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Funeral Prank: The Funniest Way to Break the Ice Funeral Prank: The Funniest Way to Break the Ice

Funeral Prank: The Funniest Way to Break the Ice

Oct 19, 2021

Funeral pranks are a longstanding but still little-known tradition where family members or friends play a practical joke on the deceased before or during the funeral. They aren't the most popular type of prank to pull. Some people believe that it's disrespectful to the family to prank them, but, in reality, the family members who are celebrating the life of the person who passed away will probably forgive the prank because they are usually laughing at the joke.

Funerals are serious occasions. However, they can also be the perfect occasion for an unexpected prank. Funeral pranks can range from playing music or an audio message to simply displaying photos of the deceased in humorous ways. It's important not to overstep boundaries and to be respectful of the deceased. But with this guide, you'll learn how to pull off the perfect funeral prank.

In addition to being respectful, pranksters may be fearful of pranking the deceased because they know how angry and upset some people get at funeral pranks.

Why Funeral Pranks Are Important

There are many reasons why funeral pranks are a fun way for families to take part in the mourning process. They can help loved ones show respect for the deceased, add levity to the funeral ceremony, and even help you get through a sad day by making a little time for laughter. Similar to the intentions of delivering a minute-long message, funeral pranks are also a great way to honor the memory of a deceased loved one. If you pull a prank, you'll be remembering them for years to come.

What You Need to Know

First off, a funeral prank has a certain level of seriousness. Once you get into the whole tradition, you need to understand why these pranks are happening. Funeral pranks are usually reserved for the living, so it's generally unacceptable for family members to play practical jokes on the deceased. 

The goal of a funeral prank is usually to bring laughter and joy to those who are grieving. Funerals are meant to be somber and melancholy. By playfully mixing the emotions, you'll be spreading joy and laughter to those who are going through the emotional storm of grief at the funeral.

How to avoid being disrespectful

When it comes to playing a practical joke on the deceased, it's best to play one that doesn't cross a line. Be thoughtful and considerate in the way you plan your funeral prank. You don't want to upset anyone, and while you certainly have the right to play pranks, you don't want to intentionally upset the family.

There's no need to show up at the funeral dressed up as a clown if the deceased loved scary movies. Don't make the deceased's family uncomfortable. Prank ideas can get a little raunchy, but they can also be tame and respectful. The family should have the right to enjoy their loved one's funeral without you trying to upset them. If you pull a prank, you don't want to cause the family distress or make them angry or uncomfortable.

When you're planning your funeral prank, you'll need to think about the background of the deceased you're planning to prank. Is your friend or family member already deceased? Did your prank be dead-on or would it be inappropriate? You don't want to go too far because it may offend the dead person's friends or family members. You may also upset the religious beliefs of the deceased if you depict them in a negative way. It's best to ask the family first for approval before playing any type of prank.

Planning your prank

Before you pull a prank at a funeral, be sure you know how your family members will react. Make sure you speak to your immediate family first. Let them know what your intentions are, and ask their permission before you pull off any jokes.

Once you have permission, start planning. Plan out several different pranks that you can pull off without getting caught. First, make sure you have an accurate idea of when and where your funeral will be, as well as which funeral home or funeral home you'll be using. Some people will not have all of this information, so consider making a few last-minute calls to get a better sense of the time of day the funeral will take place.

A sweet funeral prank

If you're lucky, you might be able to attend a funeral where the deceased's family has decided to play music or display photos of the deceased. A musical tribute is typically displayed in a photo frame or framed on the wall. Photos of the deceased can be projected onto the wall, blown up on a large projector screen, or printed out onto paper to be displayed on a large whiteboard.

And if you're feeling crafty, you can always make a collage of the deceased using photos, magazines, or fabric. If a photo of the deceased has been displayed in a humorous way, it's a perfect prank to display during the service.

Breaking the ice with a good joke at the funeral

One of the best ways to get a conversation going during a funeral is by mentioning a joke at the time. If you're a family member, you might say something like, "I'm so glad that our family is together again after a few months of not speaking! We have so much to catch up on!"

It's really important to go ahead and joke around because people are already having a very emotional time. But, if you don't joke around at the funeral, you may feel isolated and alone. So it's important to take the time to talk with people, not just talk about the deceased.

Avoid bringing up old arguments or fights, either. People are typically at their most vulnerable at these times, and they're the perfect targets for a prank.

The Rule of Three

Here's the premise: When you first take the person's photo, you must have three people in the photo. The three people can be family members or friends. Make sure that everyone is smiling and looking at the camera and make sure that no one is yawning or making weird faces. Once you have the photo taken, tell them that taking photos in 3’s, known as the Rule of Three, is actually forbidden. The thing is the deceased will actually take the one who’s at the center of the photo. What’s fun about this prank is you get to watch your friend or family member get frightened by the fact that they’re the next in line!

And that was it for Ownage Pranks’ compilation of harmless but fun funeral prank ideas! Funeral pranks are an age-old tradition, but that doesn't mean they're not still done today. Just like the true spirit of any good prank, your prank must be extremely tasteful and respect the feelings of the family of the deceased. The best type of prank is one that people will remember, and when the joke is over, your family can finally let go and give the dead the send-off they deserve.

In case you aren't up for these types of pranks, don't worry - you can still do a prank on friends! You can always resort to a trusted prank call instead. Give them a call and wing it, send a prerecorded message, or better yet, we suggest you download our prank call app so you can successfully prank your target victim - minus the unnecessary hard work! Go ahead and try it out.

As always, happy pranking!


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