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Bored and Stuck at Home? Try these 13 Things To Keep Yourself Busy!Bored and Stuck at Home? Try these 13 Things To Keep Yourself Busy!

Bored and Stuck at Home? Try these 13 Things To Keep Yourself Busy!

May 7, 2021

We know how it feels. You’ve scoured every single Tiktok hacks, argued with a stranger on the comments section, and counted all the cracks in your bedroom’s ceiling. Now what? Boredom is challenging to deal with, more so if you are at home and couldn't go out.

Here’s the reason why you’re probably bored:

Boredom can be a little complicated and may be caused by various factors. But one of the reasons you're probably bored is because you are stuck in a monotonous routine that doesn't feel mostly rewarding anymore. Attention can also be caused by decreased concentration. Another reason you’re probably bored because nothing seems interesting to you in the meantime. Have you ever heard about the term paradox of choice? It simply means that the more options you have, the less interest you possess to engage in these activities. Have you ever opened Netflix and become overwhelmed with so many shows to watch? You pick the top 7 shows you are interested in to decide on not watching anything anymore eventually. It is an uneasy feeling that makes you feel a rewardless void. We’re saying that you need to refocus and be mindful of your choices; let go of some things that only add noise to your life if you must - and let things run their course.

These are only two of the reasons why you are bored. There could be countless others that only you can answer! For whatever reason, we'll help you get through it. Keep on reading to find out!

What do I do to shed off this boredom?

  1. Try home workouts, move!

At-home fitness has gained popularity over the past year because everyone’s forced to stay home and quarantine. If you search "home workout" alone on youtube, you will be met with hundreds of thousands, if not, millions of results. People are doing it for various reasons: to achieve their fitness goals, just to get moving, target some health problems, or just get that post-workout "high" that everyone's been hyping about! So if you are bored and indeed want to feel something, look for an any 10-15 minute workout to start. Who knows? Your mere boredom can even be your road to fitness!

  1. Declutter!

Like we said, sometimes you have too many choices that are only adding noise and blurring what you should focus on in your life. As for material things, you can try the Konmari method popularized by Marie Kondo. You should start with items like clothes, books, miscellaneous items, and down to the sentimental objects. Only keep those things that genuinely speak closely to your heart, those you know that will serve their purpose over and over again, and you would genuinely like seeing around. Doing this will help you busy by organizing things. It will also be fun because you will be going on a trip down memory lane! After you try letting go of things that no longer serve you, you will feel a certain clarity and sense of lightness in your mind as you move around your physical space.

  1. Learn a new skill.

Thank heavens for the internet because you can now learn almost any skill you like just for a couple of google searches. Have you always wanted to learn how to sew? You can learn from sewing moms on youtube! Do you want to learn an instrument? You can sign up for any good deals of online guitar or piano classes. You can also get a subscription to websites like Skillshare to access various courses if you want to learn multiple skills over the internet. Learning a new skill doesn't always require an internet connection! Sometimes you can learn from your family members or just anyone you live with at the moment. You can ask your mom to teach you how to cook, or even your sibling to teach you how to do just anything it is that they're good at. Learning is fun and part of someone's growth, so it is best to take advantage of the time that you have now! (But no pressure.)

  1. Volunteer in charity work.

Why not just divert your energy into something that will surely help other people? You can search for various volunteer opportunities in your local communities or, if you want to be more serious about it - in more prominent organizations. We suggest you volunteer in activities that you would typically enjoy. That's hitting two birds with one stone! Putting your energy into things that will help ease other people’s lives is just one of the most incredible things you can ever do in this lifetime. One of the things you need to consider before signing up for any volunteer work is to make sure you can commit to it. If not, you can find more short-term ones to quench your boredom.

  1. Give your friends a prank call.

Because of this age of social distancing, it's pretty risky to go over to your friend's place and make an elaborate prank for them. The best you can do is stay at home and entertain yourself with funny memes. But what if the memes aren't all that funny anymore? Then you can try entertaining yourself through your friend's candid reactions when you give them a prank call. Unless you are willing to spend your hard-earned bucks for a burner phone, or you are talented enough to make unnoticeable changes in your voice when you call your friends - then you will need a prank call app from Ownage Pranks. Our prank call app lets you reach your friends anonymously while they receive calls from professional voice actors for added believability. You can choose from our many pre-made scripts that will surely drive your friends bonkers! Tons of people are having a good time with it already, so what's stopping you? The best part of it all is they wouldn't even know it's you because we value your privacy and anonymity. *winky face*

  1. Make a nice meal, snack, or refreshments.

Who doesn't love a delicious and artfully made dish? If you are craving for that favorite restaurant dishes only found in the menu of your go-to food establishment, why don't you try recreating them in your own home? As long as you have the proper ingredients and the proper tools to do it, then the process of making food should be fun. If you don't have all the ingredients you need, you can work with any food item you can find in your food pantry. It doesn't have to be a complete course either. You can make things from extensive meal planning to simple snacks, like pancakes. 

Instead of ordering overpriced cold brew coffee from your favorite coffee shop, why not try brewing your own at home? Don't pressure yourself to a Masterchef level of standard. You can make anything you want with the power of the internet and food bloggers. The goal is to have fun while being busy. And who knows, you can even make your family/roommate smile. What else? You might even discover a hidden talent by creating your next favorite meal!

  1. Start a new creative/DIY project.

If you are an artist or enjoying the art of any form - then you can always start that creative project you've always been thinking about! May it be a zine, a comic book art, a digital photo book, designing miniature furniture, or whatever it is that you have in mind. No pressure. Just start with anything you have now and see what will happen next. You can also do DIYs of things for practical use. There is a lot to find on the internet, whether you are looking for DIY projects in your old clothes, revamping that old boring bedside table lamp. Or any other indoor things! Remember that the fun is in the process, so don't forget to go easy on yourself if it doesn't turn out the way you want it to look. (But we're sure you'll do fantastic, though!)

  1. Catch up with friends

This one is pretty obvious but often overlooked. Sometimes when you are in isolation, you may feel like you already know what's going on in your friends' lives because of social media updates like their Snaps, Tweets, or even Instagram posts. But when was the last time you indeed checked in on them? Besides what they are sharing online, what are their side activities? You can ask them about the things they do not usually share online. Who knows? It might even make their day to talk to a good friend.

  1. Do pranks on people you share your living space with.

These may be your parents, siblings, or your roommate. A good dynamic with these people may help in pulling the pranks too! It is easier to pull tricks on them because you can access their living space. (as they also have access to yours). You can try putting Kool-Aid in the showerhead to give them a taste of a sweet and fruity shower experience or covering a soap bar with clear nail polish to confuse them! Anything to mess up with them would be enough to make you forget you were bored in the first place. If you want to know how to prank your parents without getting in trouble, you can find more prank ideas here.

  1. Read!

We know that the most profound discoveries and understanding in the world may be found through reading a good book. But with all the convenience and instant gratification that the internet has to offer, it's probably difficult for most of us to get back to reading a paperback. It doesn't have to be difficult, though! As long as you are interested enough in reading, you'll find yourself getting lost in words. Don't start with intimidating book titles that most people swear by, like the classics. Chances are, you are just going to get bored with it, most especially if it's written in the 18th or 19th century. (Which is the same problem we are trying to escape here!) Just pick up a book you are most interested in, and promise no one will judge you!

  1. Play games!

Whether it may be a video game or a physical game is fine. What's important is you get entertained. Since most of the things are digital now, why don't you try a good old board game stored in your attic? It may seem tedious and outdated now, but a good round of Uno or Monopoly may be everything you need to relieve yourself of boredom. Don't have these board games? You may simply download a gaming app or program on your phone/personal computer. It is totally up to you what game will make you feel challenged and entertained.

  1. Join online communities.

With the things mentioned above, such as developing a new skill, playing games, reading, and what have you - why not consider joining online communities? There are tons of Facebook groups and Reddit communities for all kinds of interest. It may be a game club, a book club, or just any community that you are genuinely passionate about is already a good idea itself. Joining communities help you learn more about the things that you love and help sustain your interest in them. It's also an excellent way to make good connections while in isolation.

  1. Spend time with your family/roomate/s.

You won't always have an opportunity to spend more time with your family/roommate than you have now. Why not take advantage of this perfect time to get to know them better and do the activities mentioned above? You can try random activities with them, too, like making a time capsule to harvest years later and remind you of this precious moment in time. You can trace your family tree, try something as niche as rock painting, try science experiments, engage in furniture restoration projects, giving your garden a makeover, roller skating - honestly, just anything! You'll be surprised by how much fun this might bring you and these people. It doesn't have to be a great activity to have a good time indeed. 

You see, there are many ways to let your boredom pass. It is more fun to do so when you are in good company. So try at least one of our suggestions and see how that will work out for you. Good luck, and have fun!


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