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Funny Pre-Recorded Prank Calls: Escorts EditionFunny Pre-Recorded Prank Calls: Escorts Edition

Funny Pre-Recorded Prank Calls: Escorts Edition

Nov 2, 2020

Craigslist can be a crazy, crazy place. I doubt you can find a site on the internet with the same amount of chaotic energy. While there are users who legitimately sell products and provide (legal) services, you have to admit that they are few and far between. There are many scammers, escorts - escorts who scam and scammers who pose as escorts.

If you are a regular person online, Craigslist can be a really shady place. But if you are a prankster looking for your next target? It's a prime hunting ground - this is why I pull so many of my pranks on Craigslist. Anyone familiar with my channel knows how much I can milk out of the website. Not only do I find outrageous escorts to prank, but I also post my own fake listings to lure in pervy targets. You have to admit that it is a fun prank call scenario filled with so many opportunities.

It's such a funny set-up, so I have plenty of prank calls on hand! I'd like to share some of my more memorable escort related pranks. If you have any favorites, you can mention them in the comments section. Here are my top picks: 

Police Calls A Prostitute

This prank call is a pretty simple but hilarious set-up. I called a prostitute asking for her services with my nerdy voice - John. I pulled all the stops. On top of voice acting, I also looped in pre-recorded police radio noises in the background. I might have done too good of a job. Personally, I thought my prank call was pretty obvious, but she stuck around longer than I expected. I don’t know if that means I’m a great prankster or she is pretty new to the job that she clearly missed the signs of it being a sting. Either way despite my suspicious bit, she had plenty of hilarious reactions!

You can give this a try. Look for recorded sounds online like sirens, static, and other city sounds to add a bit of realism. Then you can check out Craigslist for your target. Practice with your friends and give it a try!

Swingers on Craigslist

Among all the prank calls listed here, this one is not a very traditional escort prank. Instead of looking for sex workers, I took a creative spin on things. I called a couple who posted an ad on Craigslist claiming they were a "Husband and Wife for Hire." Even amateur pranksters can see the obvious joke! So I pretended that my wife and I were swingers looking for fun and wondering if they were interested in a friends-with-benefits situation.

What they really meant was that they were a husband and wife team available for chores and yard work. When they realized that I thought they had a swingers ad - they got SO PISSED. But hey! It was an honest mistake, with such a suggestive ad, who couldn't have thought? Their reaction really made that prank call!

Cheating Housewife

In this prank, I posted an ad as an Asian woman named Au' Nage. I said that I was looking to cheat on my husband. I got a few messages on the website. One guy, in particular, seemed like a good target, so I called him as Buk Lau, our resident Asian guy.

It turns out he was married too! Well, there goes marriage as an institution. I decided to have a little fun with him and let him talk to Buk Lau's angry husband-Abdo! Boy, was he in for a surprise! It wouldn't be strange for him to delete his dating page and apps and phone number after this prank call. Afterall, he wouldn’t want to Buk Lau or Abdo making another appearance!

Definitely an amazing prank with a great reaction! Mwah!

Prostitute Gave Me Herpes

I was given a TON of information about a certain pimp. Now everyone knows that information is power. In fact, when we accept prank requests from other users, we always ask for a bit of background information. It doesn't matter if the prank is for friends, family members, or co-workers - you always need a bit of dirt.

So here I was- with a lot of dirt and a request to give him a call. I decided to mess with him a bit and claimed that one of his "girls" gave me herpes. Can you imagine how a grown man will try to weasel his way out of that one? Hilarious call!

Epic Prostitute Meltdown [2M Special]

Of all the calls I listed here, this one was a game-changer! Picture it - multiple characters, great improv lines, and back to back calls! It can’t be more extreme than this. I made this to celebrate reaching 2 million followers, I pulled out all the stops. 

I used nearly all of my characters and my best prank ideas. I called a very shady prostitute I found on Craigslist. Whenever she got frustrated, I would hang up then call again with a new voice. I changed the feel and settings a bit but brought the same energy. Had a really great time with this one.

If you are interested in making pre-recorded prank calls, Ownage Pranks can help you get started. We have a prank call app that is suitable for your Apple or Android device. Simply log in and have access to our free soundboards and prank ideas. You can also use the app to hit up an old friend and prank them.

Hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane! As I’m writing this down, I’m surprised I had that many wins. Craigslist really is a definitely a hot spot for all kinds of characters. I want to challenge you guys to give it a try. 

Explore Craigslist and look for potential targets. It doesn’t have to be escorts, there are plenty of scummy people on that website, so you should be able to find a couple of scammers that deserve a bit of Ownage. If you have any Craigslist prank calls, post them online and tag us! It might be Hall of Fame worthy. 

Happy Pranking!


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