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Prank Wars 101: Pull Off This Itching Powder Prank On Your FriendsPrank Wars 101: Pull Off This Itching Powder Prank On Your Friends

Prank Wars 101: Pull Off This Itching Powder Prank On Your Friends

May 31, 2022

Are you starting a prank war, or have you been pranked and want to get even? This could be the cruelest prank idea, but what else can you do?! This itching powder prank would be perfect any time of the day. Itching powder has long been used as a prank or a joke on friends.

And you don't have to worry as this prank is completely harmless. Your friend would feel the itching, but it won't lead to further serious and dangerous effects. Your victim can always shower afterward!

And so, the prank war begins!

What is Itching Powder

Itching powder is a powder or powder-like substance that can cause itching when it comes in contact with human skin. Mucuna Pruriens and rosehip oil are the main ingredients in itching powder. Because of the needle-like hairs on these two agents, they can induce irritation.

Mucunain, an enzyme found in the hairs of the Mucuna pruriens plant, is known to induce excruciating itching in some people. In addition to being used as an ingredient in itching powder, Mucuna pruriens can be used to test the efficacy of anti-itch medications. Mucuna pruriens was used to make itching powder in the early nineteenth century to treat skin deafness.

At the time, itching powder was thought to be able to reactivate paralyzed sensations on the skin.

Is This Dangerous?

The itching powder is generally safe and does not have long-term consequences.

Be careful when making itching powder, as it can cause irritation to the lips and eyes. To be on the safe side, gloves and goggles are recommended.

You can rinse the itchiness or irritation caused by itching powder away with water.

If you get the powder in your eyes or on your lips, rush to your sink as soon as possible and wash it off.

How To Make An Itching Powder

There are three ways to make an itching powder; however, you can purchase it online or offline if you don't have the time and energy to make one. Nevertheless, here are how you can make your cruelest prank idea come into reality.

Using Rose Hip

  1. Collect some dried roses and place them in a bowl. If you don't have dried roses, buying fresh roses and drying them for five to seven days is an alternative.

  2. Remove the dried rose petals and sepals. After the petals and sepals are removed, look for a brown-colored bulb in the middle of the flower linked to the stem. This bulb is known as the rosehip.

  3. Put on a pair of gloves and cut the rosehip in half until you locate a cotton-like substance in the center. The itchy sensation is caused by a cotton-like material called cythilicus.

  4. Make a cup in which to place the cythilicus. Place the cythilicus above the cup and gently remove it from the rosehip with a toothpick. Allow the cythilicus to fall into the cup beneath. Make sure you're doing it correctly and not touching your eyes or mouth during the process.

  5. Make a cup of boiling water and put it next to the cup with the cythilicus in it. Let the cythilicus soak up the steam from the boiling water. This will activate the cythilicus' itching properties.

  6. Dry the cythilicus for about one to two hours in direct sunlight.

  7. Use a spoon to break up the cythilicus into a fine powder. Once the cythilicus was well crushed, it was put into a vial or other container. After everything is done, make sure to wash your hands well to avoid getting irritated.

Using Maple Tree Seeds

  1. Look for a maple tree or a group of them. Walk around and pick up the seedpods, which are sometimes called "whirligigs" because they spin when they fall from the tree. The seed pods are brown and look like wings or the blades of a helicopter. Get 15 to 20 seed pods from maple trees.

  2. Put on a pair of rubber gloves to protect your hands. Place a white sheet of paper on a table. The paper will be used to catch the silver hairs that are attached to the seedpod's wing. The itching feeling is caused by the silver hairs.

  3. Remove the wings of the actual seed with scissors. Remove the seed and the tough spine. Remove the spine that goes down the border of the wing as well.

  4. Rub two wings against each other until the silver hairs fall off. Repeat this process until the majority of the silver hairs have fallen out. Repeat for all of the wings until you have around one teaspoon of silver hairs.

  5. Pick up the paper and put the hairs in a plastic bag. Store the hairs in a dark spot, such as a cupboard, or you can also store them in a glass vial for two to three days to further dry them out. This will intensify their itching.

Using Hair

  1. This is very easy as you won't need anything else but your hair. Get your hairbrush with hair in it. Remove every hair and place it on a piece of paper.

  2. Get your scissors, and then cut all the hair you have collected into tiny pieces.

  3. Pick up the paper and place the hair in a plastic bag that can be sealed. You might even put it in an envelope. Keep the bag in a cabinet for future use.

People Trying The Prank

Here are different videos online doing this hilarious prank!

Itching Prank #1

This TikTok video is from @alliesparks which gained 2.2M views on the platform! That is way tooooo big! Her victim almost cried from endless itching. What a success, girlfriend!

Itching Prank #2

Watch @brookeashleyhall as she pranks her husband using itching powder. She put the itching powder in her husband's drawl, what a bad wife?!

This guy has got to be one of the bravest men out there for pranking his dad! @antonarvanitis pranked his dad like he is his friend.

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