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Trolling 101: Drive Your Friends Crazy Through These Snapchat PranksTrolling 101: Drive Your Friends Crazy Through These Snapchat Pranks

Trolling 101: Drive Your Friends Crazy Through These Snapchat Pranks

Apr 30, 2022

Because of social media, it's now easier and faster than ever to stay in touch with family and friends worldwide, and it's also given us the power to play practical jokes on our friends! And one of those social media platforms is Snapchat. Snapchat has always been a great place to play pranks on our friends. You don't even have to leave your couch to pull off a successful prank with Snapchat. Other than making you look like a cartoon dog, Snapchat is a prankster's dream come true because after you pull off the ultimate Snapchat prank, all proof of your trick is erased.

Here are some effective pranks you can try with your Snapchat app!

What is Snapchat

Apps for Android and iOS smartphones include Snapchat. It's commonly referred to as "Snap" by its users. In the mobile app, each picture, video, or message - aka snap - you send by default is made available to the receiver for a limited time before it disappears.

What makes it more engaging is the fact that the snaps you send won't be there forever. After a short period of time, the images are gone making you want to send more, even those random annoying photos. So you don't have to worry about your photos taking up space on someone else's phone or surviving in the digital world forever.

Snapchat Terms

No matter how long you've been using Snapchat or how fresh you're finding it, it's always helpful to brush up on the most commonly used words.

  • Snapcode: A Snapcode is nothing more than a QR code associated with a certain person. Adding friends is a breeze using Snapcodes, as each user has their unique code.

  • Snapchat score: This score will reflect how active you are on the platform. Look for it in your profile. This depends on various things, but the most important one is how many Snaps you send. In some cases, one's score will be six digits long. They've made a name for themselves as professional Snapchatters.

  • Snap streak: The term "Snap Streak" refers to the practice of sending and receiving Snaps from the same person over a period of time. To keep the Streak going, every one of you must send Snaps every 24 hours. An emoji shows up next to the names of friends who are currently on Streaks with you.

  • Bitmoji: This one is similar to Apple's Memoji but with expanded clothing, hair, accessories, and posing options. A Bitmoji is a cartoon representation of your character that you can share with others. Your Bitmoji is a fun way to express yourself in real-time or on your profile if you haven't added a Story.

  • Bounce: Until recently, Snapchat only allowed self-destructive Snaps. A timer or an infinity loop can be set so that the video plays indefinitely until the recipient stops it.

  • Snapterpiece: It doesn't matter if you've spent hours painting and adding Filters to an image you're deleting because it's blurry.

  • Memories: Save your favorite Snaps to your Memories album. With Snapchat, you'll be able to look back on the last several years and see how much has changed for you.

Snapchat Pranks You Can Try

Tap To View Prank

Friends have been doing this for a long time. They tap to load Snapchat jokes. Pranks that make you tap on Snapchat So all you have to do to see the snaps you get on Snapchat is click on them. Tap to load Snapchat wouldn't work if you just sent your friends these as-is. You should put it in context or have a conversation!

Send a Snap that Looks Like not for them.

Take a snap and put a caption on it; make sure it looks like the snap is intended for someone else. For example, you can send a snap with the caption "Can't wait for our fishing date!" to a friend who despises fishing. Make sure to wait for their response! We're sure they're going to be confused!

Make people think their phone's volume is broken by mouthing your words.

Try uploading a Snapchat video of you mouthing words. Make sure your background doesn't have noise, too! This prank would make your viewers think that their phone speakers are broken; they will surely adjust the volume several times, only to find out that you're just mouthing the words! One more tip, make sure you put an intriguing caption on it! Make them interested!

Reveal a Huge Secret

Reveal a huge secret on your Snapchat, and make the viewers interested. You can upload a bunch of snaps about it, or you can just upload one with the caption "There's a secret I'll reveal, watch out," and let them wait for hours for nothing!

Announce your Engagement

With this prank, make sure you use a convincing photo! You can use a ring you bought off Amazon or just download a photo from Google. Just make sure it is convincing enough to deceive your Snapchat friends. Wait for their responses and congratulatory messages!

Celebrate your Fake Birthday

When you do this prank, make sure you have a birthday balloon. There's no need to buy a new one; just use the balloons you used before if you still have them. If you can't find any props to make the prank more believable, you can just upload a Snapchat selfie with the caption "Happy birthday to me," those who don't know you enough would be pranked!

Try Prank Calling

If you don't want to download Snapchat or aren't creative enough for Snapchat pranks, you can always go back to the oldie yet goldie trick, prank calling! Prank calling has always been a success, and people have been twisting up every prank call idea! What you need is a phone and a script to make the prank more realistic. If you don't have time to create scripts, you can always download a prank call app available on your App Store or Playstore! Once you download this app from Ownage Pranks, you'll have access to different prank call scripts and your daily dose of pranks, and you can also make the call anonymous!

As always, happy pranking!


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