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Pranking 101: Mess With Your Friends Through These Minecraft PranksPranking 101: Mess With Your Friends Through These Minecraft Pranks

Pranking 101: Mess With Your Friends Through These Minecraft Pranks

May 17, 2022

Playing with friends through online games could never be happier! Whatever game you play, it's never-ending fun as long as you play it with your friends. Turning on the voice chat would intensify the match when you play Valorant or League of Legends with friends—playing Among Us? Sure, let's see how long the impostor could go! How about Minecraft? Wouldn't it be nice to spend time building and being creative with friends?!

Do you want to spice up your grames? Why not do these simple non-destructive pranks on your friends through Minecraft! Take your prank wars to the next level, and when we say next level, we say try pranking your friends virtually.

Describe Minecraft

A player's imagination is the only limit in the free-to-play video game Minecraft. There are numerous locations and terrains to explore in the game, compared to an "online Lego" by some. Crafting, construction, and battle are all part of the gameplay in this virtual environment. As long as you use the tools it provides, you can come up with anything you want. User-friendly tools and processes for using those tools are a godsend.

Minecraft is a massive hit with children, especially those between six and thirteen. Players love that they can construct and build anything they want in this game. There are no rules to the game, from cities to roller coasters, and the options are unlimited. The game also has a multiplayer option, a popular feature among young gamers who enjoy playing with their friends and helping one other create new things. The independence of the game is what most children find appealing.

And with that, let's describe the two primary forms of Minecraft gameplay, survival and creative mode.

  • Survival mode: The player must gather resources and create structures to survive in survival mode. You can connect with the locals and defend against night hordes. Forget about being creative. No endless blocks. Activities wear down your health and hunger bars.

  • Creative mode: The player gets full access to the item and survival tabs in creative mode. You can also instantaneously demolish indestructible blocks. They are also inventive; nothing degrades or vanishes. Several blocks are invisible in creative mode but can be given and used with the /give command. This mode encourages creativity—construction of buildings and roller coasters.


Are you ready to prank your friends? Let's get this started!

Minecraft Pranks To Pull On Your Friends

Fake Diamond Prank

You must be in the creative mode to do this stunt. If you don't have a server with flat ground that only has four layers of earth, then bedrock, and you really want to do this, you'll need the patience and the ability to make a two-by-two hole to bedrock and break the bedrock so the void is only left. THE VOID IS AN EMPTY, BOTTOMLESS PIT! The thing here, there's no air, so you would definitely suffocate!

So, in any case. Make your two-by-two hole, then surround it with smooth stone that seems naturally produced, then sprinkle some diamond ore over the hole, and your pals will fall in!

AFK Trap

AFK means Away From Keyboard. This is when a player is currently in the game but idling. Just like in the first prank, you also need to be in creative mode when you do this. Trap your teammates in bedrock while not playing and just standing still. You may be wondering why bedrock is necessary. Here's why: you can only break bedrock in creative mode, and your friends can't break bedrock AT ALL if they're playing in survival mode alongside you.

Blow Up Prank

To begin, create a bucket. Obtain a bucket full of lava, and then mine the ore of iron (do not smelt). Next, you should find a random entrance to the underground. Then rapidly place an iron ore block where you made the lava hole in the ceiling. To stop the dripping, place another iron block on top of the first.

To prevent the lava from igniting immediately after he mines it, place a flame underneath it.

Iron ore is found, lava is discovered, and the victim is shocked, and he blocks the lava with his hands. If dynamite is present where the lava lands, everything will go up in flames. This would definitely make everyone laugh!

Other Minecraft Pranks from Quora

So, there's a Quora thread where someone asked what is the best Minecraft prank. And here are some of the answers of other Minecraft players:

"Fill their house with chickens!" answered Eric Wadsworth

"Find their house with a pressure plate and then put TNT under the house connecting to the pressure plate so when they go home it'll blow everything up." answered Michael Chen

"I have filled places with TNT before... and you can use redstone and a light sensor to trap them inside... all kinds of fun" answered David Mamanakis.

Other Minecraft Pranks from Youtubers

Would it be more fun if there was someone who visually taught you the prank? Fortunately, some Minecraft players are also on Youtube, sharing tips and tricks you can do in the game. 

10 Ways to Prank your Friends! [Minecraft] by BBlocks

BBlocks has over 2 million subscribers and this video gained over 29 million hits! If you want other Minecraft videos, you can definitely check his videos out! In this video, he shared ten different ways you can prank your friends on Minecraft, and one of them is the Fake Diamond Prank written above. You and your friends would probably have a good laugh watching each other get pranked!

39 Funniest Ways to PRANK Your Friends in Minecraft! by PrestonPlayz

PrestonPlayz has over 12 million subscribers, and this video gained over 33 million hits! Watching Preston would also convince you to play Minecraft and prank your friends. He is so persuasive and jolly to watch. He really seems to enjoy what he's doing. Nonetheless, he showed 39 ways how you could prank your friends in Minecraft in this video. He used a diamond as bait in the first prank; everyone would do anything to get a diamond! And once the other play steps closer to the treasure chest, he will fall into the pit of lava. What an evil prank. Continue watching the video to know more tricks, and do them on your friends.

If you aren’t the gamer type of prankster, you can skip these Minecraft pranks. Instead, consider making a prank call. A prank phone call is all you need. For the dialogue to be more convincing and lifelike, you'll need a script. In this case, you can contact your friend and inform them that they did something bad, or you can call them and make it appear that you mistakenly dialed their number while talking to someone else about them. Downloading a prank call app can help if you're worried about stuttering in conversation with a pal. Using this program from Ownage Pranks, you'll be able to make a prank call that is completely anonymous.

As always, happy pranking!



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