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This Typing GIF Prank Will Get Your Friends WaitingThis Typing GIF Prank Will Get Your Friends Waiting

This Typing GIF Prank Will Get Your Friends Waiting

May 31, 2022

Regular iPhone users may be aware that when the recipient is typing, an indicator appears on their end of your conversation in the app's message window. Every time someone texts you a message, the typing animation is stressful, frustrating, and makes you anxious, especially if they are taking too long.

Prank your pals by sending them animated gifs of the typing indication, which fools them into thinking you're actually writing something and making them feel like they're in the middle of a text message conversation.

This trick works best when you're already in the middle of a conversation, but the receiver may be confused for a few seconds even if you send the image otherwise.

Others Doing The Prank

Watch others do this message prank on their friends and loved ones!

iMessage Prank: Typing Indicator GIF by jailbreakzone

Youtuber jailbreakzone gained almost 60 thousand hits on this video. This Youtuber did the prank on his wife. His wife waited patiently for him to finish his message. He also tried it on other people, and his friends fell into the trap!

iMessage Typing Prank! by PLASTIC HACKS

This iMessage prank will truly drive your friends crazy, waiting for you to finish your message. In this video, the Youtuber showed the step-by-step process of doing this prank. You should do it yourself!

Funny iMessage Prank - Drive your friends crazy! by iPhoneHacksTV

iPhoneHacksTV shared a very detailed guide for this prank. He also included the GIF link on the video's description box. He did the stunt on his sister; why not pull off the trick on your sister, too?

Here's How You Do It

  1. Long-press the iPhone typing GIF below and select Add to Photos/Save image.

  2. And then, go to your Messages app and select your victim's message thread. It would be best to choose a victim you are in the middle of a conversation with.

  3. And then, tap the Photos icon, and click the GIF.

  4. Hit send.

Simply send the typing bubble GIF to one of your friends, and you're done. For this prank, you need to make sure your victim owns an iPhone or iPad.

Other Messaging Pranks

You can become the text message prank expert you've always wanted to be in only a few seconds and a little pre-planning. Here are a few of our go-to's when things get tough.

Shortcut Feature

Texting pranks is the most underutilized function of the shortcut feature. A fast "omw" could be transformed into "on my way!" by changing the parameters. It's also possible to convert "lol" to a song like Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" by sneaking into a friend's phone. Here's how:

Settings > General > Keyboard > Text replacement

Become A Bot

It takes a lot of time and effort to pull off this texting prank, but it's well worth it. In the event that a friend messages you, copy and paste the message you've composed as a response until you've exhausted all of your options.

Here's a sample script:

"We appreciate your interest in Tim Hortons and your decision to sign up for our rewards program. Please reply with STOP if you no longer wish to receive hourly text notifications from us. We can't wait to show you our go-to brews and tipples! Standard text message rates may apply."

Change Contact Names

Try swapping the phone numbers and names of the people you know on your friend's phone. Try changing your name to "Mom" and watch how many amusing messages you get in response.

To avoid ruining a good thing, do not do it too long, but if you have pals that frequently talk via text, this may not be the best option for your situation.

Airdrop Supremacy

Airdrops are underrated, but they have a lot of pranking potential. Make a friend's face light up across the room by sending them a random humorous photo out of context, but if you do this with strangers, please do not send them inappropriate photos.

Spam Them With The Same Thing Over and Over

This is the easiest prank you will ever do. Send the same message to your friend over and over again, with no explanation, for a long period. Surely they'll find it irritating. Continue to convey the sentence, explain that there was a strange connection, or be mute when they inquire what's wrong.

Lyric Prank

This is classic! Though it's been around for a long time, people keep reposting this SMS prank on social media because the results are excellent. You can pick any song and find a friend in your phone's contact list to text the lyrics to slowly, one by one.

Sign Them Up For A Text List

Use random phone numbers to send spam texts to your friend. You may join texting lists for comedians, celebrities, and even protests online. Just fill out the signup sheet with your friend's phone number, then wait for them to tell you about all the irritating texts they've been receiving.

You can find a text list to sign up for by searching "Comedy text list."

Act Like You Don't Know Them

In order to trick your friend into thinking you've misplaced their phone number, make it appear as though you have. Let them in on the joke only after they've sent you a series of text messages that include, "Who is this?" After a few back-and-forth exchanges, they'll finally understand.

Countdown To Nothing

Create a sense of suspense to keep your buddy guessing throughout the day. Then, when your friend questions why you sent a text saying, "6 hours left," tell them you'll see what they think of it then. Every hour, disclose the big surprise: nothing!

Announce An Important Information

Leave your friend in a state of uncertainty (and a little anxious). If you have a big announcement or an urgent matter to share with a buddy, send them a text message to let them know. When they react, don't say anything else. If you're feeling particularly devious, inform them it was a joke after a few minutes or even hours.

Or another way of making them experience anxiety is texting them something like, "I want to ask you something. I've been thinking about asking you this, I just got the courage now." and then never reply!

If you are up for any of these pranks, you might also want to try an old yet classic prank: prank calls! Prank calls are never gone, they always return with something more devious! To do a prank call, make sure you are decided on your victim and how the conversation will flow. If not, you can download a prank call app that allows you to browse different prank call ideas and such!


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