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10 Funny Locker Pranks: UNLOCKED!10 Funny Locker Pranks: UNLOCKED!

10 Funny Locker Pranks: UNLOCKED!

Jun 8, 2021

Lockers may seem like plain and boring metal boxes that do nothing but safely keep some stuff for us in school, in the gym, or even in spas. Well, they’re made for that primary purpose - but they don’t always have to be! Pranksters are creative in manipulating these things and situations to make them funny and memorable. That’s just the art of pranking: every boring thing must be funny and exciting. 

So if you think that these lockers are only made for books, towels, valuables, and what-have-you, then think again! We are here to guide you through a fun experience through funny locker pranks!

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Now, here is the list of 10 Funny Locker Pranks that always get anyone!  

Are you ready? You should be!

  1. Ringing Lockers Prank

Do you have access to some lockers? Perfect! You can pull this prank off by having many alarm clocks that ring like crazy. The louder, the better! Find the ideal time for people to pass by these locker rooms. Set the alarm clocks all at the same time and place them inside lockers. When the time is right, it will start ringing loud enough to annoy people! The best part? No one knows how to turn them off because they couldn't open these lockers!

  1. White Out Prank

We're giving you an early disclaimer that this might be a little bit cruel yet epic! Just make sure your victim has a sense of humor before doing this and has no immediate need to open their locker. Now, if your victim's locker is kept safe through a number lock, you should grab white paint and paint over the colors of the numbers. This way, they will never know which numbers to press, which can drive them crazy! Hey, don't feel limited to only use white paint in this prank. You may also use permanent markers or non-permanent markets. It's entirely up to you!

  1. Zip tie Prank

Like the White Out Prank, this prank can be a  little cruel, especially if you don't know how to put it back to how it was before. It's pretty simple, use a zip tie and stick it in all the locker edges. Your victim will find themselves desperately searching for shears or even just regular scissors just to open their locker! 

  1. Evaporating Dry Ice Prank

Before doing this, you should know that dry ice should be handled carefully because it can burn! You just want to have good, harmless fun here - not be responsible for anyone's hospital bill.  So to be safe, Put some dry ice inside a bottle of water and leave the lid open. Find the perfect timing to leave it in your victim's locker and for people to notice. Now, the smoke will seep through the tiny holes of the locker. Now, it is your turn to delight in the curious faces of other people, as if dying to know what's inside that locker. But of course, they can't open it easily! They just have to wait and see nothing but a smokey bottle.

  1. Bouncy Surprise

Have you ever seen those small and really bouncy rubber balls? If yes, do you know where to get them in copious amounts? If your answer is yes again, then good for you! You're one step into achieving a perfectly epic prank. Now, all you need to do is gather all these bouncy balls and stuff your victim's entire locker with this. Here's a tip: to keep the balls from bouncing while you put them in, you can always use cardboard to control them. When opened, the cardboard will fold and give way to all those little bouncing balls! This might need a lot o cleaning up after, though. (But they don't have to know that it's you who did it. *wink wink*)

  1. A Bunch of Locks Prank

This would be such a horrifying prank for someone with Kleidariaphobia or the fear of locks and keys. (It's a real word, look it up!) Like the title gives, you will be needing a bunch of locks to put together in one locker. Just imagine a swarm of bees in a beehive. The goal is for the locks to look like that! Even you would freak out if it happened to you; that’s when you know it's an effective prank! 

  1. Dirty Locker Prank

We don't mean you need to stuff someone's locker with actual dirt and dust by “dirty”! We mean, you can let them appear "dirty" by stuffing their lockers with men's magazines, dildos, condoms, or anything that screams "I am a perv!" This is perfect for doing in school. Even better if any faculty member (or worse, the principal) walks by and sees the whole thing literally unfolding before their eyes! You can do this to a friend who is an actual pervert or just someone completely opposite. It's your prank to make, so it's totally up to you!

  1. Butcher’s Surprise Prank

If you want to go dark and macabre, you can consider this one as a good revenge prank, or if not, just a trick to do to someone who will get the humor in this. We're warning you, this can get creepy! Go to your local butcher shop and get yourself a severed head of a pig, a cow, or just any animal. The more horrifying it looks, the better! Now, all you need to do is leave it at your victim's locker and wait for them to scream in horror (or hilarity, it depends) when they see this! Kit Harrington or the guy who played Jon Snow in Game of Thrones played an almost similar prank on his girlfriend, so why can't you? Tip: if you don't want to go this level of dark, you can always use a mannequin head or a head of a life-size Barbie doll. Allow yourself to be creative and resourceful! 

  1. Locker Poop Prank

Poop always surprises people, especially when seen in the most unusual places. Adding poop to anything is just a classic prank that never goes wrong! Who would've thought about someone else pooping in a locker? No one! Because it doesn't make sense! Firstly, most lockers are too small to fit a human, let alone have enough room for someone to scoot and take a good dump. Secondly, we are civilized species. We have these spaces called bathrooms to poop in. So if someone opens their locker one day and sees a horrendous guest (poop), it would be almost impossible for them to not flip out! If you are not the one to pick up your cat's, your dog's, or even your own poop - don't worry! You can always use poop-like alternatives such as melted chocolate or peanut butter to artfully place in a piece of tissue paper to look as if someone just wiped it off their butt!

  1. Grass Prank

Got lots of grass at home that needs disposing of? The best place to put it is in the compost pit, the second best is in the trash can, and the third best is in your victim's locker! Just like the epic bouncing balls, you can fill someone else's locker with grass and wait for them to open it and be surprised by nature! This can get a little itchy as a prank, making sure they are not allergic to anything like grass or pollen.

And these are the pranks that should never be hidden behind closed locker doors! We’re excited for you to try them. Wishing you the best of luck and happy pranking!



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