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Awesome Costco Prank: Dial In For Free Samples!

Feb 10, 2013 2.3M views 0 comments

Category: Prank call
Format: Subtitled
Characters: Tyrone, Buk Lau
Prank Victim: Costco
Rage Level: Mellow

Prank dial call to Costco for free samples!

Best quotes: 

  • “Can ya'll maybe CUT DOWN on the background noise a little bit, it's gon' FARK UP my YouTube recording?”
  • “How can she say that to RANGAHA TIMAMAN GOYAM TIRUMGAY, you know, RANGAHA does not take a BULLCRAP from nobody.”
  • “She was having this, this heated EYE BATTLE. They were both SQUINTIN at each other looking REAL angry.”

Body of content:

Who doesn’t love free samples?! Tyrone and his wife Rangaha (Buk Lau) dial in to Costco for this prank call to complain about getting slapped on the hand after pigging out on samples! As Tyrone, I told the employee I was let down by the recent Costco samples that weren’t enough to fill my 2,000 calorie needs for the day. To make it worse, one of the sample ladies SLAPPED Rangaha on the hand!!

The employee I spoke to was incredibly nice and acted sympathetic to Rangaha over the hand slapping and an uncomfortable “eye battle” with the sample lady. When the prank was revealed, she admitted all the Costco employees were getting a laugh out of the idea of a crazy couple coming in to get their days worth of food in samples! Should I do some more Costco pranks? What characters would you like to see call them up next time? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


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[phone ringing]

Lady: Costco Bakery, may I help you? 

Pranker [speaking as Tyrone]: Uh yeah-, my-, my-, what's-, what's going on BABY, how you doing?

Lady: What's that? 

Pranker: I have a little bit of problem, I want to talk to somebody about? Can ya'll maybe CUT DOWN-

Pranker: on the background noise a little bit, it's gon' FARK UP my YouTube recording?

Lady: Hold on a second please. 

Pranker: Alright.

Lady [speaking to lady in the background]: UH, ROBIN! Can you help with this? 

Robin: Hi, Robin speaking, how can I help you?

Pranker: Uh, hey Robin! How you doing? 

Robin: GOOD!

Pranker: Uh yeah, I had a little bit of a problem with a uh, a experience I had last Saturday at the Costco location.

Robin: Okay? 

Pranker: Uh, I-, I-, I came in there with my-, with my wife RANGAHA and uh, I was trying to hit up some samples-

Pranker: after like a GYM SESSION, and, it was just kind of a odd experience-, I've usually had, VERY POSITIVE-

Pranker: uh sample PIGGING EXPERIENCES at the Costco location! I come out of there STUFFED and real uh, you know, real satisfied!

Pranker: But this time, I don't know WHAT HAPPENED!

Robin: UH, don't know what to tell you with that! That's a, it-, it could just be the samples we had? 

Pranker: Yeah, you see like I-, I cam-, I came in after like a really hard GYM WORKOUT, right? Trying to find some like-

Pranker: some an a nice-, a nice balance of like PROTEIN, CARBOHYDRATES, you know got some, got some SODIUM up in here! 

Pranker: Got a little bit of EVERYTHING, and ya'll only had like-, ya'll mostly had like CHEESE CRACKERS and BRIE CHEESE-

Pranker: and like very rudimentary BEGINNER STUFF! 

Robin: Well, everything goes on a rotation, so, we have no control over what's being sampled for the day. 

Pranker: Okay, alright.

Robin: So, it was just an off day for you! 

Pranker: Uh, okay, but we-, well based on like, your-, your schedule right now, when ya'll gonna get in THE GOOD STUFF? Like wh-

Pranker; when are the ribs coming out? 

Robin: I-, I really have no idea, that's a whole different department.

Pranker: Alright, well see that-, that was only the first problem really, because, I came in there you know uh, I wa-, a-, at on point-

Pranker: I stopped over at the CHEESE and uh, CRACKER department, and-

Robin: UH HUH?

Pranker: and uh, I-, I had one CRACKER with my wife and I went in for a SECOND ONE because it was so DELICIOUS, and uh, that was okay, right? 

Pranker: But the-, the lady there was giving me the real MEAN DIRTY LOOK, like th-, the lady who was CUTTING THE CHEESE and putting on the crackers, she was-

Robin: Oh really? 

Pranker: she was looking at me all FUNNY, right? So, then when my-, when my wife went in for like the THIRD ONE, because I took two, right? And then when-

Pranker: she went in for like, her second one, right, the lady SLAPPED her hand! 

Robin: Oh my goodness! You sh-, you should've complained at the time! 

Pranker: Well I mean, so-, so like she-, I'm reaching in right? Like she's-, she reaches in, she s-, she TOUCHES the outer edge of the cracker! [slap sound]

Pranker: BAM! Right on top of her hand! I-

Robin: Oh no, that's not acceptable! 

Pranker: I-, I'M SHO-, I'm shocked! I don't know what happened! But-, but-, they happen to be both ASIAN WOMEN! So I don't know they like some, WEIRD like BEEF-

Pranker: going on back and forth! And like, it was a very weird experience for me! Because not only, did I not get my-, my-, my full-, you know, TWO WHOUSAND CALORIE DIET-

Pranker: from my-, my Costco sampling experience, RANGAHA was really mad, thought she was getting DISCRIMINATED, she was having this, this heated EYE BATTLE-

Pranker: they were both SQUINTIN at each other looking REAL angry, and like, somebody's about to get in a, get-, get in a FIGHT or something!

Robin: I-, I don't know what to tell you! 

 [Buk Lau speaking in the background]: WHAT THE HECK YOU-, YOU-, TELL HER ABOUT THE HECK SHE DO TO ME, RIGHT? 

Robin: [stammer], back there-


Robin: you should've gone to uh, the front, an-, and let them know right away. 

Pranker [scrambling to get in place] [speaking as Buk Lau]: Duh, HELLO? 

Robin: Hello? 

Pranker: Duh yeah-

Robin: As I was just telling your husband, you have to come in and speak to someone an-, and well, you've actually got the wrong department, this is not the department for complaints. 

Robin: I can put you through to the front.

Pranker: Wait, so I-, I talk to you this whole time and nobody tell us that this is the wrong department? 

Robin: I'M-, I'M just giving him the information they would give him at the front but, for the hand slapping you have to speak to someone else, just a moment.

Pranker: Okay but-, duh hello, what can we do here for like the compensation, right? I-, I ask for this ALL THE TIME, hello [laughing].

 [hold music playing] 

 [phone ringing] 


Pranker: Duh, hello? 

Lady: HI.

Pranker: Duh Robin, is this you? 

Robin: YES IT IS. 

Pranker: Duh yeah, I talk, I-, I talking now, I waiting on the hold for like TEN MINUTES, now I'm waiting for somebody to pick up the phone for me, but nobody coming, right? What do I do?

Robin: No, nobody's getting it? Just one moment, while I try again.

Pranker: But y-, y-, you know, YOU SOUND LIKE THE VERY NICE helpful lady, that's why I want you to explain to you-

Robin: Mhm.

Pranker: at least and then you can you know, tell me if you can do something or no. 

Robin: Well, as I said to him you have to, if something like that happens, you should immediat-

Pranker: SO EH-, EH-, EVERYTIME-, every time I reach my hand, right, she go [slapping sound] BOOM! Slap the hand, right? [slapping sound], slap the hand a-, and then she-

Robin: YEAH!

Pranker: she look at me, right? I talk to her and I'm like [speaking Chinese], and she's like: "LAM YE MO YE", I was like WHAT?! SHE SAY THAT TO ME, you know? She-, she-

Pranker: CURSE MY FAMILY in front of my husband.


Pranker: IS-, IT WAS VERY-

Robin: YES, GOOD-

Pranker: VERY FRUSTRATING for me, you know? And I-

Robin: I can imagine yeah.

Pranker: how can she say that to RANGAHA TIMAMAN GOYAM TIRUMHAY, you know, RANGAHA does not take a BULLCRAP from nobody. 

Robin: WELL, when you're in next time, you take a look at her name tag and go up-front and complain. 

Pranker: How-, how her name was ROBIN.

Robin: Her nam-, the-, the-, sample lady was? 

Pranker: Duh yes.

Robin: Okay, then when you come in, you go right to the front and you put a complaint in up there-

Pranker: But-, but-, but wait a minute, is uh-, your name is Robin too! 

Robin: my name is Robin too, but I'm not a sample person. 

Pranker: Are you the Asian lady, but you try to wear the disguise or something? 

Robin: OH GOD NO! [giggles] No.


Robin: Yes. 


RObin: THIS UH, English is the only language I know, so, when you're speaking in your language, I have no idea what you're saying.

Pranker: So, be honest to me, you don't know what "LAM YE MO YE" means? 

Robin: I have no idea. 

Pranker: Make sure you never say it to anybody it mean I CURSE YOUR FAMILY TIMES ONE MILLION.

Robin: Oh my goodness, that's terrible. 

Pranker: Oh, it's a very bad one, you know? Okay, OKAY, CAN YOU TRANSFER ME TO THE FRONT SO I CAN COMPLAIN ABOUT A ROBIN, PLEASE? 

Robin: Yeah, I will-, I will try and out you back to the front office.


Robin: I-, I-, I can't here no-, that's-, uhm, that would have to be a manager or a front-end person that does that-

Robin: I'm just uh, a-, a wrapper, I just-

Pranker: Can you-, can you make me like the one CAKE or something? Then you can draw on it and say: "My CONDORENCES for the hand slap" ?[slapping sound]

Robin: Well, uh, as I said, I have-, I-, I'm not allowed to do anything like that. 

Pranker: Don't-, don't you write the custom drawing on the uh, on the cake or something? 

Robin: I'm not a cake decorator hun.

Pranker: Oh, okay.

Robin: Yeah. So, I'm gonna put you back to membership and see what happens.

Pranker: Okay. The-, I hope this time, you know, it working.

Robin: OKAY, we'll see.

Pranker: Okay, alright, thank you very much.

Robin: Okay. 

Pranker: Okay, I love you. Hello? [laughing]

 [hold speaking] [phone ringing] 

Robin: Bakery!

Pranker: Duh hello Robin, how you doing today? 

Robin: GOOD! Has no-, has nobody answered you because I even put you off to the assistant manager?

Pranker [speaking as Russell]: Hey, hey Robin? 

Robin: Yes!? 

Pranker: Hey, how you doing?

Robin: Good!

Pranker: This-, this is Russell Johnson, I'm calling with a 101 and 1/3rd Sattelite Radion Station, this was just a little PRANK, I-, I just wanted-

Pranker: to fill you in on it and give you a call back and let you know it was JOKE.

Robin: Uh huh!? 

Pranker: Yeah, and uh, you know, we got SOME requests here, one of them said that: "Hey, call a Costco!" and uh-

Robin: So are you tellin me this is gonna be on your Radion show? 

Pranker: We're not really sure yet-

Robin: [laughing], oh sure!

Pranker: alright well, thanks! 

Robin: OH MY GOD! 

Pranker: Are you-, are you SHOCKED right now? [laughing]

Robin: We-, we-, we were having the greatest laughs about it, about this crazy guy and coming in for his samples and not getting his two thousand calorie limit!

Pranker: [laughing] That's so funny! I'm sure you had people coming in there ACTUALLY doing that sometimes.

Robin: Well, it's going around the store right now.-

Pranker: What do you mean by going around the sotre? 

Robin: Oh because we thing you're just crazy!

Pranker: [laughing]

Robin: And, or on drugs! 

Prnaker: [laughing], I'm so sorry for the inconvenience! Honestly, you were like an AMAZING, AMAZING sport! That's really funny to hear! So, did you really think-

Pranker: that some drug, like some crazy drug addict was calling about the samples he got? 

Robin: Yeah uh, we-, we were thinking that! YEAH! And-, and the lady that I was working with she goes maybe it's one of those radion station things.

Pranker: Really? That's-, that's hilarious. She-, she-, she picked up on it then huh? [laughing] 

Robin: I will have to let her know that it's some crazy farking radion station!

Pranker: [laughing] 

Robin: But yeah, we've told the story to a few different people in the store already! So-

Pranker: [deep inhale] Well hopefully it give you a good story to tell when you're like: "Yeah I was at work today and somebody called about getting their hands slapped when they were getting samples!"

Robin: Hey, well, thank for uhm, using up my time!

Pranker: Well, [laughing], well-

Robin: [laughing]

Pranker: thank you for being understanding, I appreciate it! 

Robin: Okay! [giggles]

Pranker: Take care, bye, bye. 

Robin: Bye, bye. [hang up] 

Pranker: [laughing].

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