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Funniest Telemarketer Prank CallsFunniest Telemarketer Prank Calls

Funniest Telemarketer Prank Calls

Dec 8, 2021

Have you been receiving calls from unknown numbers? Your phone rings during dinner time or your busy day at work. These unwanted calls are such a nuisance, right? However, despite it being annoying, you still answer it because who knows, it might be an emergency from your loved ones. Only to find out, these unwanted calls are from telemarketers, selling you stuff you don't actually need!

These telemarketers just call people listed from their phone book; they don't really track whether they have already contacted you or not. So here's a take, why don't you try turning these telemarketing calls into a prank in your favor?

Try these funniest pranks!

Pretend to be deaf

Make a frustrated telemarketer! Pretend you can't hear them properly, so they would repeat every word they just said. You can pretend to be an old lady or man, or someone with a hard accent. Keep asking them to repeat everything; in that way, they would voluntarily drop the call! 

Say yes all the way.

This is also an effective way to annoy these telemarketers. Say yes to their every question; just keep saying yes until they get annoyed. Even if they aren't asking, just keep saying yes! How fun could it be? Alternatively, you may also say no to every stuff they mention.

Pretend you can't speak English

It might be upsetting when you can't comprehend what a telemarketer is saying. How would you want to learn how to make people believe you cannot understand them? Pretend that French (or any other language) is your first language and that you are struggling to communicate in English. When the telemarketer fails to repeat what they have said, you should inform them that you will call them back and ask them to repeat what they have said. As a result, they will no longer have a reason to phone back, and you can now claim that your English lesson was simply an hour and a half long.

Use a fake voice

Really tired of these unsolicited calls from these telemarketers? Why don't you answer the ring and use a fake voice? During annoying times, this would really be useful. A fake voice can be enough to let them know that you're not interested or have no time to deal with it.

Ask why all the time.

Ask why everything the telemarketing is saying! For example, the telemarketer says, "Hi, are you interested in buying this product?" answer it with why. And if they enumerate the reasons why, ask again why! Just keep asking, even to non-question statements. Have fun!

Give them an unrealistic address.

Another way of letting them know that you are not interested is by telling them you're from here or there. Even if it's a touch excessive for some, a telemarketer will be taken aback by this. The telemarketer may first respond favorably to the caller. However, if you inform them you're in another nation, they'll most likely hang up on you right away. Tell them you live in Hogwarts, or you're from the wardrobe in Narnia!

Be the Telemarketer

After trying these prank call ideas to the telemarketers, how 'bout, you become the telemarketer and make fun of your friends? Be the annoying telemarketer you hate! If you plan on taking this road, use a spoof calling app to make your prank more believable. You must be able to mask your identity without having to buy a burner phone or a new sim card. A telemarketing script would also help you get them. 

Once you have the spoof calling app, start calling your target victim. Prepare your acting skills and script to make the prank real. The spotlight is yours, have fun!

You may fool telemarketers with any sort of prank, as long as it is a fast one. When you tell someone, you won't call them back, make it memorable and make them believe you're guilty. Simple to pull off, these pranks won't take much time or effort. Pranking might lead you into trouble, so use caution. Keep an eye on the prize.

Pranks for telemarketers should be easy for you to come up with. When playing pranks on the telemarketers, remember to be mindful of their time and avoid leaving them in a huff in the middle of a discussion.

The stage is yours, happy pranking!


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