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Jun 21, 2021

Now that online shopping has been so popular, thanks to Amazon and other e-commerce websites - one can feel a lot giddy to check their mail more regularly. Gone are the days that All you’ll ever see are bills and some unremarkable promotional mail from insurance companies. (Sorry, insurance companies.) People now go to their mail often to see a surprise they ordered for themselves. And while people are in for a surprise anyway, why not use this opportunity to prank them? Send your prank "packages" and "parcels" to any mailbox you have access to. This means your neighbors' mailboxes, your friends', or even the one you have at home to prank your family members or just your friendly neighborhood mailman.  Our list is a mix of harmless pranks and some over-the-top stunts, so get ready to start pranking!

Will I get in trouble for pranking through the mail?

If you need enough assurance that you are not committing a federal offense by a bit of fooling around, then here is what you need to keep in mind: you get trouble for doing illegal things, and you don't get in trouble for not doing one. It's that simple! This means you shouldn't commit mail theft, send harmful threats for the sake of laughs, or do actual mail tampering. As long as your intentions and actions are not to commit serious harm or offense toward another person, then you are good! Remember that good-natured pranks are the best ones of all! 

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11 Mailbox Prank Ideas:

Before anything, you should know that mailboxes are not made to look the same way. Some are just made to slip a small envelope or parcels, while some can handle bigger ones. Take these ideas as inspirations, and don't hesitate to try or alter some steps to fit your pranking agenda. A good prankster is creative, so you must learn to adapt!

1. Fake Sweets Prank

Who says you only get candy and sweet treats from your neighbors when you go trick-or-treating? You can always make fake candy to leave in your neighbor's mailboxes as a sign of being overall neighborly! At first, they would think it's sweet that you leave them a pretty bag or a beautiful box full of sweets. But when they open these homemade candies, they'll be appalled to see (or worse, TASTE) some colored circles of clay that taste nothing like dirt that are wrapped in individual foils. It doesn't have to be just clay, though! If you want something edible that's safe for them to eat, you can mix some regular flour, water, add some food coloring - nothing more!  Roll it into balls and wrap it in cute tiny foils. Are you feeling a little extra crafty? Try making some fake chocolate cookies or chocolate chip cookies using the same ingredients. They'll appreciate the gesture at first. But the taste? Purely diabolical. 

2. Squirting Mailbox Prank

Got a hole behind your home mailbox? Cool! Now all you need to do is attach a hose to it. If you have got nothing going on the whole day or you just know when exactly someone will open your mailbox, this might be a good an excellent spend your time. Once the hose is attached perfectly, just when someone is going to lower their face down the mailbox, that's when you turn on the faucet and start to squirt that water! Just make sure to do this a few seconds earlier, depending on how long the tap is to strike at the perfect second. Also, make sure that your victim can take a joke because this prank is not the most subtle, and you might get in trouble for it if you messed with the wrong victim. (But if you're into that, we're not going to stop you!)

3. Snake Prank

Snakes are one of the creepiest animals on land. When someone sees it, no more questioning - it's time to run away before you even get stung! Take advantage of anyone's flight or fight (mostly fight) by leaving some realistic-looking snakes inside mailboxes. Why not? Snakes like hanging out in mostly cold, shaded areas, so it's believable why they're hanging out in a random mailbox. Wouldn't it be funny if everyone who saw the snake just ran and never minded the mail for a long time? Here's another idea, if it's still there after a while, you can leave fake snake eggs beside it. Regular chicken eggs are just fine. It will throw your victim off!

4. Dirt Package Prank

Here's a bit petty and easy prank. If you just had your backyard or garden cleaned up, the first best place to place all this dirt is the compost pit. The second best is in a random mailbox of any victim of your choice! Got some dead grass, dried-up manure, aggregates, or just any form of dirt you want to get rid of? Don't be shy and place them inside these mailboxes. Just put it all in the mailbox if you are feeling lazy. But if you are feeling a bit extra, you can take a box, put all these in, and seal it nicely with packaging tape before leaving it at the mailbox of your choice. It's completely harmless but annoying!

5. Trip To The Beach Prank

Take them to the beach by giving them sand, rocks, or if you want to be woke and shady about it - several plastic wrappers like we have in our oceans. This is extra impactful if your victim is an environmentally wasteful person and you want to send them a subtle message by giving them a mini "beach trip." Like the previous prank, it's up to you to leave your surprise unwrapped to fill an entire mailbox or exert some effort placing everything inside the box. That'll show them, and it will give you laughs at the same time!

6. Adult DVD Package Prank

This is perfect if your victim doesn't live alone or is in a sexually conservative family. You can even do this to your siblings if your parents are freaking about these kinds of things! Now, get yourself a bunch of adult DVDs from a local store, a couple of cheap sex toys like rubber dildos, basic vibrators, or butt plugs - and sneak them inside your house. (It wouldn't help to order online if your family members are a bunch of snoops. Now, you might need a little work to make a fake waybill to put on a sticker paper and write your victim's name on it. Want to embarrass them even more? Explicitly write "Adult DVDs," "Rubber Dildo," "Vibrator," or just whatever you got! You can find fake templates online, or you can find an old copy and improvise using Photoshop. Once your "waybill" is ready, package it not so discreetly to draw lots of attention for anyone to be suspicious enough to see what's inside. Yikes!

7. Annoying Subscriptions Prank

This can pass as a good revenge prank if you want to spend extra bucks annoying someone you hate. You won't get in trouble for sending someone some legal subscriptions, but you will be when you're not anonymous enough. So try to keep your name out of it as much as possible. You can tell the subscription companies about this. So what kind of subscriptions will you send them? If you know then enough to know what grinds their gears, send them the same thing! Is your victim an aggressive person and a biased member of the KKK? Send them magazine subscriptions about black people! Do they hate dogs? Send them a subscription of weekly/monthly random pet supplies. That'll throw them off, and you will get the best value for your buck!

8. Box Of Nothing Prank

For this prank, just grab an old box, seal it properly, or even print a pretend waybill just to fill the box with, well - nothing. Want to give your victim the thrill? Okay, it doesn't have to be complete "nothing." It could just be as empty and useless as a bunch of rocks or fallen branches on the street. It's so meaningless, and it’s hilarious!

9. Smoking Mailbox Prank

Have you ever seen one of those movies where some mysterious boxes or lockers just invite you to look inside because it is smoking from the inside? You can make this scene come to life! All you need is dry ice and a bottle of water. Be careful in handling dry ice, though, because it can burn your skin. (Don't tell us we didn't warn you.) Now, carefully fill that empty bottled water with the dry ice. Once you know someone will pass by your mailbox, subtly leave the bottle in with the cap open. The smoke will pass through the tiny holes of the mailbox, causing suspicion from any passerby. It’s kind of passive, but you can always look at their reactions from a security camera (if you have one!)

10. Nature In Mailbox Prank

Going back to nature is always a good idea. If your victim can come to it, then be a peach by bringing it to them! This is just like the dirt package prank, but instead of giving them only dirt - you give them products or by-products of nature. Poop is always a good idea, but if that sounds like a cliche to you, why not pick up dead animals? Twigs? A jar of rainwater? It's totally up to you and whatever is fun for you. 

11. Bathroom Toilet Paper Roll Prank

This prank is one of the easiest pranks on this list. When your mailbox is the type that opens when pulled from the outside, then this is perfect. Get your trusty toilet paper roll and tape the end of the first sheet on the opening of the mailbox's door. Leave the rest of the tissue paper inside. Once your mailbox is opened, there's going to be a surprise of a fallen toilet paper on the floor. Simple yet it always gets the giggles!

These are the mailbox pranks ideas that you can do as early as possible! Do you have a personal favorite on the list that you want to try soon? We're excited for you! Just make sure to keep it harmless to keep yourself from getting in trouble. Good luck, and happy pranking!

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