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Feel Like Messing With Roomie? Try These 12 Funny Shower Prank Ideas!Feel Like Messing With Roomie? Try These 12 Funny Shower Prank Ideas!

Feel Like Messing With Roomie? Try These 12 Funny Shower Prank Ideas!

May 7, 2021

Shower pranks (or any bathroom prank, for that matter) are like the wind. You can’t see it but….yeah, you definitely couldn’t see it. But hey, you know it’s there! Do you live with your roommate? Your family? Your significant other? This is perfect for doing when you live with someone, and you find days where you just wanna mess with them. We get you. That is why we listed down 15 funny shower prank ideas to mess with anyone you live with. Read on to find out!

But first, why in the shower?

Most of the time, people do pranks because they want to see the priceless look on their victims' faces. But not here. Showers, as we all know, are very private spaces. When people enter showers, they think that the entire area is theirs and theirs only at that moment. It is a place for a peaceful time, a time for reflection, and what-have-you. If you think of areas to be pranked in, would SERIOUSLY think of the shower? Not really, right? That's why it's so perfect! One of the things that make an awesome prank is the surprise factor it exudes. So if you're gonna prank someone during their most unexpected, that will make it an even hilarious prank.


But remember, since showers are very private places, you should still value someone else's privacy. Be intuitive enough to know when enough is enough. We do not recommend taking videos or photos of someone in the shower and posting them anywhere online. Pranks are supposed to be fun and not sneaky ways to humiliate people!


Now that you know why showers are so unique continue reading for prank ideas!

Here are 15 Funny Prank Ideas To Do In The Shower:

  1. Nail Polish on Bar of Soap

This is considered a harmless prank and one of the easiest ways to mess with someone in the shower. All you need is a clear nail polish and a bar of soap that they usually use. Grabe the soap and let it dry a little. After that, make a thick coat of nail polish and make sure to let it dry first before putting it back to where you got it. Doing this will bring them a sad, sud-less shower no matter how much they rub and force the poor soap to lather! Alternatively, some people use varnish to pull off this prank. But we think nail polish is cheaper and more accessible! Whatever it is, go let that soap give your victim nothing!

  1. Tasty Shower

Is your victim more into sweet or savory? If they are sweet, grab some powdered fruit juice to place in the shower head. Are they into something more savory? You can get some broth or powdered soup to place in the same area. Do you know what their average shower time is? Even better! This is ideal to do 30 minutes to 1 hour before entering the bathroom. (Just in case you live with other people that share the same shower as them.) You want to focus on your only target! But if that doesn't matter to you, then feel free to add the beautiful concoctions in the shower head as early as you like.

  1. Glue the Lids

Take their shampoo/any shower product and glue the lids to the bottle with strong glue. It's pretty simple, but it will make them lose their mind when they are already in the mood to enjoy their little shower. Just imagine having trouble opening your own shampoo. A bummer, isn't it?

  1. Ice bucket Challenge

Only do this when you are incredibly close to the person you are pranking, and they wouldn't mind seeing you in the shower by surprise. You can also do this in the cubicle in a public shower if you like. All you need is a bucket of ice cubes and an elevated surface to stand on. Once they are in the shower with their eyes closed and feeling their relaxing bath, suddenly pour the ice over your victim's head and watch them scream the hell out! This is a bit risky, so make sure no serious harm will be caused upon doing this.

  1. Reversed Toilet Paper

Not exactly the most hardcore prank. But this could surely annoy people! Just switch the direction of where the toilet paper used to go and anticipate the subtle growls and annoyed voices of people in the toilet!

  1. Plastic Wrap on Toilet

This is one of the oldest ways to mess with someone in the bathroom. (That may also need an ample amount of cleaning time right after.) All you need to do is open the toilet seat to place some unnoticeable saran wrap over the insides of the toilet bowl so that when someone pees, or worse, take a dump - the saran wrap will catch any form of excretion from them!

  1. Savory Toothpaste

We're sure your roomie is now sick of the minty taste of toothpaste, so it is just about time that you get thoughtful enough to give them something tasty! Empty their toothpaste container and add any choice of your creamy sauce. May it be ketchup, mustard, cream cheese, mayonnaise, or even hot sauce! Just make sure to keep it neat to not leave them suspicious right away. Plus, it may be a bit of a challenge because it is pretty challenging to fill a toothpaste container. We suggest you use a syringe to push the sauces inside flawlessly. Don't worry, the fun will be worth it!

  1. Colorful Towels

This works best on colored towels to not be conspicuous enough for your unsuspecting victim. Once your victim is in the shower, grab their towel and add some powder dye/food coloring to it. Best to match the color with the color of their towel. If they have white/a light-colored one, don't worry! People don't inspect their towels before wiping themselves using them. They may not notice it first, but you will! And it will be fun seeing your roomie in their (not) true colors!

  1. Blood Bath

Have you ever seen those horror movie scenes where some character enters the bathroom only to notice blood coming out of the shower? This is just as spooky as it is! We suggest you do this during Halloween or when your roommate just finished watching a horror/a slasher film. Doing this is almost as similar as the Tasty Shower Prank. All you need is a crimson red food coloring to place in the shower head., and voila! A literal blood bath for your wet victim!

  1. Oily Hair

Is your roomie's hair a little dry? Try switching the contents of their shampoo/conditioner/any in-shower hair product with vegetable oil and let them enjoy that silky (and very tacky) hair! Just make sure to get them another one of their hair products so they won't stay mad at you!

  1. Slippery Faucets

Sometimes when you have wet hands, it is difficult to twist certain types of faucets on. You can slather a generous amount of Vaseline to these faucets and let your roomie struggle turning faucets for when they need to wash their hands or brush their teeth. Simple, yet very effective!

  1. Peanut Butter Paper Towel Sandwich

This prank may be a bit on the icky side but hey, putting poop on anything makes it prank-worthy! All you need is probably a teaspoon of peanut butter and tissue paper. Place the peanut butter in the tissue paper as if someone wiped their butt with it and just leave it on the bathroom floor. Whoever comes in and reacts in disgust first is your victim.

And these are the 12 funny shower pranks that you can try in the shower to mess with anyone you live with. Happy pranking!

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