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The Scammer Prank Call HandbookThe Scammer Prank Call Handbook

The Scammer Prank Call Handbook

Nov 17, 2021

A scammer prank call is a phone call by pranksters to scam victims pretending to be someone else. They pose as another company representative, government official, or even the bank's fraud department in order to get money.

There are many ways in which the callers try to get money from their victims. Some of them are very creative and wacky. Some of them will tell you that you've won a prize, but it needs an upfront fee before the delivery can be made. Others will ask for your credit card details so they can process your refund.

Scammers are a common thing in the modern world, and they’ve been getting more and more sophisticated with their scams. 

Welcome to Ownage Pranks’ Scammer Prank Call Handbook! In here, you will find everything you want to know about these pesky callers.

What is a scam?

A scam is a form of fraud, which is designed to mislead people into giving money or their personal information. Scams are often viral and can be very convincing.

The scammers can be hard to stop because they are constantly updating their content to stay ahead of the law, which makes it hard for anti-scam groups to respond quickly enough.

People who are scammed can lose time, money, and property. Scams are not only happening offline but also on the internet. It's possible for an internet scammer to steal your identity if you give them your personal information.

What is a prank call?

A prank call is a phone call that is typically made with the intention of annoying the recipient, shocking them, or eliciting an especially emotional response.

A prank call starts off with a harmless comment but then escalates to conflict. The conflict might be resolved by either one of the parties on the phone or by somebody else who gets involved in the conversation.

The art of prank calls has been around for decades and is still popular today.

So, what is a scammer prank call?

A scammer prank call is a phone call that is made by a scammer, to scare people into giving money.

When someone gets a call from an unknown person on the other end of the line, they are often hesitant to continue talking. Scammers usually try to make their voice sound like they are in the victim's area or they use common phrases that are used by locals of the victim's country. They will usually claim to be "from Microsoft" or "working for your bank". And of course, there is always a very convincing reason why you need to give them your credit card information and/or log-in details so they can "fix" something for you.

The thing with scammers is that they always ask for your personal information. The best way to get them back? Pretend to be a scammer and prank them!


It's crucial to keep your scammer prank call scripts detailed, believable, and creative. Without these three requirements, the script will not be able to achieve its goal.

The most convincing scripts are crafted with detailed information about the target's life in mind. A good idea is to look at their social media profiles for clues on who they are and what they care about. A personality profile of this person can help you know how to convince them that you're worth their time.

Scammer prank call scripts should be persuasive in order to work properly. They should have a tone of voice so that they sound like a real call, not just someone making up nonsense on the spot. A good idea is to use vocal tonality when reading aloud so that you can set the tone of the call correctly

Working on the persona

The best way to pull off a scammer prank call is to create a persona that matches the type of business you are calling. For example, if you are calling a retail company, it would be best to have an accent that matches the area where they are located.

The easiest strategy for pulling off a prank call is to establish your fake identity by making it seem like you are in the same line of work as the company you are targeting.

How to Make a Prank Call on iOS or Android

To make a prank call on an Android phone you would open the Phone app and tap the "New Call" button. You will then enter in the phone number of your victim and hit "Call."

To make a prank call on an iPhone, open up the Phone app and select “New Call” or “FaceTime” (depending on if you are calling someone who has an iPhone or not). From there, enter in your victim's phone number, hit “Phone” or “FaceTime” (again, depending on if they have an iPhone), then select “Talk.”

Whether you’re on iOS or Android, you can check out these prank calling apps from Ownage Pranks so you can have a seamless scammer prank call!!

Prank Call App

Our prank call app works like a charm. When you download this app, you get instant access to all of our pre-recorded scripts that you can use to prank call your friends or family. There are tons of prank call situations you can utilize so you surely won’t run out of ideas to do for your next scammer prank call session.

Spoof Call App

If you think you can handle a scammer prank call without the help of an app that can do half of the prank call job for you, you may opt to download Ownage Pranks’ spoof call app instead. Our spoof call app can help keep your identity and caller ID anonymous without the need of buying an extra sim card or a burner phone. 

Scammer Prank Call Ideas


In this prank call, the scammer sounds as if he is a customer who got hacked and has lost all his money. The target should believe the story and offer to help.

In order to successfully carry out a scammer's prank call, one must first pick a victim. The scammer would need to understand their voice pattern and background noise so they can sound as close as possible to that person. Afterward, the scammer would have to initiate a phone conversation with that victim by pretending to be an individual from a utility company, bank, or other organization that the victim trusts.


Scammers are all over the internet, but they don't usually take time to call their victims to get money out of them. Find out how you can have some fun with the scammer by staying on the phone with them until they speak with someone from their bank.

Contact the scammer and tell them that their bank account has been frozen and they need to call the bank to work it out. Remember to stay on the phone with them until they get in touch with someone from the bank, so you can relay back what they say.

We hope you enjoyed going through this guide on how you can do a scammer prank call, as well as some scammer prank call ideas you can pull off. As always, if you’ve liked this article, share this with your friends so you can also radiate the fun vibes with them.

Happy pranking!

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