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Pranking 101: Wisdom Teeth PrankPranking 101: Wisdom Teeth Prank

Pranking 101: Wisdom Teeth Prank

Aug 28, 2021

You might be wondering: where is the fun in wisdom teeth? We’re sorry to say, prankster, but that actually isn’t a thing here at Ownage Pranks. We don’t wonder where the fun is in things because we actually make them fun ourselves. With that, we present to you the next installment to our Pranking 101 series: an ultimate guide to the best wisdom teeth prank ideas and videos you can possibly find on the internet.

First things first, what is a wisdom tooth?

Wisdom teeth are the last set of molars to come in, typically around the age of 17-21. They can cause a lot of pain, and if left untreated may lead to infection. Just a friendly tip for you, prankster: the best way for you to take care of your wisdom teeth is by visiting an oral health professional and letting them know that you want to have them removed. They can be impacted and need to be removed if they cause problems like pain, infection, or decay. In some cases, wisdom teeth require removal before they come in because there is a risk that it could become impacted. The extraction procedure usually takes about an hour under general anesthesia (or deep sleep) and recovery time is generally one week with mild discomfort afterwards. Didn’t expect a little science lesson there, did you?

Ever wondered how a wisdom tooth gets extracted?

Typically, wisdom teeth are extracted when they come in. When a person is young, the jaw and mouth are still growing so there is more room to accommodate these extra molars. However, once a person reaches their late teens or early 20s and the growth has stopped, wisdom teeth may become impacted or infected (eeck). The most common symptoms of an impacted tooth include: pain that comes on suddenly and gets worse with chewing; swelling in your face; fever; sensitivity to hot/cold foods; difficulty opening your mouth wide enough for regular activities such as eating or brushing your teeth. Wisdom teeth can also cause other problems including gum disease if they're not removed properly or at all because of a lack of space due to crowding.

How do your wisdom teeth get extracted? It is a common question that many people ask and we’re here to give you a brief explanation just in case you or someone you know will have one (and so that you’ll know how to assess or when is the right time to do your wisdom teeth prank idea). The first step in the process of extracting wisdom teeth is to numb the area with an injection. Next, you will be given something for pain relief and sedation before you are taken into the operating room. Once there, oral surgeons make a cut in your gum and use instruments to carefully remove your tooth roots from their sockets. They then pull the tooth out through this opening and seal it up so no blood spills onto your clothes or bedding during surgery! This can be done without any anesthesia if you have had dental work before, but most people prefer to have one injected for them to not feel the pain during the procedure.

But really, where is the fun in wisdom teeth?

The fun in wisdom teeth lies in the after effects of the anesthesia injected to the patient. Think about the countless wisdom teeth prank ideas you could do when you have someone groggy and gullible right in front of you! Many pranksters have seen this as an incredible and fun opportunity and have done countless successful wisdom teeth pranks—and that’s what we’re here for today.

But before that, here’s what you have to take note BEFORE doing a wisdom teeth prank on your family or friends:

The most important thing is timing

In wisdom teeth pranks, nothing is more important than knowing the right time to prank your victim. Since we’re talking about anesthetics and how you could use its aftereffects to your pranking advantage, it all starts with knowing when your prank victim would go on wisdom teeth extraction. From there, you can now decide when’s the right time to do your prank idea.

With that, it’s important that you have the basic knowledge about anesthetics. Anesthesia is a drug that produces an unconscious state and general anesthesia is the most common form and it renders patients unconscious for about 30 minutes to two hours after the procedure is completed. These medications wear off much quicker, anywhere from five to thirty minutes depending on what type was administered during your dental appointment or surgery so it's probably best that you do your prank idea around that time frame.

Consider the demographics

As important as thinking about the right time is considering the right person to do the wisdom teeth prank to. You might want to pull off a prank on someone that is still open for a little fun, probably someone who shares the same age as you. Older people might handle these kinds of things differently than younger ones so it’s best that you take it into consideration as well.

Take note of the pranking mood

To make sure we are not the "irresponsible and careless prankster," use this prank-o-meter to measure your victim's mood. Remember: a good prank is sensitive. Take note of your surroundings before proceeding with any joke or trickery—worst case scenario could be an unhappy potential recipient who might not see the humor in what seems like harmless fun. 

Now that we’ve got you prepared, let’s get to the fun stuff.

Wisdom Teeth Prank Ideas

You’re Adopted!

In this wisdom teeth prank idea, it’s advised that you do this to your sibling. The idea is simple, while they are still feeling the after effects of the anesthesia, you will fool them to make them think that they are actually adopted. As evil as it may sound (though that’s what we came here for, right?), this can actually make even your parents laugh out loud because of how your sibling would react upon knowing that he/she isn’t actually biologically related to you! Trust us, this is a good one and expect a response from “What? How did that happen?” to actually crying their heart out and expressing how much they appreciate all the good things the family has done for them even if they are adopted!

The Police Are Here To Get You!

Just like the previous prank idea, you would want to do this when your prank victim is still experiencing the groggy side effects of the anesthesia. The idea is you would want them to believe that the police are actually there to arrest them because of something *illegal* he/she has done. What’s fun about this wisdom teeth prank idea is that there is a possibility that your prank victim might even confess to a sin they didn’t actually do.

There’s A Fire!

For this next wisdom teeth prank idea, all you have to do is make your target victim believe that the building you are at is currently on fire and that management is requesting everyone to leave the building. This is a funny prank idea because you get to watch your prank victim scream their lungs out, or better, run across the hall! 

And that was it for Ownage Pranks’ Pranking 101: Wisdom Teeth Prank! As always, if wisdom teeth prank ideas aren’t exactly your thing, you can always rely on a trusted prank call app! Our own at Ownage Pranks works to make it seem like your prank call victim is actually talking to a live person instead of a pre-recorded one. How cool is that?

Just like what we always remind you: keep it safe, prankster! Happy pranking!


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