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Pranking 101: Funny Ways To Wrap Presents For Your FriendsPranking 101: Funny Ways To Wrap Presents For Your Friends

Pranking 101: Funny Ways To Wrap Presents For Your Friends

May 4, 2022

Receiving a present could be one of the best feelings in the world, it means that you popped up in their head. Do you think they would mind if you pull off a simple prank on their presents?

Whether it's their birthday or just a gift exchange at a Christmas party, you wouldn't want to miss the chance to wrap their gifts with a twist. Opening a present is fun enough; however, adding a little intrigue will make opening presents more memorable and fun.

Here are some clever tricks and fun ways to wrap up your gifts for someone!

#1. Russian Nesting Gifts

You'll need at least three boxes to get the full effect of this gift exchange gag. Unwrapping the third box is likely to irritate the gift opener; therefore, adding more boxes only heightens the anticipation of finding out what the gift is. Do as many gift boxes as you can, since the more, the merrier!

Many people enjoy Russian nesting dolls, but you may not receive the same thrill when they're placed inside multiple boxes for your gift exchange. Prepare your camera, and record your friend's reactions as they open the gift. This is definitely a bad idea if you are pranking someone impatient; we dare you! *evil laugh*

#2. Party Popper Gift

This is an awesome idea if your target victim freaks out easily to sounds or anything that they don't see coming. Buy a huge party popper. Confetti is released when you twist the bottom of the container. To ensure the success of this prank, attach a label to the bottom of the party popper stating that it must be opened by twisting the bottom.

You can try to pass off that party popper as a gift by dressing it up with a piece of wrapping paper.

#3. Toilet Paper Roll

Take an already-filled toilet paper roll. And for this prank, you'll need around half of a roll of toilet paper. Before beginning to layer in gifts, you'll need to unroll the entire length to the end. Tape the largest gift to the end of the roll and re-roll the toilet paper, randomly taping gifts into it until the roll is entirely re-rolled. Wrap a ribbon around the toilet paper to add a festive touch. You may use lottery tickets, dollar bills, gift cards, movie tickets, and even individually wrapped tea bags for this toilet paper gift-grab party prank.

Watch your friend's reactions as they find out they're receiving a roll of toilet paper as a gift, or maybe record it? You can also add some gross elements to jazz it up!

#4. Christmas Card Prank

This could be your revenge on those who give out Holiday cards instead of real gifts! Prepare your camera for this as you will surely want to record your victim's reactions! You'll need a straw and an earplug with a string connected to it to booby trap the card you've picked out for that particular someone.

Your first step toward this bad idea is simply to poke several holes in the bottom of the card, insert the straw, and secure it with an earplug to prevent the liquid from leaking out. Straw should be adhered to the card's crease with tape; then string should be inserted into one hole and then back out again. You'll want to get creative with what you put inside a straw because the person who opens the card will have their crotch wet if they don't.

#5. Wrapping Paper Prank

It will be more frustrating for your target if you tape over the flaps of the present they received. Put glue on all four sides of the box and wrap the gift one side at a time until you've coated the entire box with adhesive. It will be extremely difficult to remove the wrapping paper once it has dried, and anyone who tries to open the gift will have difficulty tearing it open once it is dry.

#6. Surprise Balloon Prank

This balloon-inspired gift exchange trick can come in handy for light and heavy products. Make sure you don't overfill the ribbon with gifts. You'll need a helium balloon for this stunt. Put your balloon and present in a box big enough to fit them both. For this present, a box with a single lid that the recipient removes is ideal. The balloon will rise as soon as the top is removed. The bottom of the balloon ribbon can be used to tie or tape lightweight things, such as lottery tickets or gift cards. Why not use fake money to add some twist, and then give the real money after your victim finds out that the money they received is fake?!

Additionally, consider adding weight to the balloon if you're in an area with a high ceiling. Use the ribbons as anchors by tying them around heavy objects.

#7. Saran Wrap Ball

Begin by wrapping a single item in saran wrap and then proceed to the rest of the gift. Keep wrapping until all the saran wrap is gone. Place a new item every 3 to 7 wraps if you have numerous things to put in your ball. As the saran wrap ball grows, it becomes easier to add stuff. Small gifts in boxes, candies, beads, lottery tickets, party favors, gift cards, money, resin Christmas ornaments, travel-size products, and small hand-held items are all suitable for this gift exchange.

Imagine the frustration your target will feel upon opening the gift. 

Try Other Pranks

If you are not the type to exert efforts in wrapping up gifts with a twist, or you don't want to see your friends struggle upon receiving gifts from you, you can try a different prank that will definitely make you laugh out loud. Prank calls can be your last resort! Make sure you have your script ready before calling your victim. If you think you're going to stutter, you can download a prank call app that allows you to access different prank call scripts and make the call anonymous to make it more realistic! This app from Ownage Pranks will totally help you succeed in your prank call, and it is available on both IOS and Android devices.

Nonetheless, have fun with these gift wrap pranks!


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