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Collect Call From Jail PrankCollect Call From Jail Prank

Collect Call From Jail Prank

May 5, 2022

"What?! Why are you calling from prison?!"

These could be the first words you'd hear from your victim once you tell them that you are calling from jail. Who would not freak out if their favorite person calls and tell them, "Hello this is a collect call from jail?"

Nonetheless, if you are up for a different type of prank call, a prank call where you'd make everyone anxious, worried, and such, this is definitely for you! Continue reading this blog to collect more ideas from different pranksters on Youtube!

Calling From Jail Prank Videos

Here are some prank videos from different Youtubers you might want to watch first before trying the prank on your own!

Best Tiktok Jail Prank Calls

This Tiktok videos compilation of jail prank calls from Chiron is worth watching. In the compilation, almost all the victims fall into the trap. The pranksters used automated instructions to make the collect call more realistic and convincing.

Almost everyone believed the prank, except at 1:43 when Abbie Herbert pranked her husband; unfortunately, she failed! Her husband said, "I don't want to accept this call."

If you are going to try this prank, make sure you keep your laughs inside you and stay serious!

Inmate Prank Call

This is a short Youtube video from HeythereDelilah where she pranks her mother-in-law with her husband. What a brave girl she is! Who dares to prank their mothers-in-law?! The wife is filming the video, and as you watch the video, the mother sounds worried about her son's situation.

We dare you to pull off this prank on your in-laws! If you're wondering which app they used, HeythereDelilah commented that they used Google Translate for this prank. Do you think it's a mission accomplished

Jail Prank Call on Dad

Page Kennedy did something cruel to his dad: prank-called him! Kennedy is surely not expecting his dad's reaction. If you watch the 1-minute video, you can't tell whether his dad is angry or just worried. His dad, out of anger, never let Kennedy finish any of his sentences. And what's funnier, his dad hung up on him, which left him too stunned to speak! Well, we guess the reverse card got activated!

We wish everyone who braves to do this prank to be braver! Your victim's reactions are unexpected yet totally priceless.

Calling My Dad From Jail Prank

This is a 19-minute video, but the prank starts at 12:50. Mac pranks her dad, saying that she is in jail. However, Mac is definitely not a prankster as she immediately gives in as soon as her dad asks if it is a joke.

Before pranking someone, make sure you are all set and ready. One laugh can ruin the prank! Have your script prepared beforehand.

Do The Prank Yourself

After watching all these Youtube videos above, we know you are ready to take on the challenge. This calling from a jail prank requires courage and bravery as reactions are always unexpected. Because if you prank your parents with this, you may not have a house to go home to after!

Step 1: Prepare yourself

Your first step would be preparing yourself. You can create your script; let's say you are in jail for stealing something at the groceries, speeding, or trespassing. Whatever crime comes to your mind, just make sure to stick to it so you won't get caught.

Your script could go like this:

"Hello?" I've been arrested and taken to the county jail! What are my options? There is no money in my pocket!" There's no harm in saying, "No, I'm in jail. I assumed you were just calling." Help me out, please. There is no money in my wallet."

Hold your laughter!!!!!

Step 2: Ready the props

In this step, you have to get your props ready. Use a different cell phone or landline phone. You can also use a spoof call app to make the call anonymous. And then, go to Google Translate and type in the script that the operators say.

The script goes:

"Hello, this is a collect call from (your state) County Jail for (your name) say yes if you would like to accept."

Step 3: Do the prank

Before you do the prank, decide first who your victim will be. Let us remind you that if you are going to prank your parents, we don't know what the future holds anymore! And if you are going to prank your friend, they'd know that it's just a prank. Your choice!

Nonetheless, as you do the pranking, make sure you don't stutter and laugh. The way you handle the conversation will determine whether the prank is a success or not.

Other Pranks You Can Do

Not everyone has the guts to prank their loved ones because they know they'd worry about them, or they are just scared of being kicked out of the house. So here's a list of other pranks you can do!

Fake Cake Prank

Add cake icing, sprinkles, etc., on a round car-washing sponge or piece of craft foam to create a fun cake decoration! Afterward, try not to crack a smile while the victim tries to cut some cake. It's a prank worthy of 5 stars!

Salted Cookie Prank

Instead of sugar, substitute salt for it in a batch of cookies. You can either put the cookies in elegant tins or arrange them on a dish for your guests to take home. Or bring it to a friend's house for supper and leave it there. Don't forget to bring a camera to record people's reactions as they eat.

Prank Call

Prank calls never get old! People are so creative that they have different styles of doing their prank calls. Prank someone using a prank call app. With this Ownage Pranks app, you'd never have to exert a lot of effort because the app got your back! You don't have the script for the prank? The app got you! You want to make the call anonymous? The app got you! You ran out of ideas on how to do the prank call? The app got you!

All you have to do is download the app!

Two Remote Prank

Spend on a second remote control that matches the first one. While they are watching, switch channels. Imagine their confused and scared faces as you switch channels! Make sure you don't overdo it with this prank. Even if you use it in modest dosages, you can keep it going for a long time.

Just a reminder, keep the pranks harmless!

As always, happy pranking!


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