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Pranking 101: Nose Ring PrankPranking 101: Nose Ring Prank

Pranking 101: Nose Ring Prank

Oct 3, 2021

Glam up, prankster! For this special installment of Pranking 101, we are going to give you all the hottest nose ring prank ideas you can do to have a fun time with your friends. We weren’t kidding when we told you that we’re going to go all-in. But before everything else, we think it’s important that we learn all about the history of how nose rings became a thing before we use them for our next pranking session!


The nostril piercing has its roots in the Middle East and is even recorded in the Bible, where Isaac gifts a nose ring to his future bride Rebekah. Around the 16th century, the Moghul rulers brought nose piercings to India from the Middle East. As a result of its extensive use, nose rings had become an essential aspect of Indian culture by the 1500s.


For ladies in India, it is traditional to wear nose rings connected to earrings or hairpins via chains. Women's behavior and health were thought to be influenced by the location of their nostril piercings. Some nose piercings are done at acupuncture locations to make the wearer more subservient to their will. Indians in the north and south perform the piercing on the right nare. They claim that this position lessens the discomfort of childbirth and menstruation for the women who hold it.


Westerners adopted nose rings during the twentieth century, thanks to the French, who popularized them before they made their way to the United States during the hippie movement of the 1960s. Because hippie culture was once a hotbed of dissension and disobedience, the nose ring has taken on a bad rap in popular culture.


Right, onto the nose ring prank itself!


Nose Ring Prank Checklist 


Decide on what type of nose ring you want. 

Based on your taste, face shape, and hairstyle, you can choose a nose ring that suits you best. There are many types of nose rings available on the internet for inspiration. 


You can pick the type that is easier to find, affordable, and within your reach. As a prankster, it is crucial to procure the needed materials before proceeding to the next step. Remember, the devil is in the details! Eek!

Secure the materials 

There are plenty of options when it comes to fake nose piercings. Almost always, you'll find an online store selling a specific type you want to buy. Fantastic, right?


However, shopping for a nose ring online may take some time to deliver. You may opt to go to the nearest store that has everything you will need. Don’t worry, if you do not have the nearest store for a faux nose ring, we got you! wink wink


Follow these steps for a do-it-yourself nose ring stud:


1. If you wish to use a nose stud, you will need something similar to a gem, as well as an adhesive to hold it in place. Jewels, beads, sequins, and other small, flat objects can be used to create the stud. Fake eyelash glue is the best choice for the adhesive because it is gentle on the skin.

2. You'll need fake eyelash glue, as well as a gem of your choice, to complete your nose stud design. Use a paper towel to cover the surface of your materials and place it near a mirror if you can. If you drop your nose stud while using the paper towel, it will be safe from getting eyelash adhesive on other surfaces. Try out a few different types of gems if you're not sure which one you prefer.

3. Your fake piercing should last all day as long as you don't touch it or move it around and you don't sweat while wearing it. Keep in mind that it's glued in place.

A great prank is a harmless prank.

The feelings of the person you are playing a prank on should be taken into consideration when you are planning your prank. If the prank has any negative repercussions, such as damage to property, people, or relationships, you might want to reconsider pulling it. Everyone will find your prank as amusing as you do if you keep these factors in mind.

Prepare a believable story.

As you prepare for your prank, it is vital to note essential facts in your story to make it believable. Through great storytelling, the prank will feel more realistic, which means there will be no doubts or skepticism on the part of the victim. 

Let the prank begin! 

With your fake nose ring and a believable story, everything is in your hands now. Commence your prank the moment you enter the room where the person you are playing a prank is currently staying. 


Make sure you have cameras ready to immortalize your prank and enjoy the laughs afterward. Maintain your straight face and try not to laugh (even if the reaction calls for it!). The fun awaits. 


If you're not up for the challenge of the nose ring prank, you can always rely on our prank calling app (because there is no such thing as a lousy prank call, right?)! Our prank call app works by using advanced artificial intelligence technology to make it appear as if your prank call victim is actually talking to an automated recording rather than a live one. You won't want to miss out on all the fun details, so download it right now!

Always remember, happy pranking!

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