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Prank Your Girlfriend With A Fake Bank Account BalancePrank Your Girlfriend With A Fake Bank Account Balance

Prank Your Girlfriend With A Fake Bank Account Balance

May 11, 2022

We all crave financial stability and financial freedom. We all crave that seven digits on our bank accounts. How about we make it a dream come true, except that it's a fake account balance?! Let's see how happy our girlfriends would be upon seeing how much money we have to spoil her!

Imagine it's an ordinary day, and someone from the bank calls you and tells you you have this much money in your bank account. And watch how your girlfriend's face turns brighter and brighter!

Read this blog from Ownage Pranks if you want to do this prank!

Beware of Scams

Before starting with the pranking, here's a gentle reminder to beware of fraudulent scams. There's always an ongoing scam everywhere, and you must be aware of it to avoid it. And here are some common bank scams to avoid:

Unsolicited Check Fraud

Have you ever gotten a check in the mail that you didn't expect? It could look like a rebate check or an overpayment refund. Pay great attention to any small text on the front or back of the cheque. It's possible that signing and paying the check constitutes an agreement with legal force and effect. To entice you to sign up for memberships, loans, and other long-term obligations, scammers employ strategies like this.

Automatic Withdrawal Scam

Individuals receive a phone call or postcard informing them that they have won a prize or are eligible for a special offer. The objective is to have you read the numbers on the bottom of your own checks. They frequently justify this as a technique to ensure that you qualify for the offer.

Once the fraudster has obtained your checking and bank account information, they will place it on a demand draft, which is processed similarly to a check but does not require a signature. When your bank receives the draft, it will transfer funds from your checking account to the scammer. Unless you carefully monitor your regular bank activities, you may not become aware of the fraud until much later.


Scammers use text messages and emails to deceive victims into divulging personal information via phishing. Scammers use email and SMS messages to target many people with phishing scams. It is not uncommon for phishing emails and SMS to appear to be issued from well-known and respected organizations. Phishing scams typically ask you to confirm personal information by clicking on a link and completing an action. Suspicious activity on a personal account may also be included in the message.

Overpayment Fraud

Online service providers and goods sellers are vulnerable to overpayment scams. Counterfeit checks and money orders are often the first steps in overpayment scams, in which someone sends you more money than you owe. After that, they'll ask you to make a deposit at a bank and send you the difference by wire transfer.

Identifying A Bank Scam

Fake emails, text messages, voice calls, letters, and even someone who shows up at your front door are some of the most typical frauds. Regardless of the scammer's method, you may be:

  • Strictly instructed that they should not rely on Bank of America, or answer inquiries in evasive ways.

  • Feeling compelled to make a payment

  • Threatened with the use of criminal law enforcement.

  • Forced to make a gift card purchase and submit the code as payment.

  • Requested to pay a cheque or make a wire transfer for a total stranger.

  • Requested to deposit an overpaid check for a product you're offering, then send the difference somewhere.

If you authorize a transfer or send money to a fraudster, we may not be able to help you recover your money. If it seems suspicious, ask your friends about it and do not respond!

Fake Bank Account Balance Videos

Several short videos released on various social media platforms reveal the humorous emotions when they learn that their loved one has million dollars in the bank.

Pretend to be on the phone with 4 million in the prank by Trend Followers Tiktok

This is a Tiktok video compilation done by Trend Followers Tiktok Youtube channel. It gained over 10 thousand hits! Every victim in the video seemed to have fallen into the prank. Their wide-eyed reactions are just priceless to look at!

Viral checking account prank gets hilarious reactions from

This is an article from Daily Mail where a funny prank shows people deceiving loved ones into thinking they have $12,000,000,000 in their bank account by using a phony automated balance notification.

Do The Prank

Seems like you've decided to take on the challenge, young man. With the help of a fake automated attendant, people are tricking their family and friends into believing that the pranksters have more than $12 million in their bank accounts. And now, your main target is your girlfriend. Make her think that you have that much money in your account. Here's how:

Step 1: Prepare yourself.

There's always a need for self-preparation. You have to keep yourself from laughing and let out the acting skills you had in your childhood. You also need to prepare the sound that you are going to use. Make it seem like you are receiving a call from a bank attendant.

Step 2: Go with the flow.

Once your mobile phone rings and the fake attendant starts discussing your bank balance, make sure you nod and nod! You have to act that you always knew about the money, and you just never got to discuss it with your girlfriend.

Step 3: The reactions

Go back to the first step, and prepare your camera as well. Ensure that your camera is recording your girlfriend's reaction upon hearing the good news! Will your girlfriend treat you like a king now? Watch them stun in shock and confusion.

We have a prank call app for individuals who aren't ready to prank their friends about their bank account balance. Because of our artificial intelligence techniques, you can fool your target into thinking they're talking to a real person using our prank phone software. You don't want to miss out on the excitement, so get yours now!

As always, happy pranking!


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