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The Best Snow Pranks to Try The Best Snow Pranks to Try

The Best Snow Pranks to Try

May 17, 2022

With winter in full swing and more snowy days on the way, we've compiled a list of the best snow pranks for kids and adults alike.


You're never too old to enjoy snow play! There are lots to do in the snow, whether you prefer winter sports, creative winter activities, or just plain old fun. So bundle up and get ready for some winter fun.

But First, Safety

Many of us may not be prepared for the arrival of winter, even though it is not a surprise. When temperatures begin to fall, it is more likely that you will be safe and healthy if you are prepared.

Playing in the snow can be a lot of fun, but be careful to follow these safety precautions to avoid being harmed.


  • Wear a cap, scarf, coat, gloves, socks, and water-resistant shoes or boots for the weather.To avoid overheating, use layers of clothing. Moisture-wicking materials should be used in the layer closest to the skin. You can usually find this type of clothes in the running area of sporting goods stores. The sweat is drained from your body by this material, preventing overheating.

  • There is a proper way to enjoy yourself while playing in the snow. Every 30 to 40 minutes, take a little rest. Douse yourself in sunscreen 30 minutes before you go outside, and reapply it every two hours like in the summertime. Snow reflects the sun's glaring beams, allowing children (and adults!) to get sunburned. Use lip balm with SPF often and apply sunscreen to all exposed skin to prevent windburn. It's crucial to drink enough water while playing in the snow because it's a physically taxing exercise.

  • Keep an eye on the direction you're taking. Watch for incoming traffic and the flashing of traffic lights. Make sure you don't have your phone with you at all times.

  • When out and about at night, be sure to dress in a way that stands out against the white of the snow.

  • Wear sunglasses to shield your eyes from glare while out walking during the day.

  • If you're going somewhere, give yourself a lot of time to get there.


Now, let's dive right into it!

Snow Pee Prank

After a snowstorm, you can play a fun winter prank on someone's car. This "Snow Pee Prank" requires nothing more than a pair of shoes and an apple juice box. Just pour some apple juice on someone's car and leave a few footprints in the snow. For added effect, try drizzling the liquid in the pattern of a pee.


The next plan of action is to wait and be prepared for a horrific reaction from the owner's car! 


Now, who wouldn't be pissed?! 

A Moving Snowman 

Passersby are constantly fascinated by street decorations and most often can't find the urge to look or touch those decors. But what if it's a life-sized snowman? 

Enjoy the thrill of looking at some epic reactions from your targets!

Unannounced Snowball Fight! 

Snowball fights have always been a favorite pastime for kids who live in cold climates. When done correctly, a snowball fight may be an unforgettable experience.

Just be sure to follow the usual snowball fight rules. We know you wanna win, but let’s stick to having fun! For instance, stones in the snow is a surefire way to cut in half the amount of fun one has. Avoid the stones and concentrate on making the snowball as hard as possible without any additional materials.


A snow fight's actual killer isn't your opponent, but the cold. If you only bring a pair of gloves, your hands will get the best of you sooner than you think.

Snow Trip Wire

A box of snow will fall on the victim's head as a result of this practical joke. Pranksters need only rope, a cardboard box, and snow to pull this one off (or a substitute such as dirt, leaves, grass, etc.) Snow is the simplest material to work with.


Simple to set up, it should provoke an interesting response from your target.

A Snow Car (No, Literally)

If you have a knack for building things out of snow, why not try this one? All you'll be needing is a bunch of snow and an imaginative mind. 


A Canadian citizen created a snow car in order to fool the cops into thinking it was a real vehicle out on the street. According to him, "I came up with the idea of creating anything from this pile of snow, to make fun of the snowmen, and to enjoy building my own car." "You made our night," the police wrote on a bogus parking ticket they left for him.

There’s Snow Way In! 

This is a pretty straightforward prank that just needs patience and a whole lot of snow. 


The goal is to create a giant mound of snow in their doorway area to block the entryway. This prank sure can make a statement. 


To paint a comprehensive picture, check out this video for this prank’s inspiration. 

Once you're done, all you need to do is use your extra patience and wait until your friend sees this! Or better yet, have your phone ready for filming their hilarious reactions as they try to process the whole doorway situation. 

Running Short on Prank Ideas? 

The pranks listed above can be a little challenging if you're just a beginner in your pranking journey. If you don't have any idea where to start, we got you! 


You can never go wrong with a good old prank call. It's a great way to pass the time or lift your spirits when there's nothing else to do. However, the advent of caller ID heightened social awareness, and new regulations have all conspired to make prank call humor increasingly difficult to pull off. 


If you're going to make a prank call, you may want to download a prank call app to help you out. There are downloadable prank calls for every situation in the app's library. Just by changing your caller ID using the finest prank call tool, you can automatically prank dial your buddies.


As always, happy pranking! 


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