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The Best WhatsApp Pranks You Can Play On Your Friends The Best WhatsApp Pranks You Can Play On Your Friends

The Best WhatsApp Pranks You Can Play On Your Friends

Oct 25, 2021

Pranking your friends is one of the best forms of entertainment. You can get away with just about anything, and it never gets old. There are lots of types of pranks you could play on your friends, but not all are created equal.

WhatsApp pranks are something that most of us can't seem to get enough of. Whether it's for playing jokes on our friends or just for entertainment purposes, WhatsApp is one of the most popular platforms to do so. So whether you want to send a funny WhatsApp message, create fake WhatsApp chats, or use other prank apps for your trick, Ownage Pranks has compiled a list of options for some of the best WhatsApp pranks that will have your friends in tears from laughter!

History of WhatsApp

WhatsApp is an instant messaging app that is used all around the world. The Whatsapp app was released in 2009 as a text messaging app. The Whatsapp app came out with its new features in 2013 when the social media giant Facebook bought it. This app can be downloaded from Google Play Store as well as from Apple App Store.

WhatsApp for Android: WhatsApp has a big user base of smartphone users. Whatsapp for Android is also a popular messaging app with more than 900 million monthly active users. WhatsApp for an Android phone lets the user send and receive text, images, and video messages.

Who developed WhatsApp

In 2009, a Spanish student, Brian Acton, won $50,000 (£38,000) and a $40,000 (£30,000) scholarship to come up with an application. The service was available as a beta version in September 2010 and was launched in February 2011. Facebook acquired WhatsApp in February 2014 for $19bn (£12.6bn).

WhatsApp prank messages you can send your friends

WhatsApp pranks are divided into four different categories. The first category includes the simple but hilarious messages that your friends can use. The second category involves those funny texts you can send to a WhatsApp friend but not your parents or boss. The third category is about posts, with the best prank being the ones that keep your friends hooked to the app. Finally, there are those which will keep your friends confused, thereby providing them some amusement.

Spam WhatsApp Prank Messages

Copy, paste, and send these spam messages to your family and friends on WhatsApp right now! If you don’t have an existing WhatsApp account, we suggest that you create one today so you can go ahead and send these WhatsApp prank messages: 

“Congratulations! You have won a $1000 Walmart gift card! Approach your nearest Walmart branch to claim your prize or go to to claim it now!”

“Your IRS tax refund is pending acceptance. Please respond to this message within 24 hours or go to to avoid the IRS staff from going to your house.”

“Amazon is sending you a refund of $23.32. Please reply with your bank account and routing number to receive your refund.”

“Wells Fargo Bank: Your account is temporarily locked and suspended. Please send your login details right away to secure your account.”

“Hello. Your FEDEX package with tracking number UA-7162-HH65 is awaiting delivery. Please send $30 delivery fee to this account *insert account* so we can send it within the day. Thank you and have a great day ahead!”

“Apple Notification. Your Apple iCloud subscription is awaiting payment. Your total bill is $60, including taxes. Please send your payment details to *insert your account details* so you can enjoy access to all of Apple iCloud’s services.”

“((Coinbase)) Amount received 2.2221Bitcoin BTC (%18,421 USD) Please confirm this transaction by sending your bank details right away!”

“URGENT! Your brother was arrested last night in Mexico. Bail money of $40000 is needed to be sent immediately so we can set him free.”

Other WhatsApp prank ideas

Fake Location WhatsApp Prank

Did you know that WhatsApp now has the ability to share your Live Location? With this new WhatsApp feature, you can tell all your friends where your current location is and keep them updated on everything - no matter how far away you may be. To pull off this classic prank, just follow these easy steps.

  1. Install the Fake GPS Location app from the Google Play Store.

  2. Enable the Developer Options menu before you can start using it by scrolling to Select mock location app and choosing Fake GPS.

  3. Head back to the Fake GPS Location app and select your mock location- you're all set!

  4. You can now go back to the WhatsApp app and tap the Attachment button to select Location, just like you could before.

The device will show your friends a mock location on their map, so while your real location is "in the living room," you can make them think you're over in Greece.

Post Fake WhatsApp Conversations Prank

Here's another real-looking WhatsApp prank that you can try out. You can get this little trick for free, and it will allow you to create fake conversations. You get to choose the content inside the fake chats and take screenshots of the entire conversation, which will make your friends think you've actually been talking to each other all this time!

  1. Download the What's Fake app from the Google Play Store.

  2. Open it and tap on the floating button to create a new chat.

  3. Tap New Contact to edit the contact name and the time stamp (the "Last Seen" status), and press save.

  4. Head back to the conversation chat window and type in the message that you want to be seen from the recipient. Hit the Send button to send your message, then tap the green button in the chat window to make it show up as green.

If you want to make your friends believe that somebody is messaging you, you can take a screenshot of your entire conversation and share it to fool your friends. You will be able to see them believe that the WhatsApp message from a fake contact is real, and they'll even ask who it is. Have fun!

And that was it for Ownage Pranks' guide on how you can execute the best WhatsApp prank available out there! Just in case prank messages aren't your thing but would love to check out other prank apps, don't worry - we’ve got you covered - you can download our prank call app if you're craving for an immediate but guaranteed successful prank action right now! Download it for FREE, whether you're on iOS or Android.

Oh, as always, happy pranking!

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