to see if he might be willing to let me and my son [speaking as Tyrone] Lil Jabari, [speaking as Russell] come take and dip and cool off in the pool.

Pranker: The prank was requested by this guys co-worker, and he gave me the direct line that the security guard had to answer-

Pranker: and kept me updated every step of the way. Check this out.

Guy: Security, this is Jerry.

Pranker [speaking as Tyrone]: Uh, yeah I- I was just calling, I talked to the front desk right quick about the pool access over there-

Pranker: so I- I was just calling about that.

Guy: Okay, what's your question?

Pranker: Summer's in full of effect right now, so I would love to kind of just come over there and take a quick dip right quick-

Pranker: like just see- test the waters, I- I am not a resident so far, but I was wondering if be down to just like cut me some slack-

Pranker: the first time and let me come through with my little Jabari.

Guy: Well, I'm sorry, the answer is no, if I got caught in something like that, they'd chew my ass out they told me specifically, uh-

Guy: that every- everyone has to be approved through management.

Pranker: I- I know man, but like I- it's almost a hundred degrees out here! You know I'm saying? So I- I got's to cool off.

Guy: I understand that, but I'm sorry I- I can't just let you in.

Pranker: I know man but my son, he's dying man, he's just wilting over here on the couch, he's like just like melting in here like- he's just like-

Pranker: sinking in like quick sand I- I- just I- I don't know what to do, he's saying: "Dad, I wanna go to the pool." I was like: "You know-"

Guy: Sir, I got kids too and I, you know I, [giggles] that's just not my problem. I understand where you're coming from, but uh- you can't come here-

Guy: to swim uh, unless you live here, that's all I'm saying-

Pranker: Got you, got you, but like-

Guy: man, that's just the way it's gotta be.

Pranker: I know man, it's just like m- my son right now, he keeps crying saying like: "Why can't we have a pool daddy? Why you so poor daddy?"

Pranker: He- he- you know-

Guy: What's your name again man?

Pranker: It's Tyrone, he- he- he making fun of me man.

Guy: I know.

Pranker: He's- cau- I don't make enough money per year, stuff like that, so I'm just trying to look cool in front of my son, you know I'm saying?

Guy: I hope you and your son find something else to do to keep cool, uh, but uh, I'm afraid I can't help you.

Pranker: I- I got you worst case what time do y'all close the pool up? Like us- usually?

Guy: [laughing] You'll have to call management for that, I gotta go-

Pranker: Like I said-

Guy: t- Tyrone, take care man!

Pranker: I know but- all I'm saying-

Guy: Happy 4th to you.

Pranker: is like- I just wanna play some marco polo in the pool, you know I'm saying? So maybe after hours, I can just slide in there like 20, 30 minutes with my son.

Guy: [hang up]

Pranker: He- hello? [explosion sound] [speaking to audience]: A few days later I called back. [phone ringing]

Guy: This is Jerry.

Pranker: Hey yo, what's up Jerry. how's it going? I- it's Tyrone!

Guy: Hey Tyrone! What's up?

Pranker: So yeah, I was just wondering like would it be cool just like come by jul- it's July 4th, you know I'm saying? Like it's a hot day.

Pranker: I want to just come, like you know take my son over there.

Guy: We already talked about this man, I can't do that unless you live here.

Pranker: I know man but you- you gotta understand, my son he's- he's just like crying up and down, just trying to be a good dad, like ho-

Pranker: honestly this morning, I was telling him just son, I'm trying to afford this apartment, it's hard, I- I got-

Guy: I say this.

Pranker: I got three jobs-

Guy: respectfully Tyrone, respectfully, that is not my problem!

Pranker: I know but my- MY SON CALLED ME A LITTLE BITCH TODAY! Like literally this morning he's like- why you being a little bitch dad? Like why can't you can't afford this-

Pranker: apartment. Like my- my- like I-

Guy: Tyrone, I do not see any reason to continue this conversation all I can tell you is, unless you live here, you cannot come in to the pool, that's all I-

Pranker: He saying-

Guy: gotta say man.

Pranker: he's saying no Jabari, he's saying-

Guy: That's all I can say man.

Pranker: But- but- are you okay with making a little kid cry like that? Like you have no heart?

Guy: [hang up]

[explosion sound] Pranker: [laughing][speaking to audience]: This guy's farking so annoyed dude. One week later I called back.

[phone ringing]

Guy: Security, this is Jerry.

Pranker [speaking as Abdo]: Yeah! Hello Jerry, how are you?

Guy: Good, How are you?

Pranker: I'm good thanks for calling! Yeah, there was this guy honestly I felt so bad for him, he was trying to rent, uh- like a unit here I guess and his son he's been trying to go-

Pranker: make like a swimming something like this, he- he was outside seems like a nice guy and then he gave me like twenty dollars-

Pranker: he told me, can I go like, uh- uh- swimming- my son-

Guy: Oh, oh NO, he's been trying to do that, uh, for weeks now, he can't do that uh, you can't do that uh, only you can have-

Pranker: one guest at a time uh-

Pranker: Yeah, I- I- I understand, but like- eh- eh- but like he told me, his son giving him a hard time man, like I ho- honestly I- I felt so guilty, you have no idea.

Guy: Yeah, I know, I've talked to him he said, uh, yeah his son is giving him a hard time and he wants to be a good father and all that spoke to him.

Pranker: Did- did he tell you that, did-

Guy: That's not our problem.

Pranker: did- did he tell you the whole story about how his son called him a BITCH or something? He was like he kept on telling me like yeah my son keeps calling me a little-

Pranker: bitch, so yeah, I was like- I- he- uh- I- hi-

Guy: Yes, he did, what's your name sir?

Pranker: A- a- Abdo!

Guy: Abdo? Okay, now let me speak with Dustin and call me back in five minutes.

Pranker: Okay! Alright, I will call you back.

Guy: Alright.

Pranker: Okay thanks.

Guy: [hang up]

Pranker [speaking to audience]: Dude, this guy farking hates me so much. [phone ringing]

Guy: Security, this is Jerry!

Pranker [speaking as Tyrone]: YO! WHAT'S UP JERRY, I- It's Tyrone man! I- I'm actually on the way right now! I- I can't wait, I got my son with me, uh- uh- I- I'm glad I finally-

Pranker: found a solution for this my dude! I- I think Abdo called you.

Guy: Yeah, he did! But, uh, you're still not allowed to come in here, unless he's with you!

Pranker: I literally just dropped like 50 dollars on- on swimming supplies man I- I got like a goggles, I got him some floaties, I- I bought a-

Guy: Tyrone, Tyrone, you are an-

Pranker: I bought a God damn basketball hoop.

Guy: excellent talker man-

Pranker: for the pool man-

Guy: and I appreciate that you do not take no for an answer but you cannot bring your son here and swim, unless he is WITH YOU at the time!

Pranker: but- but I- I get you but like if he's with me then I can bring me and my son there right, like t- t- together?

Guy: Well, no, you can only bring one guest.

Pranker: But, I- I know! But- but ho- honestly I had all these plans MAN, I- I was gonna be doing allyoops in the deep end like it was gonna be-

Pranker: some father son bonding time, I- was I told him was gonna get Jerry to toss him the ball too, like I- was gonna get you in on it like just like-

Guy: I've been telling you no for weeks man- I don't know why you keep throwing that in like that's gonna change things man!

Pranker: Okay, I mean like I- is jumping the fence after hours like- like the option then? Because like th- th- my son been trying to hop that fence for like three weeks now.

Guy: NO, NO! I'm sorry man, that's not my problem.

Pranker: I- I know I- I-

Guy: I'm trying to look out for my kids and my livelihood and my job and-

Pranker: alright.

Guy: if I let you in here, I will be fired in a second!

Pranker: I- I feel like now it's like-

Guy: Cannot do it.

Pranker: I feel like now is like an equal-

Guy: We've had break ins, we've-

Pranker: You gonna uh-

Guy: had break ins, we had a shoot out the other day, I mean we cannot let you in.

Pranker: I- I don't wanna like jump over the fence, do something like- you know, illegal!

Pranker: I was trying to do it the legal way so I just like- rented his pass.

Guy: [hang up]

Pranker: Hello? [explosion sound] [speaking to audience]: Jerry was super annoyed, and ended up sending a text to all his employees warning-

Pranker: them about Tyrone and telling them to definitely not let him use the pool. I decided to call him up-

Pranker: at 2 in the morning after hours, while he was on night duty and the apartment complex and pool were closed.

Pranker: I also changed the caller ID to make it seem like I was calling from inside the front office, so he think that I-

Pranker: was actually inside the apartment building. [phone ringing]

Guy: This is Jerry.

Pranker [speaking as Tyrone] Hey Jerry, man, i- it's Tyrone! Look uh-

Guy: Tyrone?

Pranker: I- I'm- look man, I- I'm- I'm honestly real embarrassed about this but like, I came in earlier to look at the- the-

Pranker: the unit again and I- I guess I took the wrong medication off my shelf, I- I- I took an Ambien and passed out in the bathroom.

Guy: Alright Tyrone, uh, the men's restroom? In the clubhouse?

Pranker: Yeah! But- but- but like- is- is- is- is- is Dustin gonna be back to like- to- to- to open up the shop in the morning or like-

Pranker: wh- wh- what do you think I should do?

Guy: I'll tell you what, you wait right there and uh, we'll get you out.

Pranker: You uh- am I gonna be like just- I'm just gonna leave go home, or like?

Guy: I don't know about that, but I need you to wait there.

Pranker: Wait but- uh- I- are- are-

Guy: Hang on man! We'll be there in a few minutes, ok?

Pranker: Ho- ho- ho- ho- ho- honestly man I- I'm still kind sleepy too.

Guy: [hang up]

Pranker: He- he- hello? He- hello? [laughing] [speaking to audience]: Dude I wanted- I wanted to say it so bad! He hung up!

Pranker: He called the cops and they were running the property and reviewing the security footage, so that they could catch Tyrone and arrest him.

[phone ringing]

Guy: This is Jerry!

Pranker: Yo man, like I- like I- just wanna let you know I- uh- I'm good now! Like I- I ended up getting out by my- I'm fi- I'm fine- and like-

Pranker: so like- I'm sorry for wasting your time, uh- uh-

Guy: How'd you get out man? How'd you get out?

Pranker: Well you- you scared me man like I asked you if I was gonna like just go home and then you said we'll see about that, so I just-

Pranker: uh- I scu- scurried my dude like- you know, like- like- take that fight or flight wh- what do they call it so like- like I just-

Guy: Yeah, but how'd you get out? I mean which door did you use, are you alright man?

Pranker: Yeah, no I'm- I'm good now! Hon- honestly like I said I- I take Ambien prescribed by my doctor because I have trouble sleeping at night-

Pranker: so I accidently took that instead of the allergy pill, I- I don't know what I was thinking but- I- I actually jumped in the pool-

Pranker: for like a hot second just to wake me up, I thought it would refresh me but-

Guy: Why are you so obsessed with this pool man? I'm just curious but you live in the neighbourhood, right?

Pranker: Yeah! It's my son man, like you should've- I'll- I'll do anything for my son, like you know how it is, right? You have kids like, just think about your son-

Pranker: ask you something over and over again, like- eventually like-

Guy: I understand man, it's hard to be a daddy.

Pranker: No, for sure. I mean, wh- when do you get off tonight? Any chance- like I- is it just me and you now, we can go like, turn off the-

Pranker: security cameras, go take a little dip together like just like- you know- like- like- like friends?

Guy: Well Í'd have to- I'd have to make sure it's okay, uh, I mean you know, so, that it's okay for you to come here and make sure everything be uh-

Guy: uh quiet and all that, you really wanna come back and take a dip?

Pranker: I mean like- if- if- if- if you not messing with me man, like do- don't mess with my emotions man, because I'm about to cry, if- of-

Pranker: of joy right now, if you say yes, but like- if you gonna like just tell me yeah and then like- you- mm- trap me-

Guy: Alright, tell you what man- tell you what man, I gotta make sure the coast is clear but let me- just call me back in like five or ten minutes, okay?

Pranker: yo- you want me to call you back i- in five or ten minutes, is- is that when the cops are coming man like just be real with me dawg. Like- c- come on now, stay-

Pranker: if you just gonna handcuff me, something like that, I'll- I'll be real mad, but- if down-

Guy: No, I'm a private security officer man, I don't have any handcuffs, I don't have any weapons, I don't have nothing!

Pranker: No I- I feel you man.

Guy: I'm just private security guard.

Pranker: All I got for you is a nice big old hug my dawg, like honestly, you've been real nice to m- I mean mm- kind of nice to me like here and there but, [exhales]-

Pranker: I- I- I'm being-

Guy: Yeah but, you definitely don't take no for an answer, I'll give you that Tyrone.

Pranker: I know man, I- I- I'm- I'm a little difficult sometimes, but like, again, it's for my son, but like he- if you was down for me to come through, like-

Pranker: I'm down to like just the two of us play Marco Polo like- w- we- we can whisper like it- it don't gotta be too loud nothing like that- just so we do wake-

Pranker: the residents or disturb anybody.

Guy: Alright, well let me- LET ME MAKE- see- I gotta check on my guards, call me back in like five or ten minutes, alright?

Pranker: Okay man! Alright! Sounds good!

Guy: Alright! [hang up]

Pranker: Alright. [speaking to audience]: I had a feeling that he was trying to ambush me, so I didn't call him back at the time. He was so blown that he wasn't able to catch Tyrone.

Pranker: So I called him back one last time the next day to boast about how I've gotten away. [phone ringing]

Guy: Security, this is Jerry.

Pranker: Yeah man, like- uh- I was just calling about before like, you know, I was uh- I- I had high hopes that, you know, we was gonna like go swimming or something like that-

Pranker: and you ended up like calling the cops man I- I was literally like sitting there watching all you y'all like run around looking for me and stuff, it kind of upset me.

Guy: Yeah, I figured you were man I figured you were well come on back man!

Pranker: Well I was behind the sand dunes man, but- wh- why you lie to me, you said like you was gonna play Marco Polo with me and stuff. But honestly this kind of hurt my feelings a little bit.

Guy: Oh crap, well obviously uh- we were gonna get you for trespassing man.

Pranker: [lip smack] Damn man, so I mean, I know you trying to be sneaky and stuff, I saw you and that big dude like with the- the arm brace or whatever like that- that bald guy.

Guy: Yeah, yeah I- I'm yeah I knew you were watching yeah I- I knew you were watching, it's alright man, hey now we know.

Pranker: No, I was just- I was- I was SCARED man like-

Guy: Well, heh, of course you should've been scared, you are trespassing man.

Pranker: But again like I- I fell asleep dawg, like, what was I suppose to do? Like- like- get out-

Guy: Yeah, you must have got out of here FAST, because I was on my- in the club house in about two minutes.

Pranker: yeah because, you was like-

Guy: Uh-

Pranker: oh just stay there, you was like stay there like, you know I- I don't know if I'll let you go or not so I felt-

Guy: Why'd you call me for if you know you could get out so fast?

Pranker: Well- well I didn't know I could get out so fast like- what do they say like fight or flight or something like that? Like, I was- I was scared, I was like- you-

Pranker: you farking made-

Guy: Yeah but you said you were stuck in there, you- you know, you were-

Pranker: yeah.

Guy: you weren't, you could've left at any time.

Pranker: Yo, I-

Guy; You know- you- you gave me two different stories there man.

Pranker: I know man, but I woke up in a haze man, but like- li- I- I- I don't know if y'all thought I gonna-

Guy: Woke up in a haze [laughing].

Pranker: Yeah.

Guy: Who is this? Is this Antonio? Hey, is it- you- you're doing this for Antonio, aren't you?

Pranker: N- who- who's Antonio?

Guy: Uh- [laughing], tell them he's still an a**hole and he's still fired, tell them that for me, alright?

Pranker: Okay, alright, if I know an Antonio, I'll tell them that he's still an a**hole, he's still-

Guy: [hang up]

Pranker: [laughing]

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