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Halloween Pranks: Scary Numbers to CallHalloween Pranks: Scary Numbers to Call

Halloween Pranks: Scary Numbers to Call

Nov 17, 2021

Scary numbers to call are usually numbers that are not in the range of normal telephone numbers. Numbers like these often come up in movies and TV shows when someone is trying to scare someone else. Some people try to use them to prank others, but this is considered illegal.

Unfortunately, the history of these numbers is hidden to many people today. Haunted or scary phone numbers, in fact, do exist. According to modern folklore, most of these numbers are simply the result of supernatural happenings. It is known that many of the haunted numbers are simply outdated numbers from old buildings that are no longer standing. Sometimes, the telephone numbers were simply the result of being confused with another number.

The Internet provides us with a plethora of phone number resources that can be used for prank calls, pranks, and even business purposes.

What are scary numbers to call (or not)?

Scary phone calls can be either a scam, spam, or just general annoyance. They may be automated and programmed to say certain words and phrases that can affect your life in a variety of ways. For example, when people get a call from an unknown number, they will often answer it immediately because they want to know who is on the other end.

There are many reasons why someone might make a scary phone call. There are different opinions on how to deal with these types of calls. Some people say that the best way to deal with these types of calls is to never answer them at all because the person might be harassing you in order to get money from you or for another reason that you cannot even be aware of in the first place.

Other scary numbers are just straight up SCARY - and by scary - we mean that these are numbers that are believed to either be cursed or haunted. Now, we don’t actually know if they are haunted so we suggest you dial these numbers with caution!

What should I do before trying these scary numbers to call?

It may seem as if calling haunted numbers is exciting and scary all at once but there are precautions you need to take before calling. You don't want to make the situation worse by provoking any spirits to act out their acts. So here are some things you should consider before calling a haunted number:


  • Be prepared for an unusual and unpleasant experience. 

  • Know exactly what the experience is like

  • Use caution, as you have no idea what is going to happen

  • Listen to what the caller is saying

  • Call as a test to see how the phone works and the volume and reception

  • Have an escape plan if needed

  • Use a spoof call app that hides your caller ID.

Scary Numbers to Call

There are a number of numbers that have been rumored to be haunted or scary.

Some numbers are always busy, some don’t even exist anymore. Here is the list of what people claim to be the scariest and most haunted numbers to call:


The most common scary number to call. This is because of the concept of the devil, which has been around for centuries. The Devil has been portrayed as an evil, sinister force which drives people to make bad decisions. It may also be related to the fact that "666" is often considered a numeric representation of "the Beast" in the Bible's Book of Revelation.


Another popular phone number to call. This one can be found in Stephen King's book "The Shining". Other sources have it listed as a warning or danger that may come your way if you dial this number. The reason why 555 has become so popular is that this was one of the first numbers available when you called 1-900-NUMBERS back in 1959 at 5 cents per minute, so now at 10 cents per minute, it's still a bargain for most people.


1-800-666-HELP is a frightening phone number for some people. In fact, it's one of the most famous "bad" phone numbers.

This number is often called by pranksters to get a reaction from people who need help. People have been known to call the number and get nothing but an answering machine message in reply, although in some cases they will be connected to a service that offers them information about mental and emotional disorders and suicide prevention.

Scary Numbers to Call According to Reddit

Of course, it wouldn’t be a complete list of creepy and scary numbers to call without the ones that are recommended by our friends at r/creepypasta! Beware: we don’t know what would happen when you call these numbers, so make sure you’re ready to hear anything from the other end of the line!


This number is haunted by the ghost of a young girl who died in 2004. The number is 315-825-5906. The girl goes by many names. Some call her Lila, but the girl herself seems to like Lillian. You can ask the girl two questions of any kind before a loud ringing noise will try to drive you insane. Hang up immediately. She doesn't always answer. Perhaps 50/50 chance. But when she does...her voice will haunt forever. Trust me.”u/averym1243


“(323) 953-3200 Make sure you use *67 before calling” - u/AndreLinoge55


“630-296-7536 (Boothworld) I don't know if some still work...

0888 888 888 (please don't call 0888 888 888...please)

12163331810 (+1 (216) 333 1810) F***ing Creepy... But I don't know if works...

999 999 9999 (Again don't call this. Call, yer ded…)

1-000-000-0000 (Cursed)

090-4444-4444 (The Ring) Again it is cursed, don't call...

Red Numbers (I don't know if they are real, but they can kill you...)

666-666-6666 (Creepy Woman like 12163331810)

1010 (I don't know if it still around neither don't know if can curse you so I recommend don't call...)

911 (Well Inky, obviously. Your in a dangerous situation you call it)

(323) 953-3200 Make sure you use *67 before calling…” - u/InkyOnReddit


Realizing the dangers of calling paranormal or scary numbers can be a sobering moment. However, it’s not all doom and gloom, as there are some clear-cut signs of paranormal activity that are very easy to recognize and can help you identify whether or not these numbers are real. So, go ahead and go after your paranormal wants, but know your actions, so that you can make the right decision.


If you got spooked by the scary numbers to call we’ve listed above, make sure you share this with your friends!


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