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Hilarious yet Harmless Yard Pranks For Your FamilyHilarious yet Harmless Yard Pranks For Your Family

Hilarious yet Harmless Yard Pranks For Your Family

Apr 30, 2022

Your house is a good place to do a prank since you know every corner, and your family is an excellent target victim because you know them pretty well. Adding a little bit of fun to your relationship with your family should never be the last thing in your mind; laughing with them is a must! Pulling pranks on them will never be easy since there's a high chance they'd get mad at you, but who cares? You're still their family! If you have a yard and want to spice things up a bit, here are some pranks you might want to pull on your family and neighbors!

Make sure to keep the prank clean and safe; we don't want an ambulance rushing its way to your home!

Yard Prank Stories From People

Let's hear some funny yard prank stories from people across the world!

"Our neighbor parks his car in the road in front of his house at night. We saw this prank somewhere and decided to wait until he would park his car next to the lamppost in front of his apartment. We used a big roll of saran (plastic) food wrap and wrapped his car to the pole. This didn't damage his vehicle, and his face was priceless when he went outside the next morning. He had a good laugh and sent the image to everyone he knows via his phone." By Maude (Source: Fun Stuff To Do)

 "There's this really nice lady that lives on my block. She thinks that she is the best at pranks.

So one day me and 2 of my friends got together and we pretended that there was someone watching her. What we did was: we typed a letter, in the letter it said that someones have been watching her and he is in love with her. We placed that letter on her chair (if no chair mailbox will do) and placed some flower petals on it.

Then we waited till she came home, all 9 of us were inside our house. 10 minutes later we all came outside wanting to talk to her, and she was SO scared she asked us if we saw anything and we pretended that we didn't. To this day she is still scared." By Marta (Source: Fun Stuff To Do)

 "Buy some fertilizer, draw something on their lawn, water it down till it can't be seen. Then whenever the grass grows for a long time it will be darker green and taller where you drew wrote whatever." By amazingmrbrock from Reddit

Yard Prank Ideas You Should Try

Garden Prank

This funny garden prank will surely work on your plant-lover family member. 

Get some seeds of fast-growing, large, or tall plants like corn. The next step is to sow the seeds in your own backyard garden, either in a tray or in a tray. Then, daily, provide water and light to the plants so they can thrive. Take them out of the ground as soon as they're big enough and hide them somewhere the sufferer can't find them. Choose a visible spot in their yard or field at night when the victim is asleep! Finally, find a place where you can watch the reactions the next day! It would be best to record their reactions as well!

Fake Frog Prank

Who opens the mailbox every morning? That's your victim!

What you'll do to do this harmless prank is to start by placing a frog or a realistic rubber frog on top of the mail one morning before they empty the mailbox. Feeling the icy slithery body, they are sure to snatch their hand out, which is when the frog would jump out if it is real. If it's not genuine, they'll either touch it and get scared, or they'll see it and start running. Get your ears ready to be scolded if any of your parents is the victim!

Flock Prank

This is one of the funny pranks for your neighbors. The statement "You've been flocked" will be displayed on a flock of flamingos placed in someone's front yard. Like the classic "TPing," your neighbor, but nicer. 

Or, don't leave a message, and they'll wonder what's going on. Whatever the case may be, this is a fantastic team effort. Nothing is stopping you from starting a new custom in your community.

Catch-a-Dollar Prank

Pranking People with a dollar is always entertaining. An alternative to hooking is a fishing line with a $1 bill. The best approach to reel it in is to use a real fishing pole. Place the "bait" on the sidewalk, and then have everyone hide in the bushes until a random neighbor or a loved one goes by and discovers their plan. If the postal carrier arrives at a specific time, that would be ideal. See whether they chase it into the bushes when they bend down to pick it up. Make sure to record their reaction to this cruel prank!

Duct Tape Prank

Put some duct tape on a road with the sticky side facing up and put it in place. Wait for a car to drive over the video from a safe distance away. Because of the noise it produces, they'll think they've got a flat tire when they drive over it. This is a harmless prank as long as you don't do anything illegal. Tricks like this one are best performed at night on a road that isn't too congested with traffic.

Forking Prank

This forking prank is for your neighbors. Your first step would be to buy a big 500+ pack of plastic forks from your local store. As the last step, walk to the target's yard and begin poking forks into the soil there. In this case, the fork will break if they try to pull out its end, and you'll win.

Rope Prank

Sneak into the front yard with a rope. Tie the rope around the doorknob, then around a plant or two with the other end. See what happens if you ring the doorbell! Make sure to record their reaction! *wink*

Try Other Prank Ideas

Sure, you have no yard or don't have all the time and energy to set up your yard; you can always try different pranks such as prank calling! Just by using your phone, you can make fun of your family. Your first step would be picking the perfect victim for the prank and then creating a script or scenario for the prank call. If you can't make one, there's a prank call app available on both iOS and Android devices that you can use to look for prank scripts, make your call anonymous, and more. Thanks to Ownage Pranks for this perfect app; you'd no longer worry about stuttering because everything is prepared for your prank call!



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