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Indian Scammer Numbers You Can Call!Indian Scammer Numbers You Can Call!

Indian Scammer Numbers You Can Call!

Nov 27, 2020

Who hasn’t seen the aftermath of a scam call? Even if you haven’t experienced it first-hand, you don’t have to look very far. Just ask around! Grandparents, relatives, friends, coworkers - these scam callers have a ton of victims. While they tend to target the weak and vulnerable, no one is truly safe. 

We are so used to outsourced Indian workers that these calls feel legit. But they are anything but that. Emails, texts, pop-up ads, and more - the internet is their hunting ground. 

The worst thing of all? 

Most of these scammers don’t attempt to cold call anymore - they make you call them. 

Well, here at Ownage Pranks, we say that makes for a good opportunity. Pranksters everywhere can give them a little taste of their own medicine. 

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Who Are They And What Do They Do?

Most of these Indian scammers are out of work citizens, forced into the industry to make a living. They can range from high school dropouts to college graduates. There is always a bit of hesitation getting into the scamming businesses. But for them, the money is too good to pass up.

For every $1 they would make, the callers would receive 2-3 rupees in return. To put it into perspective, they only need to make 8 calls a day for 1 week to earn a basic salary. And that is assuming that they try to scam $100 per call - we all know that these numbers can go higher. 

They use pop up ads and viruses to “alarm” people about the pending threats. Then they give the solution for it - at a price. The hotline numbers are usually listed on the ad or website.

However, there are still groups that use the old method, and cold-call their victims. Once they have someone on the other line, they use confidence tricks to get in your head. Most victims end up giving all their details over the phone. 

Different Types of Indian Call Center Scams

The scam methods vary and depend on what they want to achieve. Here are different types of Indian call center scams: 

Tech Support

Their tech support scam has to be one of their oldest tricks in the book. It also has to be one of the more believable ones since India often manages US IT problems. They pretend there is a problem with your computer and push for remote access. They ask you to download an app, and then they can control your computer from abroad.

They usually tinker around pretending to fix your problem, then asking for payment. If they go with this route, victims end up giving their details over the phone. Other times, they snoop around your computer and steal any relevant information.

IRS Scam

There are several ways Indian scammers go about IRS impersonation scams. They pose as an IRS officer and ask about back taxes, old debt, and new amendments. If you do not come up with the cash as soon as possible, they say you will be arrested within the next 24 hours. 

If you do not have all the money upfront, they usually settle for 50% of a fixed fee. Let’s say they ask for $10,000. You don’t have that amount, so they offer a deal if you pay $500 or $1,000 first - poof! You don’t have to go to jail! 

Their other method is a tax rebate or cashback scheme. They pretend to be an agent and mention that you are due for a bit of money. They ask about your account details and use that to gain access to your cash. 

There are several ways they get your money. They accept wire transfers, credit cards, and gift cards as payment. 


There are a ton of other scams. There is one for social security numbers, student loans, and a bunch of other major companies. When scamming is a business- you best believe they have something up their sleeve. There is always a new grift in the works.

Indian Scammer Numbers

The US tries to bring down as many of these call centers as they can with international lawsuits. But at the end of the day, these “call centers” are like the mythical beast Hydra. Bring down one and get two in its place. 

We say let’s take matters into our own hands and keep their callers busy. Here are some Indian scammer numbers you can prank call: 

Indian Scammer Numbers - Tech Support

415-969-4630 1-844-808-8666
1-217-284-9487 1-800-392-9127
‭858-256-7209 1-800-249-0435
0749-543-5448 1-855-999-4377
306-930-9352 1-800-674-2913
1-501-359-6644 1-844-891-1946
1-844-588-8646 1-800-893-9752
1-951-225-4557 1-888-276-8613
1-800-484-7264 1-865-383-3330
1-800-320-9481 1-855-676-2448

Note: These Indian scammers tend to change their numbers frequently to evade the authorities. Numbers that work today might not work tomorrow. 

Indian Scammer Numbers - IRS, CRA, SSA, & Cash Back Scams

918-380-1134 503-421-9938
612-509-2691 585-653-0319
509-316-9769 912-483-4428
229-506-7845 509-316-9754
681-204-6840 618-248-8202
817-674-9482 425-366-8981
786-553-4932 214-509-6566
773-572-9024 864-712-9426
509-316-9853 843-531-9293
407-391-9524 202-900-6938

Note: In general, these Indian scammers tend to change their numbers frequently. But scams posing as the IRS, SSA, and other US government services switch faster than most. It is probably due to the lawsuits and busts done by the government. 

Indian Scammer Numbers - Loan Forgiveness, Insurance, Fake Businesses, & Others

888-777-7201 213-640-9087
‭888-303-9373‬ 325-244-3806
949-656-3546 501-943-6610
906-345-3319 1-858-256-7282
904-310-1576 1-904-801-2608

Note: These Indian scammers tend to change their numbers frequently to evade the authorities. Numbers that work today might not work tomorrow. 

Give these numbers a try in your prank calls. If none of them work, you can also check out or Reddit’s r/ScamNumbers. These online forums have an updated list of scammer phone numbers.

See Ownage Pranks In Action

Pranking scammers takes a lot of skill, and it is definitely not for everybody, like what Forbes said - these people are professional thieves who not just steal money, but your info as well. You need to learn how to improvise on the go without giving yourself away. 

See the masters at work here!

Tech Support - Microsoft Scam

They claimed $150 is only good for a one time fix, and $300 would cover 3 years. Did they really think we wouldn’t catch on?

Tech Support - Bitcoin Scam

We used Rakesh, our Indian guy, to go toe-to-toe with an Indian scammer. She caught on mid-call. You can’t believe how mad they get when you waste their time...

IRS - Tax Scam

In this call, you can see how they try to fish for information. When they ask for your number - they get to check if you are on their database or not. Even if they didn’t give an outgoing call, they could keep your number on file. Scary, right? Remember to always stay anonymous!

Gift Card Scam

We collabed with IRLrosie and prank called a gift card scam. Notice the lengths they go through to get what they want? Bust out improv skills

If you aren’t ready to take on Indian scammers, Ownage Pranks can help. Request a prank call, and we can take over for you. Your grandparents or friends might not be able to get their money back, but you can sure as hell make it difficult for scammers to try again.

Happy Pranking!


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