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Harmless Yet Hilarious Car Pranks You Should TryHarmless Yet Hilarious Car Pranks You Should Try

Harmless Yet Hilarious Car Pranks You Should Try

Apr 30, 2022

Cars are undoubtedly one of the most precious things in a person's life-they worked hard for it! However, we know you are really curious about your friends' reactions once you pull a classic prank involving their car! Open tuna cans under the driver's seat or messing in the car's interior are familiar vehicle tricks. These pranks are sure to provoke a reaction, but the response may not be what you expected. Don't do any dangerous or damaging stunts with your car if you want to keep your buddies. After all, a car is a valuable thing.

We've put up a list of harmless car pranks you should try! You will get to prank them and save the friendship.

Set up an exhaust whistle

Make sure to record your friend's reaction when you do this. Moreover, this prank will only cost you $10! You can bag an exhaust whistle on Amazon for $10. Tailpipe stickers can be installed in just seconds, but there is a potential they will bother your prank victim as they drive to the repair, depending on their technical skill.

Fill the car with ping-pong balls

Put the ping-pong balls in every single corner of the car to maximize the space. Fill that the trunk as well if you're feeling very wicked about things. After a few months of this, imagine the look on their faces when they go to fix the compartment and discover it covered with ping-pong balls. When you open your door, there's always the risk of releasing an avalanche of tiny ping pong balls. It will be a pain to clean up, no matter how you look at it.

Move the car

This one is guaranteed a harmless prank; however, you will need your friend's keys to do this. You should move the car from its existing parking location (whether it's at school, work, or at home) to a street corner or a huge tree where it may be concealed. Make sure to set up a camera and record your friend's panic attack!

Cracked or broken window

We must warn you, do this prank with extra cautions--who wants to see their car's window broken? You're breaking some glass, rolling down the window of your friend's car, and placing a fake shattered glass on the driver's door and in the driver's seat. The lack of glass at the windows' margins should alert the victim that this is a fake right away. On the other hand, most drivers will jump into panic mode and wonder aloud: "Who did this?!"

Color the windshield wiper fluid

If you add a few drops of any color food coloring to the windshield wiper fluid, your victim will probably want to drain the tank as soon as possible. How annoying can it be?

But if you get caught, YOU would drain the tank!

Cover the car with sticky notes

Sticky notes won't leave any damage to your victim's car, but they will find them very annoying! Cover every inch of the car. Don't spare on the coverage; you must cover every square inch of the vehicle. You can also jazz things up by changing the color of the notes or writing a message in them. Lastly, record your friend's reaction; you would love to look back to that moment a few years later!

Put up a "For Sale" Sign

When you do this prank, make sure your victim is out of town or on vacation for a couple of days. The "For Sale" prank works best if the victim does not have easy or quick access to his car for an extended length of time. Choose your victim carefully, someone who has a car visible parked outside a house or in a driveway, place a For Sale sign with a low price on the vehicle and leave that person's phone number. People will be calling them because of a car that is priced low? What a steal! And your victim will have no idea what's going on.

Stick Funny Car Stickers

You should be familiar with the victim's favorite sports teams, political connections, or personal issues to pull off this prank. Simply choose stickers that symbolize the polar opposite of your friend's faves and apply them to the automobile.

Make sure to select funny car stickers that are simple to remove. Stickers are much easier to remove from the back window than from the bumper. Even better, seek for printed magnets to replace them.

Plastic Wrap the Car

Who would know that a plastic wrap can be a source of irritation and humor when applied to a vehicle. You'll need a couple of standard-sized kitchen plastic wrap boxes to completely cover the vehicle. Pick a moment when your friend isn't at work, class, or otherwise occupied to pull this prank. Lastly, make sure to record your friend's frustration!

Weird sounds

Hide a few noise-making gadgets in the car's interior and you can make your friend worry about what's wrong with it. Save a few tin cans and you'll have a quick noisemaker to play around with. Additionally, a roll of duct tape and a few small metal objects for the cans are required. Ensure the cans are clean to avoid foul odors in your friend's automobile.

Reset the car settings

When you get up in the morning and get into your car, you expect the seat and mirrors to remain where you left them. So, why not shake things up a bit for your victim? Change their car settings! To do this, you should have access to their car's interior.

You can change the following settings:

  • Seat height

  • stereo volume

  • Fan Settings

  • Dashboard lights brightness

  • Pre-set radio stations

Be there to record when your friend learns about the changes. Your victim may not notice any changes in the mirror angles until she gets behind the wheel and drives away; thus, it's best to leave it.

Try prank calling

If you are not into these harmless car tricks, you can still prank your friend by just using your phone! With just one call, you can make yourself entertained by your friend's reactions. You can practice your script or download a prank call app that gives you access to all pre-recorded prank call scripts! Give Ownage Pranks a try, and have a fun day.

As always, happy pranking!


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