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The Art of Pranking: How To Prank Call Without Getting CaughtThe Art of Pranking: How To Prank Call Without Getting Caught

The Art of Pranking: How To Prank Call Without Getting Caught

Nov 6, 2021

Trick or treat! Who wants to go out and have some fun? Many people enjoy playing harmless pranks on their friends and family. But what about those who want to prank call someone without getting caught? It's a little harder than just dialing a number, but with these helpful tips from Ownage Pranks, you'll surely be able to prank anyone anonymously.


You've seen it in movies and TV shows and maybe even in real life: a person prank-calling another, often to the other's expense. It's a tradition that goes back years, but is there ever a right time to prank call someone? Sure, this technique can be used for all sorts of reasons (like getting revenge), but there are also times when it can be used for good.


Pranking, in general, has been around for centuries. From making fun of classmates at school to friends in adulthood, pranking is always a good time. But what about the unsuspecting public? How do you prank a call without getting caught? With these tips and tricks, you can be sure that your prank call will fool everyone. Here are some helpful hints for how to prank call without getting caught.

Learn the basics of prank calling

In order to prank someone without getting caught, it’s important to understand what they would see and hear in a prank call. Here are a few pointers on how to make your prank phone call successful:

Choose a victim

Before picking your target, do some research. Consider what type of prank caller you are, and what kind of prank you're looking to pull. For example, a comedian prank caller would probably choose a victim who will play along in order to have a good time. A scammer, on the other hand, would most likely prank call someone who will hang up on them immediately without buying the product. Choosing the right person can significantly decrease the chances of getting caught.


You can’t prank someone if you don’t know who it is. So, one of the first things you need to do is pick out a name and then go from there. Consider what they might sound like or what their hobbies are so you can pick something appropriate for them. Chances are, you don’t want to call up the CEO of your company and start asking him questions about the company if they are really busy.


Try to use a phonebook to help you out with your prank calls. This way, you’ll find out who they are easily, but without them knowing that they are being pranked. If you want to do a prank on a more active citizen, there’s always the classic prank call.

Choose the right time

The best time to prank someone is when they are alone and just in the middle of preparing for an important task or have some other place they need to go. According to How To Prank Someone Without Getting Caught, prank calls from a cellular phone usually occur during “frequent callers” periods. In other words, the time when the phone is at the highest volume. And yes, we just made that up!


But seriously, prank calls occur when the phone is at a higher volume, which is a good time to prank. The best time for prank calls is during a frequent callers period.

Practice, practice, practice!

It is quite easy to accidentally prank someone. It happens quite frequently when you are just messing around on the phone with a friend. You might start in on a prank call, but if you hang up, it could be easy for your friend to call you back and tell you that you were calling her. It is best to start a prank call with someone that you know well and can easily control, because you are most likely to mess up if you try it on someone you don't know. Practice can be an excellent way to ensure that the pranks you play on others will actually work.


One easy way to practice for pranking a call is to make a prank call. Before you call a big name, you can practice the prank call to a friend, get all of your equipment ready, and make sure that you have an accurate script prepared.

How to Prank Call WITHOUT Getting Caught

Get a free number

Since the vast majority of pranking calls come from a premium rate line, it makes more sense to prank call someone from a free line. A lot of mobile carriers are free, and therefore much easier to prank call than landlines.

Call from a private number

You can't just pick up a random phone and make a prank call, which is why it's always better to use a private number. In this way, if someone does answer, they won't really know you are pranking them. Since phone numbers have long been hard to trace, it's hard to track down the real owner of a phone number. Plus, using a private number lets the prankers keep their identity hidden while doing their prank.

Create a random identity

When talking to a stranger, you will want to sound natural. When in doubt, keep your voice normal and speak slowly. If you have any stress, try taking a deep breath to give your voice more strength.


Sometimes it can be difficult to figure out how to prank someone without sounding suspicious. One common way to create a believable fake name is to use a name that is already used by someone. For example, if the person being pranked knows a lot of celebrities, he/she can create a fake name that is similar to someone famous.

Create a fake number and get a new SIM card

You can either create a fake number and try to prank call people using the default SMS service or you can get a new SIM card and get a new number. Either way, the best way to prank call people without getting caught is to pretend to be a person you know or a company you work for. When calling a number, you can create a “spoof” number and be a complete stranger.

Look for prank call apps in the App Store

How to prank call without getting caught also relies on the apps that you would be using. A good prank call wouldn’t be a successful one if you don’t have a reliable prank call app with you. Thankfully, Ownage Pranks have two apps that are available for you to download - for FREE - right away!

Prank Call App by Ownage Pranks

Our prank call app works like a charm. When you download this app, you get instant access to all of our pre-recorded scripts that you can use to prank call your friends or family. There are tons of prank call situations you can utilize so you surely won’t run out of ideas to do for your next prank calling session! Go ahead and try it now!

Spoof Call App by Ownage Pranks

If you think you can handle a prank call without the help of an app that can do half of the prank call job for you, you may opt to download Ownage Pranks’ spoof call app instead. Our spoof call app can help keep your identity and caller ID anonymous without the need of buying an extra sim card or a burner phone. 


Now that you know the best ways to prank call, all that’s left is to put your knowledge to use. You can now prank anyone and everyone, and no one will know that they’re not talking to the person they expected.


From everyone here at Ownage Pranks: happy pranking!

Reddit: Is Spoofing A Phone Number Illegal?



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